Paying for Ambulance Without Robbing a Bank

You won’t have to rob a bank to pay for an ambulance ride WHEN you have a Medicare supplement plan and IF you know these three things. Medicare and your Georgia gap will pay your ambulance bill but only if you know and follow the rules.Medicare Ambulance charges

Your Medicare coverage and a good Medicare supplement plan should cover emergency medical transport fee’s but there may be some “gotcha’s”.

Is an Ambulance Medically Necessary?

First, if there is not a true medical emergency at the time, you may be stuck with the full cost of the trip. This can be anywhere from $500  to several thousand dollars.

Second, even when you have a medical emergency, if the transport company is not a par provider, your health insurance policy will still pay but you could be stuck paying a huge balance. Many medical transport carriers do not accept Medicare assignment. That means you could be subject to excess charges which are not covered by some Medicare supplement plans?

Does YOUR plan cover excess charges? The time to find out is now, not after the bill has arrived.

Third, ambulance companies are not always known for filing their charges correctly with your health insurance company. If their bill is not coded properly your claim may be denied.

Claims denied by Medicare are not covered by your Medicare supplement plan. Your Medigap insurance policy pays AFTER Medicare reviews and approves the claim. If the claim is improperly coded, or is determined by Medicare to be a charge that is not medically necessary, your supplement plan will not pay.

Clients of Georgia Medicare Plans can always call if they have questions about ambulance charges. Affordable GA Medicare supplement insurance rates as well as having an advocate to help you understand your medical bills is a great place to start. Medicare questions? Call us. We are glad to help.


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