Answers to Common Medicare Questions

I have answers to your most common Medicare questions. Here are just a few examples of questions asked by people just like you who are turning 65.

  • How do I know which Medicare plan is right for me?
  • When should I enroll in Medicare?
  • Should I have the same plan as my spouse?
  • How much does Medicare cost?
  • Does Medicare cover (fill in the blank)?

Many of your questions can be answered by copying this into your Google search bar – site:

Answers to Common Medicare Questions


Answers to Common Medicare Questions

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You have Medicare Questions.

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Medicare Open Enrollment 2016

What is Medicare open enrollment 2016? When can I change my Medicare supplement plan? How do I find a better rate without going online and having my phone ring off the hook?

Medicare open enrollment

Isn’t this the same as turning 65? Can’t I change my Medicare supplement plan without going through underwriting?


What is Medicare Open Enrollment?

Medicare annual open enrollment period starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th. During that time you can

  • Change from one Medicare Advantage plan to another one
  • Change your Part D drug plan

You can change your existing Medicare supplement plan at any time of the year but you may be required to pass medical underwriting.  If you have an existing Medicare Advantage plan, and would rather have original Medicare and a Medigap plan you can enroll in a Medigap plan subject to medical underwriting.


Is Medicare Open Enrollment the Same as Turning 65?

Short answer is not.

Turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare Part B for the first time allows you a 6 month window to enroll in any Medigap plan. Never any underwriting. They can’t ask your height and weight. What medications you take.

All of those are off limits.

But open enrollment is different.

If you have original Medicare and a supplement plan you can change drug plans without underwriting.

You can also improve your Medicare supplement plan and look for lower rates. But you can do that any time. Open enrollment is not the best time to change Medicare supplement plans. If you have been on Medicare Part B more than 6 months medical underwriting is required. That process can take 2 weeks or longer outside of open enrollment. The time frame is a month or longer if you try to change Medigap plans during open enrollment.

How Do I Find the Best Medicare Supplement Rates?

Shopping online is simple, thanks to the internet. But it can also be frustrating. Here is what most people do.

There must be a better way.

  • Go to GA Medigap Quotes
  • Fill in your information
  • Get an instant quote
  • Wait for your personalized quote by email showing Medigap rates you won’t see anywhere else
  • We shop. You compare
  • We take the time to answer all your questions about Medicare, plans, rates, service and so forth..
  • When you pay more you don’t get more. You simply paid too much
  • Our goal is to give you the confidence in knowing you have made the right decision and are not paying too much or buying the wrong plan

How easy is that?

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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rate Increases

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates increase annually. Most Georgia Medigap rates increase only once a year while others may increase twice in the same year. Mutual Medicare supplement rates will vary widely depending on which Mutual carrier you are searching.

Currently you may find Mutual of Omaha rates as well as United World, United of Omaha and more recently, Omaha Insurance Company.

Many online sites (including ours) will illustrate current Mutual rates. Quoted rates may not reflect any loads or discounts that could be applied to the final rate.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices


Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates

The Mutual companies are widely promoted direct by the carrier as well as many agents in Georgia. Depending on your age, zip, gender and plan selection, you can find comparable plans with higher or lower rates. medicare shockmedicare shock

Some carriers offer household discounts in the 5 – 7% range but only if two or more people apply for coverage at the same time and are approved. Other carriers will extend the discount even if the other person in your household is not 65 and does not purchase coverage at the same time that you do.


Medigap rate increases

One of the more common questions we get on a daily basis is, “How much do the rates go up each year?“.

The answer is, it depends.

Some carriers, such as New Era and Equitable, have a stable rate history going back for 10 years or longer. Other carriers may be 50 years old or older but have only been offering Medigap coverage for a couple of years.

Our rule of thumb is, if you want a plan that is most likely to be stable year in and year out, look at their 5 year track record. If that carrier has not been offering coverage at least 5 years you might consider paying a few dollars more for stability.

If you have questions about Medigap rate histories for a particular carrier, Google is your friend.


Jim and Elizabeth

A few years ago we ran across a couple from south Georgia that had just received notice their Medicare supplement rates were increasing. Both had plan F from Mutual of Omaha and their premiums were going to increase by almost $200 per month. That was more than their budget would stand.

