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Compare all Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates to other carriers. Blue Cross Georgia writes more Medicare supplement plans than any other GA carrier.

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Compare Blue Cross 2015 Medigap rates to other carriers

Blue Cross Medigap plans are accepted by any doctor, hospital or medical provider that participates in Medicare assignment.

No claim forms to file. All Medicare approved claims are covered by your BCBSGA Medicare supplement policy.

How competitive are Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates? Click and compare Blue Cross to Aetna, Humana and other fine carriers.

Georgia Medicare Plans is proud to offer Blue Cross Medicare supplement plans.

The Part A deductible for 2017 is $1316 per admission. The Part B calendar year deductible is $183.

Each year the deductibles are adjusted upward by CMS (Center for Medicare Services). When you have Medigap Hi F all Medicare approved Part A and Part B charges are reimbursed at 100% AFTER you have satisfied your Hi deductible.

Medicare supplement plan Hi F is perfect for those who are on a tight budget but want the freedom and flexibility of a Medicare supplement plan. Medigap Hi F is often used as an alternative to Medicare Advantage plans when the Medicare beneficiary wants to continue using THEIR doctor.

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Here is a direct link to Blue Cross if you want to compare rates and apply with them.

When you see the opening screen, look at the lower box “If you are eligible for Medicare . . .” and click the blue button “Get a quote or enroll today”
The screen will refresh, then
Middle of the page, click “Medicare solutions”
Enter your zip, DOB, gender, coverage begins date then Get a Quick Quote.
From there you should be good.
You will need your Medicare numbers, details on your current coverage (name of carrier and approximate start date) as well as banking information for the initial premium.
Of course if you want to compare Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates to other carriers, you may do so by following this link.
If you have any questions about Blue Cross Georgia Medigap plans, or any other carrier, we are here to help.
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