Medicare Number, Letter

My Medicare card has a 9 digit number followed by a letter. What do the letters in my Medicare number mean?Medicare supplement rates Georgia

The Social Security number followed by one of these codes is often referred to as a claim number. We assign these codes once you apply for benefits. These letter codes may appear on correspondence you receive from Social Security or on your Medicare card. They will never appear on a Social Security card.

For example, if the wage earner applying for benefits and your number is 123-45-6789, then your claim number is 123-45-6789A. This number will also be used as your Medicare claim number, once you are eligible for Medicare.



Primary claimant (wage earner)
BAged wife, age 62 or over
B1Aged husband, age 62 or over
B2Young wife, with a child in her care
B3Aged wife, age 62 or over, second claimant
B5Young wife, with a child in her care, second claimant
B6Divorced wife, age 62 or over
BYYoung husband, with a child in his care
C1-C9Child – Includes minor, student or disabled child
DAged Widow, age 60 or over
D1Aged widower, age 60 or over
D2Aged widow (2nd claimant)
Aged widower (2nd claimant)
D6Surviving Divorced Wife,  age 60 or over
EWidowed Mother
E1Surviving Divorced Mother
E4Widowed Father
E5Surviving Divorced Father
F1Parent (Father)
F2Parent (Mother)
F5Adopting Father
F6Adopting Mother
HADisabled claimant (wage earner)
HBAged wife of disabled claimant, age 62 or over
MUninsured – Premium Health Insurance Benefits (Part A)
M1Uninsured – Qualified for but refused Health Insurance Benefits (Part A)
TUninsured – Entitled to HIB (Part A) under deemed or renal provisions; or Fully insured who have elected entitlement only to HIB
TAMedicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE)
TBMQGE aged spouse
WDisabled Widow
W1Disabled Widower
W6Disabled Surviving Divorced Wife

This information provided by Social Security.

When enrolling in a Medicare supplement plan you will need your Medicare card which indicates your Medicare number and effective date(s) for Medicare Part A and Part B. There are several times when you can enroll in a Medicare supplement plan without providing evidence of insurability.

When you first turn age 65 and are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, or during SEP (special enrollment periods) includine your Medicare trial right. Agents that specialize in Medicare supplement plans can advise if you are eligible to enroll on a guaranteed issue basis.

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