Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Information

Looking for Blue Cross Medicare supplement rate information? You have come to the right place. There are more Blue Cross Medicare supplement plans in Georgia than any other carrier. Everyone knows the Blue Cross name but that does not mean the best overall value for you is a Blue Cross Medicare supplement.

Did you know that Blue Cross Medicare supplement rates are AGE BANDED for new and renewal rates and most other carriers use ISSUE AGE. Do you understand how this impacts the affordability of their plans now and especially as you age?

You can use THIS LINK to find articles about Blue Cross Medicare supplement rates and  plans.

Below are several articles we have published on Blue Cross Medicare supplement rates, along with links to the full post. I hope you enjoy.

Georgia Medicare Plans – Will My Doctor Take This Plan?

How do I know if my Georgia doctor will take my Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan? I want to still see my doctor any time I want. I don’t want an insurance company telling me which doctor I can see and which I can. Question – I called Medicare and they said the Medicare supplement plan we […]

Say Good Bye to Blue Cross Smart Value Plans

Medicare AEP (Annual Election Period) is upon us and time to say goodbye to Blue Cross  Smart Value plans. In many parts of GA the Smart Value Classic and Smart Value Plus will not be available in 2012. That means you must make some decisions. Because Smart Value plans are going away you have a […]

Medicare Supplement Bait and Switch

Georgia seniors beware of the bait and switch tactic for Medicare supplement plans. Are you really getting what you were told or is the plan something else? A lady I have been working with for several months had numerous questions about Blue Cross Medicare supplement plans, options, carriers and so forth. I ppatientlytook the time to answer […]

Shopping For Medigap Rates

Medigap rates in Georgia. When you shop Medigap rates in Georgia you will only find a few plans including Blue Cross Medicare supplement and others. At least 20 carriers offer Medicare supplement insurance but only half a dozen post their Medigap rates online. So how do you find information for the other 15 or so GA Medigap rates? Online Medigap Rates You […]

Blue Cross Medigap Rate Increases

Blue Cross Medicare supplement rate increases. Medicare annual enrollment starts October 15, 2011 and many people will compare rates and plans for next year. If you have a Georgia Blue Cross Medigap plan, or will be buying one soon, you need to be prepared to pay more in 2012. The last time Blue Cross Medigap rates […]

Georgia Medigap Rate Increases

Georgia Medigap rates increase. Don’t get sucker punched with rate increases on Blue Cross Medicare supplement plans in Georgia. Georgia Medigap rates for Blue Cross and AARP do not provide initial 12-month rate guarantees. On renewal, you may receive two rate increases in the same calendar year if you have a birthday and the community rates increase. United World […]

Choosing a GA Medigap Plan

Overwhelmed by shopping for GA Medigap insurance? Which plan do you need? Should you buy a Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan or pick a plan from a different GA Medigap carrier? Should you use an agent? Medicare supplement plans are supposed to be simple but sometimes it can be overwhelming. With over 37 years in the industry […]

Medigap Plan F Georgia

Medigap plan F. Is it a good buy in Georgia? Where can I find low Medigap plan F rates? Should I buy the lowest rate Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan? What are the advantages of paying more when I buy Medigap plan F?                     Who has the best […]

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Medicare Supplement Rate Increase – Medigap Plan F

Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan rate increases are a popular topic. Two carriers that generate more questions than any are Mutual of Omaha and Blue Cross. “Is my Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rate increase out of line?”. “Why did my Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan F rates go up so much?”. “Are Medicare supplement insurance plan F rates […]

Blue Cross Georgia Medigap

Blue Cross Georgia Medicare supplement plans can be affordable but finding them is not as easy as clicking a mouse. Yes, you can get Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates online, but how do you know is their rates are competitive? How do Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates compare with carriers such as AARP, GerberLife, Mutual of […]

Medicare Plans in Georgia – Does Size Matter?

When buying Blue Cross Medicare supplement insurance, does size or financial strength really matter? Not really. The myth that a carrier rated “A” or “A+” is better than a “B” or “B+” Medigap carrier is just that . . . a myth. When considering Medigap coverage all you really need to evaluate is the rate. All plans […]

How Much Does Medigap Cost?

How much does Medigap cost? How do I know if I am paying too much? If I discover I am paying too much can I switch? Is plan F my best choice? Should I pick a “name” carrier such as AARP (UHC), Blue Cross or Mutual of Omaha? Are all Medicare supplement plans the same […]

Macon Medigap Quotes

Get Macon Medigap quotes. Compare your Medicare supplement rates to other carriers and plans in middle Georgia. In Georgia, AARP (United Healthcare), BCBSGA (Blue Cross) and Mutual of Omaha control a significant portion of the Medigap market. But did you know you can usually save a substantial amount of money when you get a Macon […]

Is Medigap Plan F a Ripoff?

Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan F is quite popular in Georgia, but is it a good value? Not in my opinion. Medigap plan F is one of the highest cost Medicare supplement plans and in most cases is way overpriced. Recently I was asked to compare an existing Medigap plan F against other carriers. This individual had Medigap […]

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