Medigap Quotes for Georgia Seniors

Medigap quotes found online can be deceiving. Most quote engines are not equipped to illustrate more than a few Medicare supplement plans and rates. When you rely on a quote engine you face the following challenges.

  • Limited number of Medigap carriers and plans
  • Medigap quotes may not include the most current rates
  • Online rates do not tell you of upcoming rate increases
  • Most online rate sites gather your data and SELL it to numerous agents
  • Georgia Medicare Plans is local, offers instant online Medigap quotes and NEVER SELLS YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION
  • Instant Medicare supplement rates can vary by site
  • The least reliable sites are those found on and your state insurance site
  • Most Medicare shoppers only compare rates on Medigap plan F and ignore other options
  • More often than not, the carriers with the most recognizable names have the HIGHEST RATES
  • The worst thing you can do is attend a Medicare information meeting and sign up on the spot
  • Seniors often confuse Medicare Advantage with original Medicare. They are NOT the same!
  • If looking for the LOWEST RATE and BEST OVERALL VALUE, ask to see rates not available online

Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans has over 37 years experience, helping clients find the best value. Instant online Medigap quotes plus personalized assistance. When you pay more for a Medicare supplement plan you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.

Georgia Medicare – Plans, Rates, Instant Quotes

Get instant Georgia Medicare rates. Review Medigap plans side by side in the comfort of your home. Compare rates and benefits side by side. Find the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans is a licensed GA agent appointed with over a dozen different insurance carriers. Bob has worked in the health insurance industry since 1975 and has a wide range of experience. At Georgia Medicare Plans you can ask any question about Medicare coverage and plans.

Georgia Medicare – Honest Answers

You have questions? We have answers.

We understand how confusing this process can be. Most “first timers” have never purchased health insurance before and they need more time to sort through the mountain of mail in an attempt to find a Georgia Medicare plan that meets their needs and budget.

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement?

Which option better suits your needs and budget?

Medicare Advantage plans have a lot of moving parts, low premiums, high out of pocket expenses, out of network penalties and require you to go through the process of review and relearning every year. One thing that most seniors don’t know is when you pick a Medicare Advantage plan you are no longer in original Medicare. Many doctors and hospitals do not take any Medicare Advantage plans and the ones that do may not participate in your plan.

Medicare supplement plans allow you to keep original Medicare with nationwide coverage and acceptance. Many buy a plan once and forget it. Very easy, low stress.

There is nothing wrong with that approach but make sure you pick the RIGHT PLAN and the BEST CARRIER from the start.

A few things to consider.

Medigap Plan F is the most popular Georgia Medicare plan. It is also the most overpriced plan. There are much better options that will save you a lot of money year after year.

There is nothing wrong with buying from a “name brand” carrier as long as you don’t mind paying too much for the name recognition. Be aware that most of those plans are overpriced and the renewal rates can be significant.

All Medigap plans with the same letter (A, C, F, etc.) are identical in every way except price. In many cases you can pay up to twice as much for the same plan if you pick the wrong carrier.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.

Looking for a Georgia Medicare plan? Compare rates and plans side by side in the comfort of your home by following this link to instant quotes.

Medicare Reform – Asking Seniors to Pay More

Medicare reform is coming. Which cuts will be enacted, and how you will be affected? Doctors and other medical providers face a 26% automatic pay cut in January unless Congress acts fast.

Doctors are healers in a sense, but they are also small business owners. They can no more afford to take a 26% pay cut than you can afford a similar cut in your Social Security check.

The danger of a fiscal cliff in just 6 weeks away and we have a lame duck Congress. Medicare reform is not completely on their radar

Medicare reform – Which cuts will be enacted, and how you will be affected?

Don’t kid yourself. All of us will be expected to share in the hurt of Medicare reform.

Lawmakers are wrestling with finding a balance between asking beneficiaries to pay more for Medicare services and reducing payments to Medicare providers, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Those providers, who are already expecting their Medicare payments to grow at a slower rate over the next decade as part of the 2010 health law, likely would fight additional cuts.  And beneficiaries, many who are on fixed incomes, will not want to pay more for Medicare services.

Kaiser Health News, “Fiscal cliff Medicare

We hear about Medicare reform as it affects provider cuts, but how often do you hear the phrase “but you will have to pay more”?

Politicians hate to deliver bad news, especially when it involves a large voting block of angry seniors. That is why they introduce change as impacting others, not you.

Doctors earn more than most folks. At some point the government says “they have earned enough“. According to some politicians, it is time for high income earners to pay their “fair share”.

Of course their fair share, as defined by DC is higher taxes and a 26% pay cut.

Both of those ideas clash with your access to health care. Why will a doctor be willing to treat a senior on Medicare when they can earn twice as much with non-Medicare patients?

That is only one way in which Medicare reform will impact you.

The folks in Congress also want you to pay more for your insurance, and pay more when you receive medical services.

Members of both political parties and some health care analysts have long thought that spending could be slowed if patients, including Medicare beneficiaries, put up more of their own money for health services. Some have suggested raising seniors’ share of the Medicare Part B premium (which covers doctor visits and other outpatient services) from 25 percent to 35 percent and imposing co-payments for home health services or the first 20 days of a skilled nursing facility stay.

You might want to read that again.

If Congress get’s their way, Medicare reform means your Medicare Part B premium will rise, your copay’s will rise, and your Medigap premiums will rise.

Why will Medicare supplement premiums rise?

