What is the Cost of Medigap Plans in Georgia?

In Georgia, what is the cost of Medigap plans? What do Georgia Medigap plans cover? Which companies offer Medicare supplement insurance? Is Medicare plan F the best? Should I buy a plan from Blue Cross or Mutual of Omaha?  FB Groucho Marx3


What is the cost of Medigap plans in Georgia?

Medigap rates are determined by many factors.

If you are turning 65 and ageing in to Medicare your cost of Medigap coverage is less than you would at age 70 or 75. (This is especially true with AARP United Healthcare rates).

Tobacco users pay more than non-tobacco users.

With most companies, men pay higher rates than women. Some carriers offer teaser discounts if you buy multiple policies. Others quote you low, introductory rates then zap you at each successive renewal.

In most cases you will pay more for a “name brand” carrier vs. one you may never have heard of before. But don’t let that stop you. All Medicare supplement plans with the same letter are required by CMS to offer the EXACT SAME COVERAGE, but they are allowed to charge you whatever price they want.

The carriers are allowed to charge more, or less, according to what the market will bear. But you don’t get a “better” plan by paying more. In most cases if you bought a “blue” plan, one from a mutual company or a plan offered by a large senior organization you paid too much.


Comparing plans in Hartwell, Georgia

Bill and Alice are turning 65 and looking at the cost of Medigap plans in their area. Specifically, they have asked about Medicare supplement plan F because that is what their friends have. They have also asked for rates from Blue Cross and Humana.

I never recommend plan F, and I never suggest buying from a name brand carrier. Even if you have money to burn, there is no need to pay more unless you just feel good about making the carrier and the agent wealthy.

Blue Cross rates for Bill are $176 a month, Humana is $175

Blue Cross rates for Alice are $176 and Humana is $168.

If they want Medigap plan F with either of those carriers I will be happy to assist. But I am obligated to tell them they can get the exact same plan for $40 – $50 less each.

They can save even more by picking something other than plan F.

If they follow my advice they will save well over $1400 per year.

Or they can listen to their friends, buy plan F from the Blue company, and fritter away $120 per month and have nothing to show for it. Pride and folly can be expensive.


What do Georgia Medigap plans cover?

All Medigap plans are standardized and the benefit structure is dictated by CMS. Georgia Medicare supplement plans are required to cover approved Medicare Part A and Part B approved expenses.

Medigap plan F covers 100% of approved Part A and B expenses. The 10 other plans available in Georgia pay something less than 100% but still deliver great value.

Over 90% of our clients have something OTHER THAN plan F and enjoy the savings.


Which companies offer Medicare supplement insurance?

There are more than 30 carriers that write Medicare supplement insurance in Georgia. Most seniors focus on the names they recognize and ignore the rest. In most cases they are paying more than they should without getting additional value.

We have been buying gasoline from Costco for several years now. Every time we fill up we save anywhere from $0.05 to $0.10 per gallon and sometimes even more than that. For every 15 gallons we average saving more than $1 per tank.

That may not sound like much but it adds up. Every dollar saved on a tank of gas is a dollar we can use somewhere else.

If you are like Bill and Alice and we could show you how to save $80 – $100 per month on the cost of Medigap coverage, would you be interested?

With over 170 different Medigap plans I know we can help you find a plan that fits your needs and budget. If we help you save over $500 a year then a few minutes on the phone with us was worth your time, right?


Who Has the Best Medicare Supplement Rates in 30252?

Seniors living in McDonough, GA want to know “Who has the best Medicare supplement rates in zip code 30252?”. The best Medigap rates are for those in good health. Save_Money_Button
Most of the time we save our clients over $400 per year by offering them the same plan but at lower rates.


Best Medicare supplement rates in your area

It doesn’t matter if you live in zip code 30252 or not. Georgia Medicare Plans has access to over 170 different plans and rates. We can almost always find you the same plan you have now but at a much lower rate.

In many cases we will suggest you trade up to a better plan where you can save even more money.


Medigap Plan F may not be your best choice

Most seniors we talk to have Medicare supplement plan F. They bought it because all their friends have it, or because that was the only plan the agent showed them.

Plan F is a great plan if you have money to burn.

Most of the people I know are living on a fixed income and have better things to do with their money than spend it all on Medicare insurance coverage.

If you want the best Medicare supplement rates in your zip code, and the best plan that fits your needs and budget, you probably don’t need plan F.

We have over 300 Medicare clients in Georgia but fewer than a dozen of them have Medigap plan F.