Medicare changesBoth were in good health and did not use tobacco. They purchased their plans 3 years earlier when they turned 65. The carrier offered in Georgia at that time was United of Omaha. In three years their premiums had increased 4 times and was considerably higher than when they originally purchased coverage.

We showed them the same plan F through a different company that would save them over $1700 per year and no loss in coverage. Switching to plan G would save them another $600 per year between the two of them.

How much can you save?

Consumer comments

Before doing any search keep in mind that consumers rarely take the time to go on the internet to say something good about a company and that applies to Medicare supplement carriers as well. Ask your agent for their feelings about a particular plan or carrier and gauge their response. Medi-gap

Some agents only promote one carrier such as Blue Cross, United Healthcare (AARP) or one of the Mutual companies. Most agents will also only mention Medigap plan F. It is the easiest to explain, carries the highest premium and highest compensation for them.

In the last few years the Mutual of Omaha companies have been trying to encourage their agents to promote the more aggressively priced plan G.

Most of our clients have chosen plan G but more recently (last 6 months) we are writing more plan N’s than any other plan. I may be inadvertently influencing new clients since I will purchase plan N when I go on Medicare in September, 2015.

Do your own research and come to your own conclusions before buying any Medicare supplement plan.

In Georgia there are over 170 different Medigap plans from 30+ carriers. Let us help you find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Shop and compare now.

GA Medigap Quotes



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Medicare Supplement Rates Trend Lower

Medicare supplement rates still increase every year but the increases are trending lower. Double digit renewals have declined medicare supplement rate increasessince 2010. Rate changes on new business have also declined to the 5% range. Prior to 2012 Medigap rate adjustments of 10% to 15% or more were common, especially for the “big name” carriers.

Georgia Medicare Plans continues to monitor rate changes for new and existing Medigap carriers and will always recommend carriers with a stable rate history.

CSG Actuarial is reporting that the trend of lower rate increases in the Medicare Supplement market has continued throughout 2014. The average new business rate increase implemented to date in 2014 is 4.3%, down from 5.0% in 2013, 7.1% in 2012, 8.4% in 2011 and 9.5% in 2010. CSG Actuarial believes these lower rate increases continue to be the result of lower claim trends in the Medicare Supplement market, due primarily to lower medical trends in Medicare and limited increases of the Part B deductible over the past few years. – CSG Actuarial


Five things you may not know about Medicare supplement rates

When you are shopping for a Medicare supplement plan there are at least 5 things most agents and carriers will not tell you.

  • Plan F Medicare supplement rates are overpriced
  • Which carriers are new to the market
  • The real savings is in picking the right Medicare Part D
  • The Medicare Advantage trap
  • How to lock in the lowest Medicare supplement rates year after year

Most agents and carriers promote Medicare supplement plan F. Why?plan f

It is the easiest to explain and understand.

Plan F has the highest rates and generates the most commission.

We have hundreds of Medicare clients yet probably fewer than a dozen bought Medigap plan F.

Medigap carriers come and go. Which one is best for you?

AFLAC jumped into the market in 2012 with low rates and high commissions. Barely 15 months later they bailed out leaving behind customers wondering what would happen next.

Since 2010 Georgia retirees have purchased plans from Mutual of Omaha companies named United World, United of Omaha and more recently Omaha Insurance company. Every time Mutual introduced a new carrier new applicants got lower, more favorable rates while existing policyholders paid rates that were 20 – 30% higher.

We have several carriers with stable rate histories that consistently beat Mutual rates and have never had a double digit rate increase.

Georgia Medicare Plans specializes in finding the best value and low Medicare supplement rates. Our clients save an average of $550 per year without sacrificing coverage.


Medicare Part D savings

The real savings comes in matching your Part D drug plan to your needs and budget.

Most people shop drug plans based on the monthly premium. Big mistake.

Medicare changesWe recently talked to a lady that was convinced the Humana Medicare Advantage plan was the best value for her. An agent came to her home laid out fancy brochures and carefully explained the merits of this PPO plan.

