Medicare Traps and Mistakes

You are turning 65. What are the Medicare traps and mistakes most retirees make in navigating the Medicare maze? One big-mistakewrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. Your choice is much more complex than just deciding on original Medicare and a supplement plan or Advantage.

There are various ways to go down this journey and no doubt self education is part of the process. You can attend seminars, read the countless brochures and pamphlets that arrive daily before you turn 65 and talk with friends. Whatever you do, just make sure you avoid the Medicare traps that lie ahead.

No doubt the BIGGEST mistake in choosing a Medicare plan is failure to properly estimate the cost of health care.

Maybe my story will help.

I am a baby boomer, going on Medicare in September of this year. In spite of 40 years in the health insurance industry, transitioning to Medicare was more challenging than I expected. Looking at Medicare options reminds me of my first time in Home Depot.


Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Medicare traps and Home Depot

The first time I walked into Home Depot I was overwhelmed. I am not much of a handy man, but I do know which end of the hammer is useful.

hd hammerHome Depot must have had 100 hammers.

I needed someone to not only point me in the right direction, but explain why one hammer was better than another for the particular work I was doing.

Before Home Depot I owned 1 hammer. Now I have at least half a dozen, each designed for a particular job.

Medicare is the same way.

There are over 170 different GA Medicare plans to pick from. How do you find the right one?

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make in choosing a Medicare plan is underestimating the cost of health care.

Most people I talk to are in relatively good health and they assume they will remain that way for years to come.

I hope they do.

But we never know what lies around the next turn of the page on a calendar. Things can happen overnight.


Medicare Part D mistakes

One very common Medicare trap is failing to anticipate the cost of health care. More specifically, underestimating the cost of medications under Medicare Part D. drugs

If you have had a decent health insurance plan with Rx copay’s before Medicare you will probably be very disappointed in what you get with Medicare. Drugs that had a $20 copay under a group health plan may be $35 or more.

Diabetics using Novolog can expect to pay anywhere from $55 to $90 or even more for a 30 day supply. After you hit the donut hole your cost increases to $200 for a months supply.

AARP lists Part D goofs in their Top 10 Medicare Mistakes.

Mistake No. 5:
Not signing up for Part D because you don’t take any prescription drugs

Mistake No. 6:
Picking a Part D drug plan on the basis of its premium or its name or because your best friend chose it

If you are like most people, at some point while you are retired your largest expenditure will be for medication. Roughly 70 – 80% of your OOP health care costs will go toward medication.


Ken’s Medicare journey

About 4 years ago I met Ken and his wife over coffee at a McDonalds. Both were active and had enjoyed good health. Both were turning 65 and going in Medicare in a couple of months.

They were financially comfortable. Not wealthy but better off than many their age. They had been accustomed to high deductible health plans and wanted the same once they were on Medicare. The high deductible plan F (Hi F) appealed to them as a way to keep their monthly costs down.

They were business owners and, while the business was not going as well as it once did it still provided them with income to supplement their savings and Social Security.

At the time the Blue Cross Hi F plan was reasonably priced around $40 per month. Blue discontinued that plan about a year after they bought it because they lost too much money on it. Premiums for the Hi F have risen by double digits ever since. Aetna has one of the best rates now and is charging around $70/month for someone turning 65.

hospital bed emptyA few months after Ken enrolled in Hi F his health took a turn for the worse. Several weeks in the hospital and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. He was weak, his heartbeat was erratic and they had difficulty stabilizing him.

He was eventually well enough to go home only to return to the hospital the next month, and in a new year.

Medicare Part A, the hospital inpatient portion, currently has a $1260 per admission deductible. When you have Hi F you pay the first $2180 in charges before the plan pays anything.

If your claims cross a calendar year you are looking at more than $4,000 in out of pocket costs.

That’s tough for anyone but to make matters worse, his illness meant he could no longer work. Their business continued to falter which put more financial pressure on them.

