Medicare Doctor – Does My Doctor Take Medicare?

Does my doctor take Medicare? How much does Medicare pay doctors? What percent of doctors do not take Medicare? Do all doctors accept Medicare? How do I find Medicare providers? If you are about to turn 65 and enroll in Medicare, you need answers to these questions.

Medicare Doctor

Ask your doctor if they take Medicare assignment or use Physician Compare. Medicare providers will be paid by EFT. More than 90% of PCP’s accept Medicare. 

If you currently have a regular doctor there is a good chance you can continue to see your doctor as long as you opt for original Medicare and a supplement plan. However, many doctors do not participate in at least some Advantage plans. Ask your doctor before enrolling in Medicare.

Medicare participating doctors are paid a fee for services rendered. Congress sets payment guidelines for Medicare participating doctors.

Most primary care doctors participate in Medicare and accept assignment of benefits. On the other hand, many psychotherapists and gynecologists often choose to opt out of Medicare. In this case you are expected to pay cash at the time of service.


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  1. Jessica Jones says

    Bob, you are the best. Your information is so helpful. This is a new area to me and it is now the time for me to look at this and find the answers I need to help me decide which is the best way to go, the best plans to take. Thank you so much and we will be in touch.

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