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Senior resources. Compare Medicare supplemental insurance rates from major Georgia insurance companies. Affordable Medigap plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Omaha and more. Medicare 101

Medigap coverage is designed to pay your medical bills that are not covered by traditional Medicare. All Medigap plans are standardized and are required by law to pay medical bills approved by Medicare.

Rates for Medigap plans can vary widely in your area, in some cases by as much as $60 per month, sometimes more. We help seniors on a fixed income find the lowest priced Medicare supplemental insurance for their money.

How Does Medicare Work?

Medicare is divided into 4 parts with two primary parts (A and B) being the ones most people will use. Medicare Part A covers your hospital bills while Part B is for doctor bills.

Medicare Part C is commonly referred to Medicare Advantage is combines the benefits of parts A and B and sometimes D under one policy. Unlike Medicare A and B, Medicare Advantage plans are offered through private insurance companies. Those who elect a part C (Medicare Advantage) plan are taken off Medicare and covered by private insurance.

Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs and is a separate plan purchased through private insurance companies.


Do I Need a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Georgia Medicare supplement insurance and Medigap insurance plans are offered by private insurance companies.  These plans pay what Medicare does not pay. Without a Medigap plan you could owe thousands of dollars to your doctor and hospital.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for a run down on commonly asked questions about Medicare and Medicare supplement plans.

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