Gainesville Medigap Rates

Gainesville Medigap rates vary considerably for the exact same plan. How do you find the plan that is right for you? Medicare supplement plan F is the most popular plan in Georgia and we have the best rates in your area. Medigap rates you won’t see anywhere else. gainesville medigap rates

Gainesville is the county seat for Hall county with a population of 35,000 people

Gainesville is known as the poultry capital of the world.

Major employers in the area include Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Fieldale Farms, Pilgrims, Mar-Jac, William Wrigley Company and Walmart.

Prominent people from Gainesville include Tommy Armour (pro golfer), Brantley Gilbert (singer) and Chan Gailey (coach).


Gainesville Medigap Rates

Did you know there are 37 carriers that offer Medigap plan F in Gainesville?

Medicare supplement rates for a female, age 65, non-tobacco range from $127 to $250 per month. Male rates and tobacco rates are slightly higher.

Click here to review Gainesville GA Medigap rates.

One carrier will bill you for the non-tobacco rate if you sign up for their plan when you initially start Medicare Part B.

There are currently 185 different Medigap plans available to Gainesville, Georgia retirees but only 9 Medicare Advantage plans. If you have a Medicare supplement plan you have 30 different Part D drug plans available to you.

Original Medicare and a supplement do not have any networks. You are free to use any doctor, lab or hospital anywhere in the U.S. without suffering a penalty because you used the “wrong” provider.


Medigap plans for people with medical conditions

If you sign up for a Medigap plan when you first go under Medicare Part B there are no health questions. Anyone can purchase any plan from any carrier, regardless of their health. After that you can change plans at any time but you must go through medical underwriting.

If you have any of the following conditions but have been symptom and treatment free for the past 2 years you may qualify for a standard rate with one of our preferred Medicare supplement carriers.

  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Anxiety, depression requiring hospitalization
  • Bypass surgery, carotid artery disease, heart attack, valve replacement
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes (without complications)
  • Leukemia
  • Stroke, CVA, TIA

Apply by phone. Get a decision within 20 minutes. If approved you will be given your policy number.

No other carrier does this!


Gainesville Medicare Advantage

Of the 9 Advantage plans in Hall county, three have $0 premiums, the others range from $19 to $139.

One Advantage plan is an HMO the other 8 are PPO plans.

HMO Advantage plans generally have very small networks with only a few doctors and hospitals that participate in the plan. If you go out of network for a non-emergency situation you may have no coverage under your HMO plan.

PPO plans have slightly larger networks and the non-par penalties are not as harsh as with HMO plans.


Gainesville providers

There are 941 doctors in Hall county that will accept ANY Medicare supplement plan. On average, about half that number will take patients with a Medicare Advantage plan. Of the doctors that do take Advantage plan patients you will find that most accept only a few plans and almost no one participates in all Advantage plan networks.

Hall county has 35 hospitals and every one of them will take Medicare and your Medigap plan. If you pick an Advantage plan, check to see which hospitals are in network.

Shop Gainesville Medigap rates now.





Who Has the Best Medigap Plans in Georgia?

Which Georgia carrier has the best Medigap plans? Who has the lowest rates for GA Medicare supplement insurance? Will all doctors take my Medigap plan? Am I better off to buy direct from a well known carrier? low medigap rates


Best Medigap plans

With over 170 plans to pick from, it is almost impossible for you to find the best Medigap plan on your own.

There are 11 CMS approved plan designs from over 30 carriers. Georgia seniors wanting to shop and compare will find it difficult to see rates from more than 3 or 4 carriers and they will almost always consider plan F without examining the merits of other plans.

Getting Medigap rates from BCBSGA, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and United Healthcare (AARP) are relatively easy. But a careful shopper will not stop there unless they have buckets of money to throw away for the same coverage.


Barbara has A-fib

Last week I talked with Barbara. Very nice lady with a delightful sense of humor.  She was in the middle of baking a cake for her son who was home on leave and getting ready to be deployed overseas.

It was his favorite. A chocolate bundt cake.

I told her we could talk any time but she insisted on getting answers now. All she had to do for the next 40 minutes was watch her cake in the oven so now was as good a time as any.

