Answers to Common Medicare Questions

I have answers to your most common Medicare questions. Here are just a few examples of questions asked by people just like you who are turning 65.

  • How do I know which Medicare plan is right for me?
  • When should I enroll in Medicare?
  • Should I have the same plan as my spouse?
  • How much does Medicare cost?
  • Does Medicare cover (fill in the blank)?

Many of your questions can be answered by copying this into your Google search bar – site:

Answers to Common Medicare Questions


Answers to Common Medicare Questions

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You have Medicare Questions.

I have answers.

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About boB Vineyard

Bob is dedicated to helping YOU find the right plan that fits YOUR needs and budget. Everyone that contacts us receives a free, no obligation phone consult designed to answer all your questions about the Medicare process. We then follow up with a detailed comparison of plans and rates based on what you have said is important to you. While others talk, we listen.


  1. Frank Barnes says:

    Why would an 87 year old who has been receiving regular medical care using Medicare and same Insurance Supplemental provider for over 25 years suddenly be told she is no longer eligible for Medicate B-GA by an Ear, Eyes and Nose specialists to whom she was referred for dizziness?
    She recently received the new type Medicare card. Could something have been omitted when that was issued?

    • boB Vineyard says:

      Hi Frank

      Thanks for asking. Sorry for the delay in responding. I missed the notification.

      Receiving a new Medicare card and number does not impact her benefits. She can keep Part B as long as the premium is paid. B premium usually deducted from Social Security benefit.

      Who told her she was no longer eligible for Part B? Her doc? Was the claim denied by Medicare?

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