Fire Your Medigap Carrier

Happy with your Medigap carrier? Why not fire them? woman shaking fist

  • Are you paying too much?
  • Do you find Medicare shopping confusing?
  • Were you given choices or simply told “Plan F is the best for you“?
  • Did you pick a high priced plan from AARP, Blue Cross or the “Mutual” company?


All Medicare supplement plans are equal in every way . . . . except for the price.

Georgia Medicare supplement rates

Bob Vineyard does the work for you!

When you pay more you don’t get more you simply paid too much.

  • I shop the Medigap market for you
  • I work for you, not the insurance carrier
  • I find the same benefits you have now, but for a lot less
  • I don’t get paid by the carrier until YOU are satisfied

You don’t have to look at all 170 Georgia Medigap plans. We do it for you. Here is our promise to you. find medicare information

  • You tell me the kind of plan you want
  • I personally search the market then send you the best plans based on YOUR needs
  • I answer all your questions
  • I never sell you anything but we will help you find a plan that meets your needs and budget
  • Let me work for you

Do you want fast Medigap premium rates or faster rates?

For fast rates use our request form and select the QUOTE department.   [contact_form id=1] 

Want faster Medigap rates? Click the image below.



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