2014 Medicare Disenrollment Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage enrollment topped 15 million, an all time high. So why is Medicare disenrollment in the news? How many people really know what they have in a Medicare Advantage plan?  medicare disenrollment

The dis-enrollment period for the Medicare Advantage Plan runs until Feb 14. What does this mean and how can you dis-enroll?

During this time, Medicare beneficiaries can dis-enroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan and return to Original Medicare.


Can 15 million people be wrong?

They could be, but after several years of working with seniors in Georgia I am convinced that most of them really don’t know what they bought. Even people who have had a Medicare Advantage plan for years don’t understand how the plan works. The “set it and forget it” approach might shock you when you actually use your plan.

Here are some things you may not know about Advantage plans and why you may want to consider Medicare disenrollment.

  • Less than half the doctors in Georgia take Medicare Advantage patients
  • Virtually all doctors will see you if you have original Medicare
  • Advantage plans give you a list of doctors and hospitals and say choose one
  • Doctors in the network in 2013 may not be back in 2014
  • Drugs covered under your Advantage plan in 2013 may not be included in 2014
  • Many Georgia Advantage plans do not renew forcing you to pick a new plan every year
  • Your out of pocket maximum does not include Rx, non-approved claims or out of network claims

You don’t have any of those issues with original Medicare. Most of your friends that bought Advantage plans will have to learn about the disadvantages of an Advantage plan the hard way. Because you are reading this, you won’t have to blow through thousands of dollars to pay medical bills. If you use your Medicare disenrollment option before Valentines day you can have all the advantages of original Medicare.

While you are at it, shop and compare our rates for Medicare supplement plan N.

Is the 2014 Medicare disenrollment for you? Give us a call. Free, no obligation consultations are our specialty.

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