In addition to hospital and doctor charges, Ken began a new medication regiment. His drug costs went from less than $100 per month to over $600.

The biggest Medicare trap in my opinion is failing to anticipate your out of pocket health care costs.

In this situation, the worst thing he could have done would have been to have a Medicare Advantage plan where his OOP (out of pocket) costs would have more than tripled from $2,000 per year to $6,000.

Comparing Hi F to plan N is a much better value and in many cases about $30 more per month.


Confusing Medicare Advantage and Medigap

Along with buying the same plan your friends have, we often find that retirees think Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement are the same thing. medicare disadvantage

They are not.

Medicare Advantage has a lot of moving parts, usually requires you to use a network provider to avoid penalties, makes it necessary to review (and probably) change your plan every 1 – 3 years, and will end up costing you a lot of money in OOP expenses when you need your plan the most.

Consumer Reports says confusing Medicare Advantage with original Medicare is one of the Seven Medicare Traps and Costly Blunders.

About one in four Medicare recipients opt for the newer Medicare Advantage plans. These are private plans (mostly HMOS) that take the place of original Medicare plus Medigap, and usually the Part D drug plan as well. While you’ll probably pay lower monthly premiums, bear in mind that you will not have Medigap to cover any deductibles and co-pays, which can vary from plan to plan. Thus, one of the downsides of an Advantage plan is potentially higher out-of-pocket costs if you get seriously ill.

Ken (in our story above) did have original Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan (Hi F) and still had over $4,000 out of pocket over 2 years. As bad as that was it could have been over $13,000 with an Advantage plan.


More Common Medicare mistakes

At one time your Social Security normal retirement age and beginning Medicare occurred at the same time, age 65. In 1983, long before Congress started raiding the “Trust Fund” to pay current obligations, they decided something had to be done to “save” Social Security.

medicare bad newsBeing politicians, their ingenious way was to DELAY future benefits for baby boomers and younger by changing the NRA (Normal Retirement Age) from 65 to 66 and even later.

Deciding when to start receiving Social Security is one thing, but don’t just assume that your Medicare should coincide with Social Security.

Bottom Line lists failure to sign up with Medicare at number one on their list of Medicare Traps

How much could a sign-up delay cost you? With Medicare Part B (that’s medical insurance), for each full 12-month period that you are late in signing up, a 10% penalty is tacked on to your premiums (basic premiums are $104.90 per month in 2015) for as long as you keep getting Part B. With Part D drug coverage, the penalty is 1% of the “national base beneficiary premium” ($33.15 per month in 2015) multiplied by the number of full uncovered months you were eligible but failed to sign up. The penalty applies if you are not enrolled for 63 days or more in a row when you don’t have creditable prescription drug coverage. (Creditable coverage means that your plan’s coverage is comparable to Part D plans.)

All of that could add up to perhaps $3,000 to $5,000 in penalties over the course of your retirement if you are one year late signing up…or climb to more than $10,000 if you are several years late.

Don’t miss your start date!

Shop and compare GA Medigap quotes

Instant online rates

Your information is NEVER sold!


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Anthem Blue Cross Hacked

Anthem Blue Cross recently made headlines but for all the wrong reasons. A “sophisticated” attack on their computer systems exposed millions of customer personal data to hackers. Current and former customers names, addresses, Social Security anthemnumbers, dates of birth and other personal information may be in the hands of the bad guys.

Most people think of identity theft as a source for opening fraudulent lines of credit in the consumers name, but this time it may be more ominous.

What Anthem isn’t saying about this breach that could hurt them more than it does you.


Anthem hack and fraud

No doubt the breach at Anthem is serious. Exactly when the attack occurred and what was stolen has not been completely revealed.

passwordMost hacks are discovered by accident and often it is long after the attack. It is not unusual for a company to state they have never been hacked but the real question is, how do they know?

