Blue Cross Medigap Rate Increases

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Medicare annual enrollment starts October 15, 2011 and many people will compare rates and plans for next year. If you have a Georgia Blue Cross Medigap plan, or will be buying on soon, you need to be prepared to pay more in 2012.

The last time Blue Cross Medigap rates were adjusted was in January, 2011.

We would not be surprised to see another adjustment in January, 2012. How much the Blue Cross Medigap rates will increase is anyone’s guess but we do anticipate an increase.

Blue Cross Medigap is one of two carriers in GA that do not guarantee their rates.

If you bought a Blue Cross Medigap plan anytime in 2011, expect your rates to go up on or after the first of the year. BCBSGA is requried to give a 60 day notice of any rate increase, so if you buy a BCBSGA Medigap plan from them in December, 2011 you should expect to get a notice of rate increase to be effective in February or March of 2012.

BCBSGA is a fine company and sometimes their premium rates are competitive, sometimes not. If you are looking for affordable Blue Cross Medigap rates in Georgia, and do not want to have to “shop” your plan again in January, 2012, ask us for a recommendation.

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