But the agent failed to run a drug report. Instead, the agent looked over her list of med’s (4 pages worth) and said all your drugs are generic except the insulin, your medications are all covered.

This explanation was not even close. The agent also failed to mention that 3 of the drugs were not covered on the Humana formulary and 7 of the drugs were tier 3 or higher.

Her projected drug costs for the year were $8800 under the proposed Humana plan.

We actually took the time to input each medication and generate a report.  Only two of her drugs were not on the formulary and 4 were tier 3 or higher.

The monthly premium was $56 higher but the annual cost of medications was $5900. The slightly higher monthly premium saves $2900 per year in drug costs!


Medicare Advantage trap

Medicare Advantage plans are promoted as the greatest thing since sliced bread but there are hidden traps that can rob a retiree of their life savings.

  • Advantage plans have networks that can change in a whim
  • Many Advantage plans only last 2 – 3 years before they are cancelled
  • Most retirees fail to read and understand the ANOC that arrives each September
  • Your out of pocket limit only includes in network approved charges
  • The Medicare allowed out of pocket limit increases almost every year

Don’t get lured into low premiums and ignore the real cost of these plans which is the cost of health care.


How to lock in low Medicare supplement rates year after year

Most Medigap plans in Georgia are issue age rated. If you buy your plan at age 65 your rates will never increase just because you had another birthday. When you are 70 years old if you kept the plan you bought at age 65 you are still rated as if you have never aged. Just like Dorian Gray, you never age.

Medicare supplement rates are trending lower. With over 170 different plans to pick from how do you find the one that is right for you? With our help you will never go wrong.

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medicare Facebook Feed

Who Has the Best Medicare Supplement Rates in 30252?

Seniors living in McDonough, GA want to know “Who has the best Medicare supplement rates in zip code 30252?”. The best Medigap rates are for those in good health. Save_Money_Button
Most of the time we save our clients over $400 per year by offering them the same plan but at lower rates.


Best Medicare supplement rates in your area

It doesn’t matter if you live in zip code 30252 or not. Georgia Medicare Plans has access to over 170 different plans and rates. We can almost always find you the same plan you have now but at a much lower rate.

In many cases we will suggest you trade up to a better plan where you can save even more money.


Medigap Plan F may not be your best choice

Most seniors we talk to have Medicare supplement plan F. They bought it because all their friends have it, or because that was the only plan the agent showed them.

Plan F is a great plan if you have money to burn.

Most of the people I know are living on a fixed income and have better things to do with their money than spend it all on Medicare insurance coverage.

If you want the best Medicare supplement rates in your zip code, and the best plan that fits your needs and budget, you probably don’t need plan F.

We have over 300 Medicare clients in Georgia but fewer than a dozen of them have Medigap plan F.


Save $400 or more every year with the best Medicare supplement rates

If you like plan F and want to keep plan F, we won’t argue with you. This is especially true if you live in zip code 30252.

A female, age 65, living in 30252 would pay $166 per month for a plan F from United Healthcare through AARP.

That same lady would pay Blue Cross $183 per month.

If she just wants to save money and keep her plan F she can have the EXACT SAME COVERAGE at rates starting at $129 per month for the best Medicare supplement rates in McDonough.

That’s a savings of $444 per year vs. AARP and $648 per year less than BCBSGA.

What would you do with that kind of savings?

Save even more with a Medigap copay plan. If you are willing to pay no more than $20 for doctor visits you can drop your monthly Medigap premium to $91 per month.


Start saving now!

Shop and compare up to 170 different Georgia Medicare plans. We help you find the best Medicare supplement rates in your area. Click the green button above and save!


How Do I Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plan in Georgia?

Looking for the best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia? Where to start? How much will it cost? How can I save money but still have the best Medigap plan?


The best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia

The best plan is the one that meets your needs and budget. best medicare supplement plan

All Medigap plans assigned the same letter are identical in every way. Medicare says it. Look it up.

Every way except the premium you pay.

Over half the seniors that have a Medigap plan choose plan F.

Almost 3 out of 4 Georgia seniors buy their coverage from Blue Cross, AARP (United Healthcare) or the “Mutual” company.

