Medicare Part D

Georgia Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDP’s) are designed to supplement Medicare parts A&B and cover a portion of your prescription drug needs. Many seniors will not need a prescription drug plan.

But that does not mean you should not enroll in one.

Failure to enroll in Part D on a timely basis means you eventually face a lifetime late enrollment penalty.


Medicare Part D Deductible

Several PDP’s have a deductible. The Medicare drug plan is the most misunderstood part of Medicare. Sometimes I wish Congress had never created it. Other times I think they should go back and start over.

But they never ask for my advice so it won’t happen.

Most consumers and agents alike avoid considering any drug plan with a deductible. Yet those plans often deliver the most VALUE.

The reluctance in considering Medicare Part D plans that have a deductible caused me to create this video. I hope it helps.

Do I need a prescription drug plan?

Medigap policies do not include a prescription drug benefit. If you want prescription drug coverage you may want to talk to Medicare about prescription drug plans or visit Medicare Drug Formulary Plan Finder

Many seniors will not need a prescription drug plan. Many times it is less expensive to pay for your medication out of pocket, or use mail order firms like Blue Sky Drugs. There are also many programs available to provide medications for little or no charge. 

Check out resources such as Needy Meds and Rx Hope in our PRESCRIPTION DRUG RESOURCE section.


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