Proposed Medicare Changes Will Hurt Georgia Seniors

The DC spending monster is hungry and proposed Medicare changes means they expect Georgia seniors to feed them. Their solution calls for shared funding and shared responsibility. That translates into you tightening your belt while Congress pigs out. They want more of your money so they can feed entitlement programs for the poor. Congress thinks you […]

5 Medicare Myths

We talk to a lot of Georgia seniors and find there are at least 5 Medicare myths that are common and should be addressed. If you fall prey to these Medicare myths you could end up paying more for your health care than you should. It doesn’t matter how these untruths originated. The reality of […]

Medicare Cuts Fund Obamacare

Georgia seniors will get a rude awakening in January when Medicare cuts fund Obamacare. You were warned. Obamacare is funded, at least in part, on the backs of seniors that rely on Medicare. Starting Jan. 1, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin slashing 14 percent of their Home Health Care Prospective […]

Medicare Slow Death

Medicare is on life support but just got some good news. Apparently the social welfare program for seniors and disabled can live another 2 years. But Obamacare  cuts threaten to gut the program, especially to Medicare Advantage.                     First the good news. Medicare has two more […]

Kerry Kickback to Obamacare

Three years later we are finding out what was in Obamacare and the John Kerry kickback means Georgia hospitals will get less money from Medicare.  When Obamacare was cobbled together in back rooms and deals were cut to gain support many of these shady promises made the light of day. The Cornhusker Deal with Nebraska […]

Obamacare Scam Targets Seniors

CBS news reports on a new Obamacare scam that targets seniors. Playing off the lack of real information about Obamacare and who is affected, these scammer’s prey on the misinformed public in order to swindle you out of your hard earned money.   Scammers are trying to fool consumers, in many cases seniors, into giving […]

No Patient Left Behind, Medicare Edition

2001 gave us NCLB (No Child Left Behind). Now 2014 wants to give us No Patient Left Behind in an effort to save Medicare. No Child Left Behind was an overhaul of the U.S. education system from the top down. The goal was to improve education by using standardized testing to measure progress. No Patient […]

Shift Medicare Costs to Seniors

Pres. Obama has come up with a novel way to save Medicare. His big idea is to shift Medicare costs to seniors so the federal government can pay less. The plan . . . You pay more so the federal government can spend tax dollars on free stuff for others Doctors and hospitals make too […]

Medicare Threatened by Obamacare

Is Medicare threatened by Obamacare? Absolutely. The proposed changes to Medicare significantly affects seniors access to affordable health care. You probably recall then Sen. Obama campaigned in “57 states” on the promise of bending the cost curve and making health care more affordable. So far the promise is just as real as his 57 states. […]

Sequester Cuts Medicare Funding

Did you know cuts in Medicare funding means cancer patients may have to forego treatment? Obama’s pick and choose sequester cuts means no White House tours, close airport control towers and no cancer treatment for you. Medicare funding cuts are part of the sequester and as of April 1, some doctors and cancer clinics are […]