Did they get the best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia?

No, they simply followed the crowd.

My mother used to say “If Greg jumped off a cliff would you want to also?”.

Just because your friends bought plan F from a “big name” carrier doesn’t mean it is the right choice for you.


Four things  you need to know about Medigap plans

Medicare supplement plan F is the most expensive plan available in Georgia.

Plans offered by the top 3 Medigap carriers in Georgia are some of the most expensive plans.

The more you pay for your plan the more money the carrier and the agent make off your monthly premium.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.


So where do you start your search for the best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia?

You start where you are right now.

FB Groucho Marx3Bob Vineyard and Georgia Medicare Plans have access to over 170 different Medicare plans and rates. That’s a bit overwhelming.

But you don’t have to call insurance carriers or invite agents into your home. We shop the market for you and show you the best Medigap plans available based on your needs and budget.

And you can do this on your time frame, in the comfort of your home.

I don’t have to come to your home. You won’t have to come see me.

How easy is that?

I have been doing this a long time. This is not a hobby or sideline for me. This is the way I earn my living.

Two things happen when I treat you right.

You save money every month (unless you decide to follow the sheep).

We both sleep better at night.

You get to count your money saved rather than counting sheep.


How do you shop for the best plan?

It depends.

Do you want rates fast or faster?

If you want fast rates, complete and submit this request form. I will respond in 24 hours or less. [contact_form]

If you want faster rates, click the image below.

Easy peasy.

georgia medigap rates


Would You Buy a Medigap Plan From This Guy?

Atticus Finch was the All American Dad, defender of the law and all around good guy.

atticus finch and scout

But would you buy a Medigap plan from Atticus Finch?

To Kill a Mockingbird. Great book. Great movie.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a movie I could watch over and over and never grow tired. Same for The African Queen and Casablanca. But I don’t know if I would buy a Medigap plan from Atticus, Charlie Alnutt or Rick Blaine.

We no longer have Andy Griffith pitching AARP Medicare plans. He has been replaced with Betty White.

I like Betty. Not only is she a funny lady but she was “hot” in her younger days.

But I would not suggest buying a Medigap plan from AARP just because Ben Matlock or Rose Nylund pushed it.

So how do you buy a Medigap plan? Do you pick a plan based on the commercials? Are you a careful shopper that compares plans and prices? Or do you listen to your friends and buy what they suggested?


How Do You Buy a Medigap Plan?

The right question is, how SHOULD you buy a Medigap plan?

Look around, ask your friends, shop and compare.

buy a Medigap plan

But how much do your friends really know about plans? Who did they talk to? How much shopping and comparing did they really do?

One thing is certain. If your friends bought Medicare supplement plan F from Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha or AARP (United Healthcare) they didn’t really do their homework.

How do I know?

Because I have been in the health insurance market for 38 years and I would never overpay for a policy. I know where to find the best value. I know who plays tricks on the consumer by giving out a lowball rate and then jacking up the rates after you buy.

Charlie Alnutt

When you buy a Medigap plan,  wouldn’t it be nice to know if the carrier is going to raise rates in a few months on EVERYONE? Would it be helpful to know if the carrier is going to re-introduce their plans to new clients at rates that are 23% LESS than you paid a month earlier? Is it helpful to know there are as many as 14 carriers with lower rates for Medigap plan F than you get from a big carrier with a high profile spokesperson?

One thing in the world I hate: leeches. Filthy little devils.

Do your own research. Talk to Georgia Medicare Plans. Shop and compare. Save money.


Who Do You Trust When You Buy a Medigap Plan?

Personally, I liked sheriff Andy Taylor more than Ben Matlock. But if I were going to buy a Medigap plan it wouldn’t be something pitched by Andy Griffith or Betty White. Rose Nylund and Sue Ann Nivens were funny people, and Betty White is a lot smarter than the characters she plays, but how much does she really know about Medicare supplement plans?  sue ann nivens

Does she know why Medigap plan G is a better buy than plan F? Does she know that if you want plan G you can’t get it from AARP?

I’m sure your friends are really nice people and would never intentionally steer you wrong, but if you are going to buy plan F from anyone, including AARP, you need to reconsider.