Unless one of their IT people stumble across suspicious activity, or clients complain about fraudulent activity, the company may not be aware of a problem.

I am not suggesting this is the case with Anthem, just making a general (but informed) comment.


How bad is it?

We don’t know, and possibly neither does Anthem. Much depends on how the breach was discovered and how often they  backup their web traffic.

Exactly how many people are affected wasn’t immediately clear. The database that was infiltrated contained records for 80 million peoplepersonal data file

The company is still investigating exactly how many records were actually stolen but, “at this point we believe it was tens of millions,” said Cindy Wakefield, an Anthem spokeswoman.

If the entire file was taken it would be “the largest health care breach to date,” said Vitor De Souza, a spokesman for Mandiant, the computer security company Anthem has hired to evaluate its systems. – USA Today

80 million records.

That’s a bunch.

How far back does the data go? Five years? Ten? Twenty?

Anthem isn’t saying.


What this means to you

Anthem has released a public statement about the situation and will be offering a credit monitoring service for their current (and presumably former) policyholders. What was stolen?

They don’t know (or aren’t saying) but it could include the following:

Hackers had gained access to the company’s computers and that their names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, addresses and employment data including income.

The logical path most consumers will take is wondering if someone will try to establish a line of credit with their information. Data monitoring services can certainly track that and there is a good chance you won’t find someone in Bangladesh buying a car in your name.

health care fraudThe more likely use of this data will come in the form of medical identity theft.

Hackers can use the Anthem data to print fake health insurance cards and Medicare cards. This kind of theft is more difficult to track and much more lucrative than applying for a Nieman-Marcus card in your name.

Credit cards have upper limits of anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Once the card is used the fraud is exposed and the card is shut down.

But a health insurance ID card or Medicare card has an unlimited line of credit that can’t be tracked by credit monitoring services.

It is easy enough for a thief to make a new Bob Vineyard Anthem Blue Cross card and pay a street person $20 to pretend they are me, walk into a clinic and get a prescription for drugs. Take the prescription to a pharmacy that is in on the scam, fill the order, then sell the drugs on the street.

Things like this happen every day.

But once Anthem gets wind of a bunch of fake Bob’s getting fake medical care to buy real drugs all Anthem has to do is cancel that card and issue a new one with a new ID number.

But if the crook makes a fake Medicare card the theft is more difficult to detect. Even worse, since your Medicare number is also your Social Security number don’t expect Medicare to cancel the card. If you are on Medicare and have a supplement plan through Anthem claims filed with Medicare automatically are filed with Anthem once Medicare approves the claim.

If you have an Anthem Advantage plan the fraudulent claims are filed with Anthem for processing.


What you can do to protect yourself

You can take advantage of credit monitoring services. You can also freeze your credit. These steps should prevent most routine identity theft situations.

For medical identity theft you need to be proactive. computer hacker

If you are a current or recent Anthem policyholder check your online claim reports on a weekly basis for the next few months. Report any suspicious claims to Anthem.

If you are on Medicare and have an Advantage plan with Anthem, log into your account to monitor and report fraudulent activity.

For your Medigap plan through Anthem log into on a regular basis and report suspicious activity to HHS

Georgia Medicare Plans has a contract with Anthem Blue Cross and can place Medigap clients with Blue. However our preference is to use more competitive carriers that save our clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Many of these Medicare supplement carriers are low profile and generally not targets for hackers.

Shop and compare our Medigap rates instantly online.


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Medicare Supplement Rates Trend Lower

Medicare supplement rates still increase every year but the increases are trending lower. Double digit renewals have declined medicare supplement rate increasessince 2010. Rate changes on new business have also declined to the 5% range. Prior to 2012 Medigap rate adjustments of 10% to 15% or more were common, especially for the “big name” carriers.

Georgia Medicare Plans continues to monitor rate changes for new and existing Medigap carriers and will always recommend carriers with a stable rate history.