Save $400 or more every year with the best Medicare supplement rates

If you like plan F and want to keep plan F, we won’t argue with you. This is especially true if you live in zip code 30252.

A female, age 65, living in 30252 would pay $166 per month for a plan F from United Healthcare through AARP.

That same lady would pay Blue Cross $183 per month.

If she just wants to save money and keep her plan F she can have the EXACT SAME COVERAGE at rates starting at $129 per month for the best Medicare supplement rates in McDonough.

That’s a savings of $444 per year vs. AARP and $648 per year less than BCBSGA.

What would you do with that kind of savings?

Save even more with a Medigap copay plan. If you are willing to pay no more than $20 for doctor visits you can drop your monthly Medigap premium to $91 per month.


Start saving now!

Shop and compare up to 170 different Georgia Medicare plans. We help you find the best Medicare supplement rates in your area. Click the green button above and save!


How Much Does a Medicare Supplement Plan Cost in Georgia?

Georgia Medicare supplement plan cost ranges from low to high. How do you find the best Medigap plan? Are AARP Medicare supplement plan costMedicare plans better? Is Medicare supplement plan F the best?

Do you need a Medicare agent to help or can you find the BEST Medigap rates on your own?

Medigap Plans and Rates in Georgia

How Much Does a Medicare Supplement Plan Cost in Georgia?

It depends.

Medigap rates are based on your age and home zip code. Most carriers also adjust rates for gender . . . men usually pay higher rates than women. Medicare supplement plan cost is generally higher for tobacco users vs. non-tobacco.

Some Medigap applications ask your height and weight. If your BMI falls outside their guidelines they will deny coverage.

Most, but not all Medigap plans charge extra for tobacco if you apply during your initial enrollment period. Some will penalize you if you have used tobacco in the last 5 years, others only ask about the last 12 months.

Many carriers will not apply the higher tobacco rate when you apply for a Medigap plan during your initial enrollment period.

In general, you should expect to pay more for a Medigap plan from major carriers like Blue Cross, the Mutual company, AARP (United Healthcare) and Humana.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.

Shop and compare GA Medigap Quotes now.



How do you find the best Georgia Medigap plan?

The best plan is the one that fits your needs and budget.

With over 170 Medigap plans in Georgia, finding the best one for you is easy when you have access to the right tools. The challenge is, most consumer information is either unavailable to the public or is so technical you find it almost impossible to decipher.

If you have ever looked for Part D plans on Medicare.gov you know what I mean.

Searching Medicare supplement plan cost in Georgia is much easier, if all you want is a rate.



Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices


Are Medigap plans from AARP better?

AARP is a political lobbying organization, not an insurance carrier. Currently they endorse plans from United Healthcare in exchange for getting a cut off every premium dollar.

If you speak with an agent that represents the AARP plans you will probably only be shown rates for Medicare supplement plan F. The same will be true if you talk to agents from Blue Cross, Humana, or the Mutual company.

Plan F is their “go to” plan in most situations for a reason.

Plan F is the easiest to explain. It has the highest premium. It pays the most commission.

If you are like most consumers, you are more interested in finding the best overall value for your dollar.

At Georgia Medicare Plans, we never recommend plans from well known carriers and we never suggest plan F.

All Medicare supplement plans with the same letter are identical in every way. The 2017 Choosing a Medigap Policy booklet from Medicare even states that on page 9. They further state in bold print, “Cost is usually the only difference between Medigap policies with the same letter sold by different insurance companies”.

Why pay more if the plans are the same?

Why would a 65 year old female in Macon, Georgia pay $192 for plan F (2018 rate) endorsed by AARP, or $192 for the same plan from Blue Cross when they could have the exact same coverage for $132 per month?


Is Medicare supplement plan F the best?

We never recommend Medigap plan F. In almost every situation we find our clients would be better off financially by choosing something other than plan F.

At the same time we recognize this is your plan and your money. We can show you rates and help you compare Medicare supplement plan cost from more than 170 different carriers.

And we can do this in less than 3 minutes over the phone. Give us a call. We promise not to bite.

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Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement Plans

Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans are now available, but are they competitive? Which Medigap plans do they offer? Are GFB supplement insurance plans available in all counties? Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans

How do I compare Georgia Farm Bureau plans and rates?


Are Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement Rates Competitive?

Based on a sampling of Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement rates, the answer is no. They are not the highest in the state. That title belongs to United American along with Forethought, Royal Neighbors, Loyal American and a few others.

Generally they seem to fall in line with United Healthcare and Blue Cross which are not the highest but rarely deliver value.