If you haven’t taken a serious look at Medicare supplement plan G, put away your checkbook and take a deep breath. Before you buy a Medigap plan, especially plan F, give us a call. We have Medigap rates you won’t see anywhere else.


Rick Blaine or Atticus Finch?

Two great characters. Strong male authority figures.

rick blaineRick Blaine was a man of questionable character, loyal to himself and whoever was willing to pay him to do their dirty work. The charismatic Rick was neutral on the war. He provided a safe haven for ex-patriots like himself, but also allowed the Nazi’s to drink in his club.

Atticus Finch, well respected lawyer in a small town, single father to Jem and Scout, and totally color blind in a racially charged south.

If Atticus said something, you took him at his word. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch cut a swathing figure in the court and as a marksman killing a mad dog with one shot. A gentle, but firm and fair father figure, the man just oozes credibility.

Would you buy a Medigap plan from either man?

If you bought from Rick it was probably out of fear. But if Atticus recommended a plan it would be out of respect. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch

What does all this have to do with buying a Medigap plan?

No matter how you feel about recommendations from friends, or how much you may be swayed by warm and fuzzy commercials, or strong role models, do your own research.

You can start right here. Shop and compare Georgia Medigap rates from some of the top carriers. You will see Medicare supplement plans from Blue Cross and Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha). We don’t have rates from AARP. They don’t allow agents to illustrate their rates online.

Mockingbirds don’t do anything but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat people’s gardens, don’t nest in the corncrib, they don’t do one thing but just sing their hearts out for us.

Georgia Medicare Plans has access to Medigap rates from over 20 different carriers. Do your research. Learn about different plans, but when you are ready to buy a Medigap plan, give us a call. Whatever rates you have seen already, we have even lower rates.

But you gotta ask.

This just might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.








Medicare Open Enrollment Rate News

Medicare open enrollment for 2014 is almost half way over. Georgia Medicare Plans specializes in affordable Medigap plans to fit almost every budget.  Medicare open enrollment rate news


Medicare Open Enrollment Medigap Rates

Who is raising rates for 2014 and how much? Which carrier recently dropped rates, but only for NEW policyholders? Which big name carrier recently pulled their Medicare supplement plans off the market and what does this mean for those left behind? How do you find the most affordable Medigap plans? Which supplement plans are available for diabetics? Why is a dog on this page?

 GA Medigap Quotes

Medigap Rates You Won’t See Anywhere Else

You can find Medicare supplement rates online almost anywhere, but if you want REAL SAVINGS, you have to know where to look.

Most Medigap carriers and agents will only show you Medicare supplement plan F. Why is that? If you don’t know the answer you are talking to the wrong person.

Most agents will show you rates from the number one Medigap carrier in Georgia (Blue Cross) and the number two carrier (Mutual of Omaha). Why?

They have some of the highest rates and that generates the biggest payday for the agent.

The agent that only shows you plan F, and only shows you Blue or Omaha, is thinking more about their wallet, not yours.

We are not afraid to show you lower rates, even when we earn a lower service fee. We will show you how to save real money by picking something OTHER THAN plan F.

We also share the secrets of saving money on your medications even though we earn $0 for those recommendations.

We have the LOWEST Medigap rates anywhere and know more ways to put more money in your pocket.

But here is the catch.

You have to ask.


Medicare Open Enrollment and Supplement Rates on the Rise

Two carriers recently announced rate increases for 2014. Normally we don’t have this information until late November or early December.

One carrier will be increasing rates 8% which in the big scheme of things, isn’t bad. Their typical increase in the past has been in the 13% range.

Now the bad news.

Their two most popular plans are no longer available.

More bad news.

If you own a policy from this carrier, even if you bought it last month, your rates are increasing 8%.

The other Medigap carrier is raising rates by 6% on their most popular plan. If you bought one of their plans in 2013 your first year rates will still hold until your policy anniversary.

There is still time to lock in the 2013 low rates but you need to apply BEFORE 11/15/2013

Shop and compare up to 40 plans in 60 seconds.