Barbara bought a Mutual of Omaha plan F when she turned 65. She just had a birthday and Mutual of Omaha’s “gift” was a rate increase. Her new premium will be over $220 per month for a plan that started out 3 years ago less than $150.

Barbara wants something more affordable. After reading some of my articles she decided that her Medigap plan F probably wasn’t the best choice. She knows that all Medigap plans with the same letter are identical in every way, except the premium. Can she get plan F at a lower price?

I told her that is entirely possible but she will have to pass medical underwriting. If she is approved she can purchase Medicare supplement plan F for $150 per month. A better choice would be plan N for $103 per month …………….. less than half what Mutual of Omaha will charge her.

But there is a problem.

Last year Barbara was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, also known as A-fib.

We have a number of carriers to pick from. Each one has different underwriting rules. All of them would reject her due to irregular heart rhythm.

The Mutual of Omaha rate was good (not great, just good) when she originally bought the plan, but now it is quite expensive and getting more so. Changing to a Medicare Advantage plan will give her a lower premium, but she had an Advantage plan before and didn’t like the idea of changing plans and doctors every year.

If you are looking for the best Medigap plans in Georgia, we can help you choose wisely.


Finding the lowest rate

Most seniors will compare plan F, pick the lowest rate and move on.

That’s the worst thing you can do.

Finding the best Medigap plan is a process.

  • Which plan is best suited to your needs and budget
  • Which carriers increase rates by 10% or more on renewal?
  • Which carriers have dropped plans?
  • What happens to policyholders that buy plans that are discontinued?
  • What happens to policyholders that buy from carriers that withdraw from the market?
  • How difficult is it to change plans in the future?
  • Should you shop every year or stay put?
  • Buy direct from a carrier or through a captive agent?

These are just a few things to consider.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t talk to someone that bought their Medicare supplement plan without really understanding what they have. (The same is true, and even more so, with Medicare Advantage but that is another story entirely).

They buy a plan because of a celebrity endorsement, because “everyone knows this company”, because all my friends have this plan, or any number of reasons that seemed like a good decision at the time.


Simple rules for finding the best Medigap plan.

Medicare isn’t that hard, once you understand the process.

  • Don’t buy what your friends did (unless your friends are clients of mine)
  • You probably don’t want or need plan F
  • All medical providers that participate in Medicare will take ANY Medigap plan
  • You probably don’t need a “name brand” unless you like paying too much
  • So-called “family discounts” are normally used by carriers that charge too much
  • Silver Sneakers is a great program if you don’t mind paying an extra $50 per month or so to have “free” membership
  • If you want a Silver Sneakers plan, we have it
  • The carrier with the lowest Medigap rates will probably be one of the highest in 2 years


Buying from Georgia Medicare Plans

We have a simple philosophy. We never recommend any plan we wouldn’t buy for ourselves or our family. We have over 300 Medicare clients and I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to move a client because of a rate increase. Roughly 90% of my clients buy from the same carrier (someone you probably have never heard of) and most of them do not have plan F.

We save our clients more than $450 per year vs. the plan their friends suggested or one they bought without our help.

If you want the best Medigap plan, shop and compare. We are here to help.

medicareshopcompare2 (1)

How Much Does AARP Medigap Cost in Georgia?

AARP Medigap plans in Georgia are underwritten and administered by United Health Care. All plans with the same letter (plan F for example) are identical in every way from carrier to carrier. If you were to compare Medicare supplement plan F from United it would be identical in every way to plan F from Blue Cross, Humana, Mutual of Omaha or any other carrier.

The only difference in Medigap plans is the price. Why pay more when you don’t have to? aarp medigap rates in georgia

AARP Medigap plans are not the most expensive, but they are not the cheapest either. Most Georgia seniors have AARP Medigap plan F which is the most oversold plan by all carriers.

Georgia Medicare Plans see’s almost no value in Medigap plan F and we never recommend plan F. Once you understand the difference in Medigap plan F vs. other, lower premium plans, you will realize there are better choices.


What is Medicare supplement plan F?

Plan F is everything including the kitchen sink.

