My Medicare Rates Are High!

My Medicare rates are high! Do Medigap rates increase as I get older? Can I change my plan during Open Enrollment? Where can I find Medicare supplement rate increase history?

The plan was competitive when I bought it but now it is almost double. I don’t know how much longer I can afford it.

Why are my Medicare rates so high?

There is a good explanation for high Medigap renewal rates. You probably don’t want to hear it, and you probably don’t care why.

But you would like some relief.

Help is on the way. As long as you are healthy . . .

Why are my Medicare Rates so High?

Where Can I Find Medicare Rate History?

What you want is not easy to find. Even when you do find it you will discover the rate information is useless.

Most likely, your Medicare rates are high because your carrier left the market. It is rare for a Medigap carrier to stay in the same market for more than 3 or 4 years.

Once they leave a new carrier comes in to replace them. The new carrier has lower rates. The departing carrier is now free to raise renewal rates with impunity.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans

Since 2010 Omaha has introduced 4 Medigap carriers to Georgia and retired three of them. Each time a carrier is shelved the rates start to climb.

In that same time frame Aetna has also had at least 4 subsidiaries leave the market. They introduced a 5th new carrier earlier in 2019.

If your Medicare rates are high it is most likely because the issuing carrier is no longer writing new business in your state.

Maybe You Picked the Wrong Plan

Medicare supplement plan F has been heavily marketed as the “go to” plan for many years. Carriers and agents love the high premiums because it means more money for them.

If your Medicare rates are high you should have bought the G plan. But it is not too late to switch.

Unless you are unhealthy.

Then you are screwed.

Renewal Rates Higher Than Current Rates

When you get your renewal and start to look around you might discover that your Medicare rates are higher than new business rates from the same carrier.

I see that quite often but especially for carriers with closed blocks of business.

OLD business is charged a higher rate which subsidizes lower rates for new policyholders.

I call this the cable TV syndrome.

Last year you signed on as a new customer. You got 150 channels for $39 per month.

This month you get your renewal bill and now you are expected to pay $109 for those same channels.

But your cable company is still offering 150 channels for $39.

What gives???

So you call your cable company to complain. You are told the $39 rate is only for NEW CUSTOMERS.

Medicare insurance carries pull the same tricks.

How Do I Find Affordable Medigap Rates?

Great question.

There are no easy answers. Here are a few tips.

  • Look for carriers that have been active in GA for 5 or more years
  • Don’t buy from someone that has been here less than 2 years
  • Don’t chase the low rate
  • Ask friends and relatives for an AGENT referral

Bob Vineyard is a GA Medicare expert with more than 45 years experience. Bob is also on Medicare.

Are your Medicare rates high?

Here is my offer. Give me 10 minutes on the phone. Call and ask ANY Medicare questions. If you don’t like my answer we part as friends. After all, it isn’t personal, just business.

But if you do like what you hear we move forward on your timetable. Allow me an opportunity to EARN your business.

I call this an “offer you can’t refuse”.

Full Medicare supplement rate reports for any plan. Just ask.

How easy is that?

How to Get the Most Out of Medicare

How to get the most out of Medicare? Shop plans every year? How often should I change Medicare plans? Can I keep my doctor? Who can help me? GA Medicare expert Bob Vineyard helps.

How to get the MOST out of Medicare
How to Get the Most Out of Medicare

Get the Most for Your Medicare Dollars

How to get the most from your Medicare dollar is a popular question with close to 100 million responses from a Google search.

My clients say “Why didn’t I call you first? You answered all my questions. Never pressured me to buy.”

Turning 65 Medicare Options

Do you really want to spend time searching the internet for answers? Or allowing strangers in your home. Agents who will try to SELL you something you don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford.

Here is my “pitch”. Call. Give me 10 minutes to answer your questions. Any question. Then decided if you want my help or not.

I call this “an offer you can’t refuse“.

How to Get the BEST Medicare Plan in Georgia

GA Medicare expert Bob Vineyard reviews the BEST Georgia Medicare plans, news and options. Review our videos. Bob will help you find the RIGHT plan that fits YOUR needs and budget. Call (404)252.5859 or email [email protected] Watch our Medicare videos on YouTube.

There is nothing wrong with buying a Medicare plan online as long as you are prepared for a LOT of phone calls from agents wanting to sell you something you don’t need, don’t want and can’t afford.

If you are turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare, this may be your only chance to purchase a Medicare supplement plan in Georgia. Full report with Medicare supplement rates for ALL Georgia Medigap carriers. Anthem GA Medigap rates include Silver Sneakers

You don’t have to receive Social Security to enroll in Medicare insurance. CMS is the agency that oversees Medicare.

