What is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D. What is it? How does it work? Do I need to buy a drug plan?

Turning 65? Enrolling in Medicare? How do I navigate the Medicare maze and find the best Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for my needs and budget?

Drug Plans Fail When You Least Expect It

Medicare Part D

Part D can be a snake pit if you don’t understand how it works. Medicare Part D can be a blessing for some but a nightmare for others. Seniors age 65 and older are not required to buy a Medicare Part D plan, but if you don’t and then later change your mind, you will be subject to a Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP) of 1% per month.

What is the Medicare Prescription Drug plan? How does the donut hole work? How can I avoid the donut hole? What if I can’t afford my prescription drug? Does Medicare cover vaccines? Doesn’t Medicare Part B cover prescription drugs? Why do I have to pay more because of my income? When is open enrollment?

Do you have questions like these?

I can help!

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