Obamacare Robs Medicare

Obamacare is like a giant money funnel, consuming dollars by the billions. Where will the money come from? Seniors on Medicare Advantage plans will be robbed to pay for Obamacaremasked robber

 About half of Obamacare costs are to be covered with money taken from an already nearly bankrupt program for seniors. And the most politically perilous aspect of this ploy is Obamacare’s cuts in Medicare Advantage funding, which would cause many seniors to lose their preferred health plans. Under the implementation schedule stipulated in Obamacare, many seniors would either lose their plans, or learn that they are going to lose them, before the election that will likely decide Obamacare’s—and Obama’s—fate.

Medicare ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) will go out about 60 days prior to the fall election. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan that will not be offered in 2013 you need to understand that Obama used money targeted for seniors to pay for his signature legislation.

Anticipating a senior revolt, the administration took action. It ran millions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer-funded TV ads featuring Andy Griffith saying things like, “That new health care law sure sounds good for all of us on Medicare!” It mailed out full-color, taxpayer-funded propaganda brochures singing the same tune. It repeatedly claimed (and continues to claim) that money taken out of Medicare to fund Obamacare would—magically—also stay in Medicare and be used to extend its solvency.

Weekly Standard, “Obama’s Senior Swindle

Makes you wonder how they spend the same dollar twice.

Our post on Medicare Waste, Fraud and Abuse gave you some insight in to the election year mind of Barack Obama. The man will stop at nothing in an attempt to get re-elected . . . including throwing seniors under the bus.

The vast majority of Obamacare Medicare Advantage cuts until after what Obama likes to call his “last election.” In truth, this isn’t really a demonstration project at all. It’s something closer to the opposite: an attempt to keep Obamacare effects from being demonstrated until it’s too late for voters to respond.

That’s what we call dirty pool. Tell Washington you don’t want your Medicare benefits cut to pay for Obamacare.