How to enroll in Medicare? You may sign up for Medicare 3 months before your 65th birthday, the month you turn 65, and 3 months following your 65th birthday. You may enroll online (highly recommended), by mail or by visiting a Social Security office.

Shop and compare Georgia Medigap rates online. Instant quote. Up to 30 plans.

FREE REPORT for over 240 different GA Medigap carriers available on request. We quote Medicare supplement rates by phone and email your custom report. No obligation.

Comprehensive Part D Medicare drug plan review for new and existing clients. Learn the secret to saving hundreds on prescription drug costs. A drug plan deductible is your friend

How Does Medicare Work?

Medicare has 4 parts. Your red, white and blue card is broadly accepted by doctors and hospitals alike. No networks! No referrals. No prior authorization.

Medicare Part A covers hospital inpatient charges and has a per admission deductible

Medicare Part B is for outpatient health care treatment. Doctor visits, labs, X-rays, MRI, CT scan (CAT scan), ambulance, ER, outpatient clinics, etc. Essentially any Medicare approved health care received outside the hospital setting. Treatment considered medically necessary under Medicare guidelines. Medicare Part B has a calendar year deductible. Once satisfied, Medicare pays 80% of the approved charge, you are responsible for the remaining 20%.

When you have original Medicare, YOUR DOCTOR AND YOU decide on the care you need. You don’t need approval by an insurance carrier before can receive testing or treatment.

Many seniors worry about hospital stays. But your major expenses will more than likely fall under Medicare Part B outpatient expenses. Original Medicare stand alone has no cap on your out of pocket expenses.

Here is what I tell folks Without a supplement plan you pay until you run out of money, get well or die.

Medicare Part C is now referred to as Medicare Advantage. More on that later.

Medicare Part D covers outpatient prescription drugs. Some Advantage plans have drug coverage built into the plan.

Do All Doctors Take Medicare Advantage Plans?

How to get information on doctors that take Advantage policies? Did you know that some doctors and hospitals do not accept ANY Medicare Advantage plans? What happens if your claim is DENIED?

Did you know that Medigap and Advantage plans cover the same things? But what you pay out of pocket for your care, and where you receive your care, is very different.

Original Medicare does not have networks. You can use any doctor or hospital anywhere in the US. Referrals are not required.

All Advantage plans are managed care plans. Some are PPO, some are HMO. In 2018 about half the plans are HMO with the balance being PPO. How are Medicare Advantage plans like a store credit card?

If you receive non-emergency out of network care under a PPO you may have higher copay’s and deductibles. Most importantly, your max OOP may also be higher. Some plans do not cap out of network charges.

Non-emergency out of network care charges may be denied if you have an HMO.

Is Cancer Treatment Covered by Medicare?

Medicare DOES cover your cancer treatments. However, Advantage plans issued in Georgia have a LOT of out of pocket expenses. In other words, you will pay a lot more for treatment under an Advantage plan.

Also, many Advantage plans often require prior authorization BEFORE you can be treated for cancer. Your doctor does not decide your care, the insurance company makes those decisions for you.

ORIGINAL Medicare does not have networks. Prior approval is NOT needed for cancer treatment or any other care. Medicare and a Medigap plan have minimal out of pocket costs.

Mayo Clinic, Sloan Kettering and MD Anderson may not participate in certain Medicare Advantage plans.

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Answers to Common Medicare Questions

I have answers to your most common Medicare questions. Here are just a few examples of questions asked by people just like you who are turning 65.

  • How do I know which Medicare plan is right for me?
  • When should I enroll in Medicare?
  • Should I have the same plan as my spouse?
  • How much does Medicare cost?
  • Does Medicare cover (fill in the blank)?

Many of your questions can be answered by copying this into your Google search bar – site: 

Why is Medicare so confusing?

Why is Medicare Confusing?

Parts, plans, gaps, deductibles, copay’s, coinsurance . . .

It doesn’t take much before your head is swimming. Where do you go for answers  . . . but without the sales pitch?

Answers to Common Medicare Questions

Below are links that correspond to the questions shown above.


You have Medicare Questions.

I have answers.

Give me a call. I would love to help. (404) 252-5859

Medicare Open Enrollment 2016

What is Medicare open enrollment 2016? When can I change my Medicare supplement plan? How do I find a better rate without going online and having my phone ring off the hook?

Medicare open enrollment

Isn’t this the same as turning 65? Can’t I change my Medicare supplement plan without going through underwriting?


What is Medicare Open Enrollment?

