SNP Advantage Plan

SNP Medicare plans are Special Needs Plans for a certain class of Medicare beneficiary. Many who qualify for SNP's are considered dual eligible (qualify for Medicare and Medicaid).

Special Needs Patients usually meet the following criteria.

  • Qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid (dual eligibility)
  • Have a specific qualifying debilitating illness such as chronic diabetes or COPD
  • Live in a nursing home or require at home nursing care

SNP's provide "focused care" for those with specific health needs. Their care is more tailored to the condition than is possible with traditional Medicare. Some SNP's have benefits not included in original Medicare. These benefits may include prescription drugs, hearing and vision benefits and more.

SNP's allow you to enroll or disenroll at any time during the year.

SNP's are great options for those who qualify. We are not approved by CMS to offer Special Needs Plans but will refer you to someone who can assist.

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