Your Medigap plan F covers 100% of approved Medicare Part A and Part B expenses. The same is true for plan F issued by other carriers.

How much does your AARP Medigap plan F cost?

A female, age 65, non-tobacco user in Macon, Georgia would pay $166 per month for the AARP plan F. The same plan from Blue Cross is $176 monthly and $136 from Mutual of Omaha.

All of these plans are identical in every way except for the amount you pay. Your AARP Medigap plan F doesn’t provide you anything you can’t get from Mutual of Omaha for $360 less over the course of a year.

For that kind of premium differential you would expect the AARP plan to pay more than 100% of approved Medicare charges.

But it doesn’t.

Or maybe the AARP Medicare supplement plan is more widely accepted by doctors than Medigap plans from other carriers with lower premiums.


Any doctor, lab or hospital that accepts Medicare patients will also accept your Medigap plan from any carrier . . . including the ones that charge more.

So does your AARP Medigap plan pay claims faster or with fewer headaches?

Most routine Medicare approved claims are paid by your Medicare supplement carrier within a week of receipt of the claim from Medicare.

When you pay more you don’t get more you simply paid too much.

You don’t need the kitchen sink, and even if you want it, you have better things to do with your money. What would having an extra $30 per month in your bank, or more, mean to you?

In 2014 the average check from Social Security is $1294 per month. An extra $30 per month in your hands can make a difference for most people.


How much can you save?

If you still want plan F, there is no reason to pay $166 when you could pay $127 per month for the same coverage. Yes, there are carriers with better rates than Mutual of Omaha. Their plans offer exactly the same benefit as AARP and Mutual of Omaha, but with a lower rate.

We have access to rates on more than 170 Georgia Medigap plans and can always find the best value for our clients. If you want to save even more money you should allow us to show you the value of our most popular plan.

Our Macon lady would pay $102 per month as opposed to $166 for the AARP plan saving over $528 per year.

And AARP does not offer this plan.

We shop the market so you don’t have to. While others talk, we listen. You know what you need better than we do. But we also know you shouldn’t pay any more than you have to for quality coverage.

You can’t rely on Social Security cost of living increases to help with your monthly budget. Our clients average savings is over $450 per year just on Medigap coverage alone. And we haven’t even started to show you how to save money on your prescription drugs.

Don’t pay too much for an AARP Medigap plan. Shop and compare!

medicareshopcompare2 (1)


You can also use our contact form to request a personalized quote. Your information is never sold. Using this form allows us to tailor the quote to your specific needs.  [contact_form] 




Can I Change My Medigap Plan?

Georgia seniors ask, “Can I change my Medigap plan?”. Which Medicare supplement plan is best? How do I find the best rate for can I change my medigap planMedigap plan F? Instant free quotes. Compare Medigap costs in 60 seconds. PLUS get access to our FREE report showing ALL rates and plans based on your age and zip.


Can I change my Medigap plan?

The short answer is, you are eligible to buy a new plan or change your Medigap plan at any time. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, there are no annual enrollment periods.

The best time to buy or change your Medigap plan is when you initially sign up for Medicare Part A and B which usually occurs at age 65.

You also have guaranteed issue rights to buy a Medicare supplement plan.

Before asking “Can I change my Medigap plan?” you should compare Medigap costs.


Shop and compare Medigap costs

Ignore the hype. All Medicare supplement plans with the same letter are identical in every way except premium. Click the image below to shop and compare Medigap costs. Instant free quote.

shop and compare medigap costs

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.


Which Medicare supplement plan is best?

Medicare supplement plans have standardized benefit structures. Once you pick a plan design that fits your needs, the only other consideration is can you find a plan to fit your budget?


How do I find the best rate for Medigap plan F?

The easiest way is to shop and compare online, but you probably will not see the best rates. Many Medigap carriers do not allow their rates to be published online.

How do you know plan F is best for you?

Did you know that almost 70% of Georgia seniors buy Medicare supplement plan F simply because that was the only plan that was explained?

If you wanted to buy a car, and the salesman only showed you 4 wheel drive SUV’s, would you be satisfied?

