Medicare Supplement Plans

Compare Medicare supplement rates for Georgia seniors. Affordable Medigap from  AARP, Blue Cross and more. Low rates for seniors on a fixed income. Personal service.


Senior Health Insurance – Medigap – Medicare Supplement Insurance


All Medigap insurance companies are required by law to pay Medicare approved claims.

Once Medicare approves the claim, your Medicare supplement plan cannot refuse to pay their portion.

If your doctor accepts Medicare assignment, they will also accept your Medigap insurance plan.

Medicare supp plans are all standardized. All Medigap plans are identical.

Rates vary considerably from Medigap carrier to carrier. Some Medigap carriers may charge as much as 80% more than other carriers for the same plan.

Some Medigap carriers charge extra for tobacco use.

Some Medigap carriers charge different rates for males vs. females.

Some Medigap carriers use banded rates while others use your exact issue age.

If your current Medigap carrier withdraws from your state you have a GUARANTEED RIGHT to purchase coverage from a new Medigap carrier.

Medicare supplement plans do not have annual open enrollment periods.


Choose the Right Medigap Plan

When you choose the right Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) plan that means you will have:

  • No deductibles to pay
  • No doctor visit copay's
  • The ability to use any doctor without a referral
  • No paper work
  • No additional out of pocket expenses


The right Medigap plan will cover the gaps left by traditional Medicare. Georgia seniors on a fixed income need to know they have the lowest possible rate from a Medigap plan that pays what Medicare does not.


Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage

Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans where you may be required to use THEIR doctors, when you have traditional Medicare and a Medigap plan you can use any doctor.

Some Medicare Advantage Plans have a poor track record when it comes to denying claims or paying claims on a timely basis.

You won't have to worry when you have traditional Medicare and a Medigap plan because Medicare supplemental insurance plans pay benefits authorized by Medicare.

Your doctor, not some insurance company, makes decisions on your care based on what is right for you. When your Medicare approved doctor authorizes treatment you can sleep well at night knowing that an insurance company will not second guess your doctor.


Affordable Medigap Rates from top Companies

We will provide you with personal service and the best possible rate. We have the ability to provide you with rates from AARP (United Healthcare), Blue Cross of Georgia, Mutual of Omaha and more.

All the modernized Medicare supplement plans are available from the top Medigap companies including popular plans F, G and N. Most Georgia seniors will opt for the popular plan F but some on a fixed income will want to save more by picking from plans G or N. Many times the premium savings from plans other than F more than offset any out of pocket expenses normally covered by the richest plans.

If you are only interested in Blue Cross of Georgia Medigap plans, you can review, compare and apply direct here.


Your Personalized Medigap Quote

To receive a free, no obligation Medigap rates with other insurance companies, please provide us with your name and contact information including best time to call. If you would prefer to receive information via email instead of a phone call, indicate in your request.

We will also need your date of birth, zip code and county.


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