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Shop and compare up to 40 different Medicare supplement rates and plans from Blue Cross Georgia, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and other major Medigap carriers.

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How would you like to save over $1700 per year in Medicare supplement premiums? One Georgia couple learned how to save that much on their Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F. We can’t guarantee you will save that much but there is no risk to shop and compare GA Medicare supplement rates.

How much will YOU save?

GA Medicare Supplement Rates – Sue Told John

Medicare supplement plan F ratesLast year Sue became a new client. Having just turned 65 she was ready to sign up for Medicare but like most people, was totally confused.

Most of her friends (including her boyfriend John) told her to buy Medicare supplement plan F from Blue Cross or Mutual of Omaha. John had purchased plan F a few months earlier from Mutual of Omaha and was pleased with his choice.

Sue was on a tight budget and the Mutual of Omaha plan F was going to be a stretch. Surely there had to be lower Medicare supplement rates than what she was shown.

That’s when she called me.

Not only did I show her how to find plan F Medicare supplement rates that were $38 per month less than Mutual of Omaha, but by switching to plan G she would save another $32 monthly for a total savings of $70 vs Mutual of Omaha plan F Medicare supplement rates.

Next Sue told John about her “find”, John called me and saved almost $60 per month.

I would love to tell you that Sue and John are still “an item” but I can’t. A few months later they split up but there is a silver lining.

Since that time both Sue and John have found new loves and both of them have recommended my services to their new beau’s.

How much can you save?



Review Medicare supplement rates and plans and side by side. Pick the best value based on YOUR needs and budget.

Others talk. We listen

Sadly, most carriers do not allow their BEST RATES to be illustrated online. Call to shop and compare. In just 5 minutes I can tell you how much you can save on the plan you have now or by changing to a different Medicare supplement plan.

Save Money With the Right Medicare Supplement Plan 

Find the RIGHT Medicare supplement insurance plan. When you have original Medicare and a Medigap plan you enjoy the following.

  • Choose any doctor. No networks
  • No claim forms
  • Your treatment is determined by you and your doctor
  • Medicare supplement rates can be quite affordable with the right plan

Medicare doesn’t cover all your bills. After Medicare pays their portion, you still have deductibles, copay’s and coinsurance. Unpaid medical bills that can eat away at your life savings.

Most people find it easier to budget for out of pocket expenses with a Medicare supplement plan. Your Medigap plan will pay for medical bills approved by Medicare but not paid by Medicare.

Medicare Part A – What is NOT covered

Your Medicare Part A hospital deductible is $1340 (2018) per BENEFIT PERIOD.

If your hospital stay is longer than 60 days you will be required to pay a daily hospital deductible of $289 for every day you are in the hospital from day 61 – 90. Longer hospital stays require you to pay a daily deductible of $578 for days 91 – 150. If your hospital stay goes beyond 150 days you are responsible for ALL of the costs associated with that stay.

Medicare does not pay for skilled nursing facilities where the stay extends beyond 100 days. It does not pay your hospital deductible, hospital coinsurance payments or skilled nursing facility copayments.

When you compare Medicare supplement rates keep in mind the kind of unpaid medical bills you can incur from a hospital stay. Multiple hospital admissions during the year can generate a deductible for EACH STAY.

Georgia Medicare supplement policies issued after June 1, 2010 will include inpatient prescription drug and inpatient respite care as a basic benefit. Plan K covers 50% of the coinsurance for these benefits and Plan N covers 75%.

Medicare Part B – What is NOT covered

Medicare Part B requires you to pay a deductible of $183 (in 2018) before anything is paid by Medicare. You are required to pay 20% of Medicare approved charges by your doctor AFTER you have met your $183 deductible.

Medicare only pays 80% of the APPROVED RATE for Part B services. You are responsible for the other 20%. If your doctor does not accept Medicare assignment they are allowed to balance bill you for a portion of the excess beyond what Medicare would normally pay for services.

Medicare supplement plan policies including plans G, K, L and N require you to pay a portion of your Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayments. This may result in lower Medicare supplement rates which will save you money on a monthly basis.

All other Medicare supplement plans pay Part B coinsurance and copayments at 100%.

How Much Do Medicare Supplement Plans Cost?

Medicare supplement rates are all over the boards. You can get an idea of Medicare supplement rates in your area by getting your Medigap quote here.

Most Medigap carriers do not illustrate their Medicare supplement rates online. To find the LOWEST Medigap premium you should request a personalized quote.

Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans is happy to show you Medicare supplement rates from the best carriers in Georgia.

When Should You Purchase a Medigap Plan?

The best time to buy a Medicare supplement plan is during your initial open enrollment period. Your open enrollment period starts on the first day of the month in which you turn 65 AND are enrolled in Medicare parts A and B. Your Medicare supplement rates will be the lowest at that time.

During your Medicare open enrollment period a Medicare supplement company cannot refuse to offer you any Medigap plan it offers.

They also cannot make you wait for coverage to start or charge you higher Medicare supplement rates due to existing medical issues.

Even though the Medigap company cannot make you wait for coverage to begin they may be able to legally refuse to cover any pre-existing conditions for up to 6 months.

Finding the Best Medicare Supplement Rates

When shopping for Medigap coverage, this is one time when paying more is a waste of your money. The best Medicare supplement rates are also the lowest Medicare supplement rates. When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.

Compare GA Medicare supplement rates online but to find the lowest rates, ask for a personalized quote.

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

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