Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plans 2017

Georgia Blue Cross Medicare supplement plans from Anthem. What's new for 2018? SILVER SNEAKERS. How do their Medigap rates look? If you are turning 65 is a Medicare supplement plan right for you? Should you switch from my current supplement plan to … [Continue reading]

Turning 65?

Are you turning 65? Will you continue to work and go on Medicare? Or will Medicare be your only health care insurance? Have you learned everything you need to know or do you still have questions? Did you take advice from friends on Medicare? Do you … [Continue reading]

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Does Medicare cover hearing tests and hearing aids? Find financial assistance to offset the cost of hearing exams and aids. How Veterans can get help for hearing and vision concerns. Purchase high quality digital aids at a discount. Welcome to … [Continue reading]

Medicare Drug Plan Finder

Using the Medicare Drug Plan Finder can be challenging. You can do it yourself, ask an agent, ask the Medicare drug plan carrier or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). We will show you step by step how to navigate the Medicare Plan Finder … [Continue reading]

Medicare Insurance Complaints

Medicare insurance complaints. Should I be concerned? Complaints can fall into many areas, including: Why is my renewal premium so high? Will my doctor accept this insurance? Why doesn't list this company on their website? … [Continue reading]

Medicare Open Enrollment 2016

What is Medicare open enrollment 2016? When can I change my Medicare supplement plan? How do I find a better rate without going online and having my phone ring off the hook? Isn't this the same as turning 65? Can't I change my Medicare … [Continue reading]

Medicare Drug Plan Fail

Medicare drug plans fail when you least expect it. I remember it well. It was sunny and warm. After leaving my dermatologist and stopping by the drug store to pick up my new prescription my Medicare drug plan failed me. Right there in the … [Continue reading]

Cancer Treatment Side Effects – Foods That Help

If you have cancer, you know the treatment has side effects. Some say the cure is worse than the disease. Pain, nausea, fatigue, anemia. So how do you deal with cancer treatment side effects? Food can help. Seriously. Your doctor may … [Continue reading]

Can Strokes Be Prevented?

Strokes. Can they be prevented? What is a stroke? Am I at risk for a stroke? How can I tell if I am having a stroke? What does Medicare cover? Anyone at any age can have a stroke but the likelihood of strokes increases with age. Immediate … [Continue reading]

Does Medicare Cover Cataract Surgery?

Does Medicare pay for cataract surgery? Are there restrictions on what they cover?  How much will I owe? Is my coverage different with original Medicare and a supplement plan vs. a Medicare Advantage plan? Can I use any doctor or hospital for the … [Continue reading]