Medicare annual open enrollment period starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th. During that time you can

  • Change from one Medicare Advantage plan to another one
  • Change your Part D drug plan

You can change your existing Medicare supplement plan at any time of the year but you may be required to pass medical underwriting.  If you have an existing Medicare Advantage plan, and would rather have original Medicare and a Medigap plan you can enroll in a Medigap plan subject to medical underwriting.


Is Medicare Open Enrollment the Same as Turning 65?

Short answer is not.

Turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare Part B for the first time allows you a 6 month window to enroll in any Medigap plan. Never any underwriting. They can’t ask your height and weight. What medications you take.

All of those are off limits.

But open enrollment is different.

If you have original Medicare and a supplement plan you can change drug plans without underwriting.

You can also improve your Medicare supplement plan and look for lower rates. But you can do that any time. Open enrollment is not the best time to change Medicare supplement plans. If you have been on Medicare Part B more than 6 months medical underwriting is required. That process can take 2 weeks or longer outside of open enrollment. The time frame is a month or longer if you try to change Medigap plans during open enrollment.

How Do I Find the Best Medicare Supplement Rates?

Shopping online is simple, thanks to the internet. But it can also be frustrating. Here is what most people do.

There must be a better way.

  • Go to GA Medigap Quotes
  • Fill in your information
  • Get an instant quote
  • Wait for your personalized quote by email showing Medigap rates you won’t see anywhere else
  • We shop. You compare
  • We take the time to answer all your questions about Medicare, plans, rates, service and so forth..
  • When you pay more you don’t get more. You simply paid too much
  • Our goal is to give you the confidence in knowing you have made the right decision and are not paying too much or buying the wrong plan

How easy is that?

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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rate Increases

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates increase annually. Most Georgia Medigap rates increase only once a year while others may increase twice in the same year. Mutual Medicare supplement rates will vary widely depending on which Mutual carrier you are searching.

Currently you may find Mutual of Omaha rates as well as United World, United of Omaha and more recently, Omaha Insurance Company.

Many online sites (including ours) will illustrate current Mutual rates. Quoted rates may not reflect any loads or discounts that could be applied to the final rate.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices


Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates

The Mutual companies are widely promoted direct by the carrier as well as many agents in Georgia. Depending on your age, zip, gender and plan selection, you can find comparable plans with higher or lower rates. medicare shockmedicare shock

Some carriers offer household discounts in the 5 – 7% range but only if two or more people apply for coverage at the same time and are approved. Other carriers will extend the discount even if the other person in your household is not 65 and does not purchase coverage at the same time that you do.


Medigap rate increases

One of the more common questions we get on a daily basis is, “How much do the rates go up each year?“.

The answer is, it depends.

Some carriers, such as New Era and Equitable, have a stable rate history going back for 10 years or longer. Other carriers may be 50 years old or older but have only been offering Medigap coverage for a couple of years.

Our rule of thumb is, if you want a plan that is most likely to be stable year in and year out, look at their 5 year track record. If that carrier has not been offering coverage at least 5 years you might consider paying a few dollars more for stability.

If you have questions about Medigap rate histories for a particular carrier, Google is your friend.


Jim and Elizabeth

A few years ago we ran across a couple from south Georgia that had just received notice their Medicare supplement rates were increasing. Both had plan F from Mutual of Omaha and their premiums were going to increase by almost $200 per month. That was more than their budget would stand.

Medicare changesBoth were in good health and did not use tobacco. They purchased their plans 3 years earlier when they turned 65. The carrier offered in Georgia at that time was United of Omaha. In three years their premiums had increased 4 times and was considerably higher than when they originally purchased coverage.

We showed them the same plan F through a different company that would save them over $1700 per year and no loss in coverage. Switching to plan G would save them another $600 per year between the two of them.

How much can you save?

Consumer comments

Before doing any search keep in mind that consumers rarely take the time to go on the internet to say something good about a company and that applies to Medicare supplement carriers as well. Ask your agent for their feelings about a particular plan or carrier and gauge their response. Medi-gap

Some agents only promote one carrier such as Blue Cross, United Healthcare (AARP) or one of the Mutual companies. Most agents will also only mention Medigap plan F. It is the easiest to explain, carries the highest premium and highest compensation for them.

In the last few years the Mutual of Omaha companies have been trying to encourage their agents to promote the more aggressively priced plan G.

Most of our clients have chosen plan G but more recently (last 6 months) we are writing more plan N’s than any other plan. I may be inadvertently influencing new clients since I will purchase plan N when I go on Medicare in September, 2015.

Do your own research and come to your own conclusions before buying any Medicare supplement plan.

In Georgia there are over 170 different Medigap plans from 30+ carriers. Let us help you find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Shop and compare now.

GA Medigap Quotes



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