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Paying too much for your Medicare supplement plan? Almost everyone we meet can save money by making a switch. We showed one couple from south Georgia how to save over $1700 a year by switching their Mutual of Omaha plan F to another plan.

How much can YOU save? Get INSTANT Medicare supplement cost quotes and compare.


Do you know about the Medicare hospital bonus program? Hospitals can get cash for better results. The idea sounds good in theory, but there is a dangerous underbelly to this plan.


Many Medicare patients may find themselves paying more for their care following a hospital stay. A LOT more. If your hospital admission qualifies under Medicare rules, you are entitled to up to 20 days convalescent care that is covered by Medicare.


Are you having trouble finding a Medicare doctor in your area? Most doctors participate in Medicare, so finding a doctor normally isn’t an issue.

There are several routes to finding a Medicare doctor. Here are a few suggestions.


Compare all Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates to other carriers. Blue Cross Georgia writes more Medicare supplement plans than any other GA carrier.

Find Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates for plans A, F, Hi F, G and N.

Blue Cross Medigap plans are accepted by any doctor, hospital or medical provider that participates in Medicare assignment.

In January, 2013 many Georgia Medicare Supplement rates increased, and some as much as 12%. If you have a GA Medigap plan from Aetna, Blue Cross, Family Life, Gerber, Mutual of Omaha, Royal Neighbors (RNA) or Sterling your Medicare supplement rates probably increased. If your policy is less than 12 months old, expect your rates to increase on your next anniversary.



How do I know if my Georgia doctor will take my Medicare supplement plan? I want to still see my doctor any time I want. I don’t want an insurance company telling me which doctor I can see and which I can.

Question – I called Medicare and they said the Medicare supplement plan we discussed is not approved by them. Why would you try to sell me something not approved by Medicare?

Answer –  Medicare’s response is only half right.


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Compare Medicare Supplement Rates


Do you know how to find and compare the best medicare supplement rates in Georgia? Which Medigap plans historically deliver the best value and lowest rates? Can you save money by going direct to a carrier? Should you focus on the “big” names, such as Blue CrossMutual of Omaha and AARP (United)?


Georgia Medicare Plans is proud to offer Blue Cross Medicare supplement plans.

Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates for plan Hi F are usually the most competitive at any age. Medigap Hi F is not for everyone. Hi F is exactly like regular Medigap plan F except you must first satisfy a calendar year deductible before any benefits are paid.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F is popular in Georgia. Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans in GA are issued by United of Omaha.

I really can’t say why Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha) plans are so popular here, especially Medigap plan F.


When do I enroll in Medicare? How do I sign up for Medicare? At what age can I begin Medicare benefits?

These are all things Georgia citizens that will turn age 65 need to know.


How do I sign up for Medicare? How much does Medicare cost? Should I buy Medigap? When should I buy a Georgia Medicare supplement plan?


Get the Best Medicare supplement coverage 

When you pick the best supplement plan your out of pocket costs on hospital and doctor bills will be less than $200 per year. All other doctor and hospital bills will be paid by Medicare and your supplement. With the right plan, you will not be responsible for copay’s or deductibles. With a supplement plan you will never have to get a referral to see a doctor. Medical providers that accept Medicare assignment are not allowed to balance bill.

You can use any doctor or hospital and never worry about PPO or HMO networks.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Part D –

Medicare prescription drug plans Part D help GA seniors pay for their medications. If you do not enroll in Part D when you first become eligible, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment and will pay a penalty premium for the rest of your life. You can avoid any gaps in coverage and additional charges by enrolling in a drug plan at the same time you sign up for Medicare Part B.

How do you find the best policy for you? Should you ask Medicare for advice or an insurance agent? The answer to this question will surprise you. Read “Medicare Part D – Choosing the Right Plan for You

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