A male, age 65 in Hawkinsville, GA would save almost $400 per year on Medigap plan F by picking a lower cost carrier than GFB. A female, age 72 in Dahlonega would save over $500 per year by choosing someone other than Georgia Farm Bureau.

You can view Georgia Farm Bureau rates here.

Feel free to shop and compare GFB rates to other Medigap carriers by clicking on the image below.

GA Medigap Quotes

Keep in mind, ALL Medicare supplement plans with the same letter are EXACTLY identical to the same plan from another carrier. If you like the benefits of Medigap plan F any other carrier offering plan F has the exact same benefits. The only difference is the rate you pay.

Only a few carriers allow their rates to be illustrated online. For the LOWEST rate you need a comparison from an independent Medicare broker such as Georgia Medicare Plans. We will be glad to show you the 4 best plans based on your needs. Our job is to help you save money without sacrificing qualify.

When you pay more for your Medicare supplement plan you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.

Which Medigap Plans Does GFB Offer?

Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans include A, B, C, D, F, G, M and N.

Most agents will only show you Medicare supplement plan F. Do you want to know why?

Medigap plan F is the easiest to explain, has the highest rate and pays the highest commission.

Over 90% of my Medicare clients do NOT pick plan F once they understand their options. Switching from Medicare supplement plan F to a different plan saves you an average of $250 per year. That is real savings. Money you keep in your pocket instead of making the carrier (and the agent) rich at your expense.


Where Are GFB Plans Sold?

You can buy Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans in any county in the state. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans that are here today and gone tomorrow, Medigap plans from any carrier approved by the Georgia Department of Insurance are available in all zip codes and counties.

GA Farm Bureau is a fine company with a storied past. If you have a Farm Bureau policy and like your agent, there is nothing wrong with buying a plan from them as long as you understand there are savings to be had by buying from an independent agent with the responsibility of educating you on the differences in each plan and showing you the best rate based on your needs.

What Does Medigap Insurance Cost?

Your Medigap insurance cost is determined by a number of factors. Medicare supplement carriers will consider your age, gender, zip code, tobacco use and the standardized plan you pick.  Medicare supplement plan F rates

All plans with the same letter are identical in every way, except the Medigap insurance cost or premium. Finding an affordable Medicare supplement plan isn’t difficult if you know where to look.

Shop and compare now.

Compare Medicare supplement insurance rates


Donna’s Search for Affordable Medigap Insurance

Donna called and was in a tizzy. She would be turning 65 soon and was ready to sign up for Medicare but was totally confused by all the literature that came in the mail plus the incessant phone calls from salespeople who wanted to come to her home and SELL her a plan.

Years earlier I had helped her find health insurance when she was in between jobs. She remembered how I had taken the time to listen to her concerns and then spent time explaining her options. Now that she was ready to enroll in Medicare she wanted my help again.

Donna had information on Medicare Advantage as well as Medicare supplement plans, and like most seniors, she was on a fixed budget and needed to make sure she made the right choice.

All my clients get the same treatment. I first ask what they know and understand about Medicare, Advantage plans and Medigap and then go from there. It usually doesn’t take long for them to get off track.

Then I explain how the various parts of Medicare work, especially Part A and Part B. We talk about the differences in an Advantage plan and original Medicare plus a supplement plan.

Medicare Advantage plan premiums range from $0 to $100 or so. Medigap plans have higher premiums but lower costs.


What Does Medigap Insurance Cost?

The answer is, it can cost a lot or not much at all.

The true cost of Medicare insurance is not just the monthly premium, but also how much you have to budget for expected and unexpected medical costs.

With Advantage plans you never know how much to budget. Even though the plan may have a stated limit on out of pocket costs (typically $3500 – $6000) those figures do not include claims denied by the carrier or out of network penalties and charges.

Estimating your Medigap insurance cost is much easier, especially with the more popular plans. Most of my clients know their maximum at risk for hospital and outpatient charges are limited to the Medicare Part B annual deductible ($147 in 2013).


Like most seniors today, Donna was going to continue working past age 65 and did not need any financial surprises. It was easier for her to budget for a monthly premium knowing that her out of pocket was limited to $147 than trying to set aside several thousand dollars each year in case her health takes a turn for the worse.

She also liked the ability to keep her current doctors rather than picking blindly from a list provided by an Advantage plan carrier.


So what did Donna decide?

She picked Medigap plan G and saved more than $60 per month (over $700 per year) vs. the plan F that is heavily promoted by AARP, Blue Cross and Mutual of Omaha.

Donna was so pleased she referred two of her friends to me.

Thank you Donna! Satisfied clients are the best reward.