GA Medigap Quotes


Only one of these carriers allow their rates to be quoted online. Call or email if you need a personalized quote showing the four best plans that fit your budget. Be sure to include valid contact information (phone & email) as well as your DOB and zip code.

We recently showed one Georgia couple how to save over $1700 per year by swapping their Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F to a different plan. I can’t guarantee you that much savings, but we rarely disappoint. As they say on TV, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.

Medicare Supplement Rates Drop?

Believe it or not, one carrier recently DROPPED their rates an average of 23% . . . but only for NEW policyholders.

Existing policyholders that bought in September, 2013 or earlier still pay the old, higher rates unless they re-applied.

This big name company swaps carriers about every 3 years and pulls this same stunt.

The recent rate and name change was so sudden that most quote engines (including ours) have not yet updated to include the new rates. But we have a private (offsite) quote engine with plans from over 30 carriers.

By the time you read this their rates MAY be loaded for review at Georgia Medigap Quotes. If not, you can always call or email for a personalized proposal.


Which Big Name Carrier Ducked Out of the Medigap Business?

AFLAC gave up the ghost in September. They are still around and offering cancer plans and such, but no more Medicare supplement plans.

This time around that ride lasted about 16 months but not before they raised rates for policyholders.

Their departure is not a qualifying event so you are not eligible for a guaranteed issue transition to a different carrier. But the good news is, we have several carriers that will issue policies if you are in overall good health. Many diabetics can pick up a new policy with a carrier that is expected to stay in the market for a long time.

If you own an AFLAC plan, shop and compare your rates or give us a call.


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We know your time is valuable and we hope this letter has been helpful. Even if there is nothing here for you, please pass this along to your friends who may be looking for savings and advices

So why is the dog on this page?

I thought he was cute.

Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement Plans

Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans are now available, but are they competitive? Which Medigap plans do they offer? Are GFB supplement insurance plans available in all counties? Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans

How do I compare Georgia Farm Bureau plans and rates?


Are Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement Rates Competitive?

Based on a sampling of Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement rates, the answer is no. They are not the highest in the state. That title belongs to United American along with Forethought, Royal Neighbors, Loyal American and a few others.

Generally they seem to fall in line with United Healthcare and Blue Cross which are not the highest but rarely deliver value.

A male, age 65 in Hawkinsville, GA would save almost $400 per year on Medigap plan F by picking a lower cost carrier than GFB. A female, age 72 in Dahlonega would save over $500 per year by choosing someone other than Georgia Farm Bureau.

You can view Georgia Farm Bureau rates here.

Feel free to shop and compare GFB rates to other Medigap carriers by clicking on the image below.

GA Medigap Quotes

Keep in mind, ALL Medicare supplement plans with the same letter are EXACTLY identical to the same plan from another carrier. If you like the benefits of Medigap plan F any other carrier offering plan F has the exact same benefits. The only difference is the rate you pay.

Only a few carriers allow their rates to be illustrated online. For the LOWEST rate you need a comparison from an independent Medicare broker such as Georgia Medicare Plans. We will be glad to show you the 4 best plans based on your needs. Our job is to help you save money without sacrificing qualify.

When you pay more for your Medicare supplement plan you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.

Which Medigap Plans Does GFB Offer?

Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans include A, B, C, D, F, G, M and N.

Most agents will only show you Medicare supplement plan F. Do you want to know why?

Medigap plan F is the easiest to explain, has the highest rate and pays the highest commission.

Over 90% of my Medicare clients do NOT pick plan F once they understand their options. Switching from Medicare supplement plan F to a different plan saves you an average of $250 per year. That is real savings. Money you keep in your pocket instead of making the carrier (and the agent) rich at your expense.


Where Are GFB Plans Sold?

You can buy Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare supplement plans in any county in the state. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans that are here today and gone tomorrow, Medigap plans from any carrier approved by the Georgia Department of Insurance are available in all zip codes and counties.

GA Farm Bureau is a fine company with a storied past. If you have a Farm Bureau policy and like your agent, there is nothing wrong with buying a plan from them as long as you understand there are savings to be had by buying from an independent agent with the responsibility of educating you on the differences in each plan and showing you the best rate based on your needs.