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GA Medigap Quotes

Jane and Bill’s story

A few months ago Jane contacted me in hopes of saving money on their prescription drug plan. I said we can look at plans now but they cannot change their Rx plan until later in the year during open enrollment.

I took the opportunity to ask about their Medicare supplement plan.

Jane told me they thoroughly shopped the market 2 years ago and bought the lowest priced plan in Georgia.

“Which one?”, I asked.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F” was her response.

“Has your premium increased since then?” was my question.

“Yes, but probably no more than any other plans”.

“So, how much are you paying?”.

I knew Mutual of Omaha supplemental plan insurance was not the lowest cost plan in Georgia 2 years ago, nor is it now. Don’t get me wrong. Mutual of Omaha is a fine company but their plans are identical in every way to Medigap plans from all other carriers.

Identical in every way except price.

Mutual of Omaha premiums tend to be on the high side of average. Not the lowest, not the highest, but why pay more when you don’t have to?

But when Jane told me how much they were paying I was floored. It is a good thing we were talking on the phone. Had she seen my face I know it would have upset her.

If you have 2 minutes, let me run some rates for you, just so you can be sure Mutual of Omaha still meets your needs and budget. But first, are you and Bill in good health?”. (You can change your Medigap plan at any time during the year as long as your health is good).

“We have a few aches and pains but nothing major.”.

I calculated rates based on their age and zip code for Medicare supplement plan F. Keeping the same plan but changing to a different carrier, Jane and Bill could save almost $1000 per year.

Then I suggested something else. If they swapped their plan F for plan G their savings would exceed $1700 per year!

I estimate they could have saved close to $3000 over the last two years if they had talked with me when they first turned 65.

How Much Can You Save?

Almost every time I talk with folks just like you the savings is significant. I can’t guarantee I will save you $1700 per year but I can probably show you enough savings to make it worth a 5 minute phone call.

Pick up the phone can call me at (404) 252-5859. You can also run rates direct but generally carriers with the lowest cost do not allow their rates to be published online.

GA Medigap Quotes

Others Talk, We Listen

  • Ask questions by phone or email. You are never rushed or forced to make a decision.
  • Whether you allow us to assist in the process or not you will never be disappointed in the information provided.
  • We will answer every question and show you the advantages of one plan vs. another.
  • When you follow our advice, we personally guarantee you will NEVER pay too much for your Medicare supplement plan.
  • We recognize that many live on a fixed income and every dollar saved is precious

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