Most of my clients NEVER buy Medigap plan F. Do you know why?

Bob Vineyard and Georgia Medicare plans have access to rates from some of the lowest cost plans in Georgia. Ask for a personalized Medicare supplement quote.

Final notes

If you have Medigap plan F, you definitely should consider making a change in your Medigap plan.

When you bought your Medigap plan, did you buy from Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha or United Healthcare (AARP)? If so, you probably are paying too much.

Maybe you bought a Medicare Advantage plan. The low premium seemed like a good idea at the time. The REAL cost of an Advantage plan is how much you pay when you receive medical care.

Advantage plans are great until you use them.

Can I change my Medigap plan?

You decide.








What Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cover?

Occasionally I am asked, “What does Medicare supplement plan F cover? Does Medigap plan F cover catastrophic illness? How much does it cost? Is Medicare supplement plan F the best?”   Does Medigap plan F cover catastrophic illness

Medicare supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive of all the Medigap plans.

It is also the most expensive . . . and one favored by most agents, especially the lazy and greedy ones.


What Does Plan F Cover?

Medicare supplement plan F is very easy to explain, which is one reason it is often the only plan pitched by lazy agents. Quite simply, plan F covers 100% of all approved Medicare Part A and Part B expenses, including any excess charges.

Medigap plan F covers 100% of deductibles, copay’s and coinsurance for Medicare approved charges.

Pretty simple, huh?

The lazy agent sale.

Not much to explain. You don’t need pie charts or fancy brochures. Medicare supplement plan F can be explained in 60 seconds or less.

You can also review plan F costs in 60 seconds by clicking the image below.

What doe Medicare supplement plan F cover?


Does Medigap Plan F Cover Catastrophic Illness?

Yes, and catastrophic accidents as well.

You don’t need a supplement to Medicare supplement plan F. If a lazy agent tries to sell you a hospital plan or a cancer plan in addition to plan F they are really looking out for their wallet and not yours.

There are some situations where you may WANT a cancer plan, especially if your family has a history of cancer.

Between Medicare and your Medicare supplement plan F 100% of your approved Medicare Part A and Part B charges are covered.

Outpatient Rx charges are a different matter.

Most Medicare Part D prescription drug plans have a LOT of out of pocket, especially for the more expensive drugs. All drug plans have formulary’s and some high priced drugs may not be covered at all.

So if you consider a supplemental catastrophic plan, such as a cancer plan, buy it for the RIGHT reasons. Not because an agent simply wanted to earn a bigger commission by selling you more coverage you may not want or need.



How much does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cost?

Plan F has the highest premium of any of the 11 approved Medigap plans.

If you want Medigap plan F be prepared to pay a higher than is necessary premium, especially if you buy from Blue Cross, Humana, Mutual of Omaha or United (AARP). All of those carriers charge more because of name recognition. Blue and Mutual are among the highest at almost any age.

All Medicare supplement plan F policies are identical in every way.

Every way except price.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.

Did you check plan F rates using the link above?

If not, do so right now.

I will wait.


Is Medigap Plan F the Best Plan for Me?

Only you can answer that.

My job is to explain the way Medicare works, including how your Medigap plan coordinates with Medicare to limit your out of pocket costs while allowing you to use any doctor, lab or hospital anywhere in the U.S.

No claim forms.

No provider networks.

Easy peasy.

The best Medigap plan for you is one that meets your needs and budget. If that describes plan F, then that is the best plan for you.

Almost everyone I talk to NEEDS advice in picking a plan that is right, but too many don’t want advice. They remind me of the Anacin commercial from years ago.

“Mother please! I would rather do it myself.”

She didn’t have just a headache. She had an Anacin headache complete with the lightning and hammer.

Georgia Medicare Plans has over 200 clients and everyone of them saved money, some as much as $1700 per year. Most of them do not buy plan F because we take the time to educate them on the value that is found in other options.

So did you get your Medicare supplement plan F quote?

Did you provide a valid email address and phone number? If not you are missing the best part.

Most carriers do not allow their rates to be published online. The best online rate can usually be beat by $30 per month or more, and if you only look at plan F you will pay more than is needed.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.