Georgia Medicare Plans – Will My Doctor Take This Plan?

How do I know if my Georgia doctor will take my Medicare supplement plan? Should I buy from Blue Cross or AARP if I want to keep my doctor? I want to still see my doctor any time I want. I don’t want an insurance company telling me which doctor I can see and which I can.

Question – I called Medicare and they said the Medicare supplement plan we discussed is not approved by them. Why would you try to sell me something not approved by Medicare?

Answer –  Medicare’s response is only half right. You currently have original Medicare plus a Medicare supplement plan F. The plan we discussed is identical in every way to your current Medicare supplement plan F except our proposed premium is much lower. Medigap plans are regulated by the state of Georgia, Department of Insurance, not by Medicare. You can verify if this company, and this plan is approved in Georgia by calling (800) 656-2298. You can also go online to the Georgia DOI website and see if a Medigap company is approved to offer business in Georgia.

Back to the Medicare response being half right . . .

The Medigap company we discussed does not write Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia. Medicare Advantage replaces original Medicare with a private insurance plan. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, many times you can only use certain doctors that are in their network. Your doctor may not be in their network or may not accept  Medicare Advantage patients. Also, with a Medicare Advantage plan an insurance company, not your doctor, determines what treatment is right for them, not necessarily what is right for you.

Since the company we talked about does not offer Medicare Advantage plans, the person you spoke to at Medicare was right. This company is not approved by Medicare to write Medicare Advantage plans in your area.

If you want to leave original Medicare and drop your Medigap plan to pick up coverage by a Medicare Advantage plan, I will not be able to help you. In my opinion there are too many problems with Medicare Advantage plans to make me feel comfortable recommending them to my clients.

Question – I have never heard of (this) Medicare supplement insurance company.  How do I know my doctor will accept this Medigap plan? 

Answer – If your doctor accepts assignment of Medicare benefits then there is no problem with this, or any other Medigap insurance plan. When you visit your doctor they electronically file a claim direct with Medicare. Once Medicare reviews and approves the claim it electronically crosses over to your Medigap carrier that is on file with Medicare. Your Medigap carrier is then obligated to pay their portion of the claim not paid by Medicare according to the terms of their contract.

Affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance in Georgia

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