GA Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans in GA are privately run senior health insurance plans that replace traditional Medicare coverage. Most are either an HMO or PPO and require you to use a doctor or other medical provider that has agreed to the terms and pricing structure for the network.

Medicare Advantage Plans = Fewer Choices

Medicare Advantage Plans have more restrictions and fewer choices than original Medicare and a Medigap plan.

  • If you change to a Medicare Advantage Plan you may find that the doctor you have been seeing for years does not participate in your new plan and will only see you on a cash basis.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans typically have low premiums, in some cases $0. The trade off is higher out of pocket when you need it most.
  • Traditional Medicare and a comprehensive Medigap plan F supplement typically means you have $0 out of pocket for hospital and doctor bills when approved by Medicare.
  • When you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, private insurance carriers, not Medicare, decide which claims will be paid and which will be denied.
  • A large hospital bill that is approved by your Medicare Advantage carrier may leave you owing $3,000 or more once the dust settles.
  • When you want to see a specialist you must first have a referral by your PCP (primary care physician) and that referral must be approved by your Advantage carrier.
  • The rules for Medicare Advantage plans change every year

2014 Medicare Disenrollment Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Pluses

To be fair, there are positive things about Medicare Advantage Plans.

  • Advantage plans may include “extra” benefits such as limited vision or dental coverage
  • Advantage plans require copay’s for doctor visits. Something you won’t find with most Medigap plans.
  • Many Advantage plans include prescription drug benefits. Sometimes the “package” covers the medications you need, sometimes not.
  • If you switch from original Medicare to an Advantage plan and you are not satisfied, you may disenroll during the first 12 months of your Special Enrollment Period (SEP) and return to original Medicare.

Types of Medicare Advantage Plans in GA

Most Medicare Advantage plans will fall in to one of the following categories.

  • PPO
  • HMO
  • PFFS
  • SNP

Bob Vineyard, President of Georgia Medicare Plans, has decided to specialize in GA Medigap plans. We believe the flexibility and overall VALUE of original Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan are superior to the Advantage plans currently on the market. We invite you to compare GA Medigap quotes using our instant online quote engine or ask for a free, no obligation consult.

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