Benefit rich plans such as Medigap plan F pay 100% of the balance of Medicare approved Part A and Part B expenses. When Medicare increases the deductibles or coinsurance your Medigap plan is obligated to pay a greater portion of each claim. When they pay more, your premiums must rise.

Some Medigap carriers are already reacting and increasing renewal rates at a higher percentage for plan F vs. other plans such as G. One of our least favorite Medicare supplement plans will increase rates 13.3% across the board.

Our more competitive carrier is raising rates 7.5% on plan F but only 6% on plan G.

Follow this link to compare Medigap rates in your area.

Raising beneficiaries’ share of Part B premiums would bring the program closer to its original 50-50 split between the federal government and beneficiaries, proponents say. And they add that greater cost-sharing for services would discourage overuse of care.

Raise your hand if you believe you are over-using your Medicare benefits and think you should pay more as a way of discouraging abuse.

Medicare reform to the folks in Washington means you should you should pay more so you don’t abuse your privileges. These folks are out of touch.

The election is over so it is too late to “throw the bums out” but that doesn’t mean you can’t call your Congress person and give them a piece of your mind. Do it now!

Medicare Supplement Quote

Medicare supplement quote online. Instant rates. You can compare Medicare supplement quotes from Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life and other fine Medigap carriers from the comfort of your home.                               Medicare supplement quote

Get a Medicare supplement quote without leaving your home, talking to an agent or having one come to your home.

Ask me why I would NEVER recommend Gerber Life or Mutual of Omaha.

At Georgia Medicare Plans, we specialize in Medigap plans and can answer any question you have as well as providing a personalized Medicare supplement quote.

For those who crave instant gratification, we have instant online Medicare supplement quotes.

Be aware that many carriers, including those with the LOWEST rates, rarely post their rates online or include them in a Medigap quote engine. If you want the lowest Medigap rate you will need a personalized Medicare supplement quote.

Your personalized Medicare supplement quote will also allow us to provide you with a FREE Medicare Part D analysis and quote. There are over 70 Rx plans in Georgia and we want to make sure you find the one that fits your needs.

With every personalized Medicare supplement quote, we will also take the time to explain how each part of Medicare A, B, C and D operate independent of each other. All Medigap plans are standardized and most will pick Medicare supplement plan F. Quite a few will also buy direct from a carrier such as BCBSGA, Mutual of Omaha or through a marketing organization such as AARP.

They mistakenly believe they are buying the best plan at the lowest rate.

Truth is, many seniors will OVERPAY when they buy Medigap plan F from Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha or AARP. Your personalized Medicare supplement quote will help you identify the RIGHT plan for your needs and budget and you will never pay too much.

Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans has over 37 years experience and is pleased to help seniors find the right plan and there is never any pressure to buy. Bob will email or maild (USPS) your Medicare supplement quote along with your FREE Medicare Part D analysis and allow you time to decide which plan is right for you.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia

How do you compare Medicare supplement plans in Georgia? Do you look for a “brand name” carrier you recognize? When you compare Medicare supplement plans should you talk direct to the company and buy from them, cutting out the middle man? Should you pay more for Medigap plan F because it is offered by a company you know? Should you buy over the phone or have an agent in your home?

Learning how to compare Medicare supplement plans

If you are like most seniors, you are new to Medicare and you have never bought health insurance before. You most likely had insurance provided by your (or your spouse’s) employer.

The Medicare system is relatively simple once you understand it. Your learning curve might be a bit steep at first but we can help you through the process.

Medicare is divided in to 4 parts.

Medicare Part A is the hospital portion. Inpatient medical bills are reviewed and considered under Part A.

Medicare Part B covers outpatient care including doctor visits, lab, X-ray, MRI and outpatient surgery.

Medicare Part C is a private Medicare system run by insurance companies. These Medicare Advantage plans are completely separate and different from original Medicare. With Advantage plans, an insurance company, not Medicare, will decide which doctors you can see, which hospitals you can use and which claims they will pay.

Medicare Part D is an outpatient drug plan you can purchase through private insurance companies.

Do you look for a “brand name” carrier you recognize?

When you compare Medicare supplement plans, is it better to stick with a company you know such as AARP/United Healthcare, Blue Cross or Mutual of Omaha?

Frankly, all plans are standardized by Medicare. There is no difference, other than premium, in Medigap plan F from Blue Cross and the same plan from New Era life. Since the plans are identical why would you ever pay more than you have to?

When you compare Medicare supplement plans should you talk direct to the company and buy from them, cutting out the middle man?

There is no “middle man” in Medicare supplement insurance. All plans are regulated by the Georgia Dept. of Insurance and rates are identical whether you buy from the carrier or through an agent.

Check it out for yourself. Get a Medicare supplement rate here, and then compare to rates you get for the same plan from the insurance carrier. They are exactly the same.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much!

Should you buy over the phone or have an agent in your home?

I can’t answer that for you. That is a personal preference.

Some people are comfortable inviting strangers in to their home while others are not.

I have over 400 clients all over Georgia and parts of Tennessee and have never met most of them. Many have been clients for years. They rely on my expertise and knowledge of what is available and which plans to avoid. Every one of them saved money over their existing plan or compared to plans they were offered through other Medigap companies.

When they took the time to compare Medicare supplement plans in Georgia they discovered that our suggestions not only saved them money, but performed just as well as higher priced plans from other carriers.

Let us know how we can help.