Burial Plans in Georgia

Burial plans for Georgia seniors. Good idea or not? Do you really need a burial insurance plan or is your Social Security benefit enough?

What are Burial Plans?

Funeral costs are rising. Will your family be left with unpaid bills or have to borrow money to fulfill your burial plans? Burial insurance also known as funeral insurance is affordable and relatively easy to buy. Burial plans are a type of funeral insurance that allows you to preplan and pre-pay for your funeral arrangements. Burial plans allow you to pre-plan many details of your funeral and pre-pay for the products and services that will be used.

Burial insurance plans are highly individualized policies. Basically, you decide what will be covered and an insurance agent writes a policy to cover these specifics. Some of the products and services covered under burial insurance policies include the following:

• Caskets or coffins
• In-ground burials
• Cremations
• Plots
• Grave markers
• Burial vaults or grave liners
• Flowers
• Hearses and other funeral vehicles

Georgia Medicare Plans will help you find a  burial plan or funeral insurance policy that meets your needs and budget. We offer burial plans from top ranked insurance companies.

Burial Plans Direct

Some people think they can save money when buying bural plans by responding to a TV ad or “buying direct” from a burial insurance plan from a carrier. All burial plans have service fees built in to the plan you purchase so you pay the same price whether dealing direct with a life  insurance company or through an agent.

Social Security pays $255 to cover your final expenses. That won’t bury you deep enough to prevent a small puppy from digging you up.

Burial plans don’t have to be expensive.

You can check prices of burial plans online by clicking Humana Financial Protection Plans and then scroll down and review Memorial Fund details. Quote, click and apply online. No agent will call.

Burial plans allow your family time to grieve without worrying about how they will pay for your funeral and final expenses. Call or email if you would like information about affordable burial plans for Georgia seniors.

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