CSG Actuarial is reporting that the trend of lower rate increases in the Medicare Supplement market has continued throughout 2014. The average new business rate increase implemented to date in 2014 is 4.3%, down from 5.0% in 2013, 7.1% in 2012, 8.4% in 2011 and 9.5% in 2010. CSG Actuarial believes these lower rate increases continue to be the result of lower claim trends in the Medicare Supplement market, due primarily to lower medical trends in Medicare and limited increases of the Part B deductible over the past few years. – CSG Actuarial


Five things you may not know about Medicare supplement rates

When you are shopping for a Medicare supplement plan there are at least 5 things most agents and carriers will not tell you.

  • Plan F Medicare supplement rates are overpriced
  • Which carriers are new to the market
  • The real savings is in picking the right Medicare Part D
  • The Medicare Advantage trap
  • How to lock in the lowest Medicare supplement rates year after year

Most agents and carriers promote Medicare supplement plan F. Why?plan f

It is the easiest to explain and understand.

Plan F has the highest rates and generates the most commission.

We have hundreds of Medicare clients yet probably fewer than a dozen bought Medigap plan F.

Medigap carriers come and go. Which one is best for you?

AFLAC jumped into the market in 2012 with low rates and high commissions. Barely 15 months later they bailed out leaving behind customers wondering what would happen next.

Since 2010 Georgia retirees have purchased plans from Mutual of Omaha companies named United World, United of Omaha and more recently Omaha Insurance company. Every time Mutual introduced a new carrier new applicants got lower, more favorable rates while existing policyholders paid rates that were 20 – 30% higher.

We have several carriers with stable rate histories that consistently beat Mutual rates and have never had a double digit rate increase.

Georgia Medicare Plans specializes in finding the best value and low Medicare supplement rates. Our clients save an average of $550 per year without sacrificing coverage.


Medicare Part D savings

The real savings comes in matching your Part D drug plan to your needs and budget.

Most people shop drug plans based on the monthly premium. Big mistake.

Medicare changesWe recently talked to a lady that was convinced the Humana Medicare Advantage plan was the best value for her. An agent came to her home laid out fancy brochures and carefully explained the merits of this PPO plan.

But the agent failed to run a drug report. Instead, the agent looked over her list of med’s (4 pages worth) and said all your drugs are generic except the insulin, your medications are all covered.

This explanation was not even close. The agent also failed to mention that 3 of the drugs were not covered on the Humana formulary and 7 of the drugs were tier 3 or higher.

Her projected drug costs for the year were $8800 under the proposed Humana plan.

We actually took the time to input each medication and generate a report.  Only two of her drugs were not on the formulary and 4 were tier 3 or higher.

The monthly premium was $56 higher but the annual cost of medications was $5900. The slightly higher monthly premium saves $2900 per year in drug costs!


Medicare Advantage trap

Medicare Advantage plans are promoted as the greatest thing since sliced bread but there are hidden traps that can rob a retiree of their life savings.

  • Advantage plans have networks that can change in a whim
  • Many Advantage plans only last 2 – 3 years before they are cancelled
  • Most retirees fail to read and understand the ANOC that arrives each September
  • Your out of pocket limit only includes in network approved charges
  • The Medicare allowed out of pocket limit increases almost every year

Don’t get lured into low premiums and ignore the real cost of these plans which is the cost of health care.


How to lock in low Medicare supplement rates year after year

Most Medigap plans in Georgia are issue age rated. If you buy your plan at age 65 your rates will never increase just because you had another birthday. When you are 70 years old if you kept the plan you bought at age 65 you are still rated as if you have never aged. Just like Dorian Gray, you never age.

Medicare supplement rates are trending lower. With over 170 different plans to pick from how do you find the one that is right for you? With our help you will never go wrong.

