Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement Plans

Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans are now available, but are they competitive? Which Medigap plans do they offer? Are GFB supplement insurance plans available in all counties?  How do I compare Georgia Farm Bureau plans and rates?   Are Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement Rates Competitive? Based on a sampling of Georgia Farm Bureau […]

What Does Medigap Insurance Cost?

Your Medigap insurance cost is determined by a number of factors. Medicare supplement carriers will consider your age, gender, zip code, tobacco use and the standardized plan you pick.   All plans with the same letter are identical in every way, except the Medigap insurance cost or premium. Finding an affordable Medicare supplement plan isn’t […]

Can I Change My Medigap Plan?

Georgia seniors ask, “Can I change my Medigap plan?”. Which Medicare supplement plan is best? How do I find the best rate for Medigap plan F? Instant free quotes. Compare Medigap costs in 60 seconds.   Can I change my Medigap plan? The short answer is, you are eligible to buy a new plan or […]

Why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap Rate Increases So High?

Georgia seniors want to know, “Why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap rate increases so high?“. Are Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rate increases higher than other plans? Does Mutual of Omaha use bait and switch tactics? Do other Medigap carriers raise rates as much as Mutual of Omaha? I get more questions about Mutual of […]

New Lower Cost Medicare Supplement Plans

One of our preferred carriers introduced lower cost Medicare supplement plans for most Georgia residents. Take advantage of these low cost Medigap plans and save money. Relaxed underwriting means more people than ever can qualify.    If you bought a policy from Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha, AFLAC, Aetna or United (AARP) in the last […]

2013 Medicare Supplement Rate Increase

Most of the 2013 Medicare supplement rate increase adjustments have been processed. How much did your Medigap costs go up? Shop and compare. Blue Cross, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and more had HUGE rate increases. Most  Medicare supplement plan renewals increased by 10% or more.  Free quotes in 60 seconds. Avoid the Mutual of Omaha trap […]

Insurance Library

Have you heard about Insurance Library, the great new consumer resource? Did you know you can find answers from a database of more than 3,000 questions submitted by people just like you?   Don’t see your question? Submit your own question to Insurance Library. Need more detail? Click on the name of someone who has responded […]

How Much Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cost?

I am often asked, “How much does Medicare supplement plan F cost“? Where can I buy Medigap plan F? How much does a GOOD Medicare supplement plan cost? Is Medicare supplement plan F the best choice? Sometimes I think the only Medicare supplement plan that is discussed among seniors, or promoted by agents and carrier, […]

What is the Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan?

You probably have wondered this yourself. Just what is the best Medicare supplemental insurance plan in Georgia, or in Tennessee? We know this is a popular question because it is asked a lot in one form or another. What is the best Medigap plan? How do I find the best Medicare supplement plan? Who has […]

Universal Health Care Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have a Universal Health Care Medicare Advantage plan your current coverage ends at midnight, March 31, 2103. Due to insolvency, Universal Health Care policyholders will need to transition to new coverage during the next 60 days. Universal Health Care Medicare Advantage policyholders can enroll in another Medicare Advantage plan if they want to […]