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Super Low Medigap Rates – Trusted Carrier Takes Georgia By Storm

Are you looking for super low Medigap rates, but you don’t trust new carriers with names that are unfamiliar? Medicare supplement low medigap ratescarriers come to Georgia all the time to test the market. Sometimes they even carry a “brand name” you know and think you can trust. They flash low Medigap rates but before you know it they are gone.  If you stay with them you will be expected to pay for their mistakes. Your renewal rates will go up and up and up.


Discover the Secret Sauce for Low Medigap Rates From an Insider

For the very first time, you will have access to an insider that provides you with valuable information about Georgia Medicare supplement plans and rates. Learn the secret sauce to delivering a reliable Medigap plan that is stable and cost effective.

Does this describe you?

  • You asked your friends which Medicare supplement plan they bought
  • You allowed strangers to come to your home and sell you a plan
  • You read all the literature that came in the mail but are more confused than ever
  • You searched online for the best rates only to have your phone ring off the hook as peddlers tried to pressure you to buy right then

There is nothing wrong with trying to find low Medigap rates, but you are flying blind. If you don’t know the right questions to ask you will never have the information you need to make the best decision.

Oh, and there is this. Your friends probably went through the same process and are paying more than they should because they did not have insider knowledge or the secret sauce.


Stick With a Brand Name You Will Never Go Wrong

Sounds like something your father would say, right?

My father swore by the Sears name, but some days he swore at it. If a tool or appliance stopped working he took “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” to task.

One day a lawnmower that was almost as old as me (I was probably 10 at the time) refused to start. This was a mower that was so old the paint was chipping off. But you could still see the Craftsman name on the body.

The back of the deck had a hole in it that had been caused by a projectile. Something that came flying out while mowing. Probably a rock that was hidden in the weeds. Rather than going out the discharge chute it came out the back.

He repaired the hole by bolting an old license plate to the deck.

When the mower refused to start, rather than getting it fixed or buying a new one he took it back to Sears.

No, he did not have a receipt. When the salesman asked why he wanted to return it, my father pointed to the sign over the door and simply said “I am not satisfied”.

They gave him a brand new mower.

I was mortified.

You can’t do that with your Medicare supplement plan. If you buy a policy based on (what you believe are) low Medigap rates from a brand name carrier you should be OK, right?

But what happens when you find out you are paying $450 a year more than you need to? All because you paid extra for the brand name.

You didn’t get a better plan, you simply paid too much.

You can’t tell the brand name company you are not satisfied and expect to get your money back, can you?

You need an insider to help you and give you the secret sauce.


Questions You Need to Ask When You Are in Search of Low Medigap Rates

Finding a low rate for Medicare supplement plans may seem easy, but if you don’t ask the right questions you can get stuck. Here are a few questions to get you started.

  • Which brand name Mutual carrier introduced a new plan then pulled if off the market less than a year later?
  • What happened to the rates on that discontinued plan?
  • Which well known carrier recently discontinued two popular plans?
  • Which Medigap carriers can raise your rates after 6 months?
  • Which Medicare supplement carriers can raise your rates at any time, including the month after you bought?
  • Which supplement carriers can raise your rates twice (or more) in the same year?
  • Which Medigap carriers have been in the market less than 3 years?
  • Which Medicare supplement carrier has been in the market since Medicare began?
  • Which trusted carrier has some of the lowest rates you will never see online?

Do you still think finding the lowest Medicare supplement rates in Georgia is easy? Do you know why it is important to have answers to each of the above questions? Do you need an insider to give you the secret sauce for finding low Medigap rates?

If your game plan is to shop for the lowest rate every year, you only need to know who currently has the lowest rate for the plan you want. For most seniors under the age of 75 there are currently 4 carriers that jockey around for the best Medigap rate in Georgia. These players are consistently lower than almost every other carrier, sometimes generating $500 annual savings or more.

Their rates will vary by zip code, gender and age but you can almost always expect to see them among the carriers with low Medigap raates.

But here is what you don’t know.

Two of the carriers have been in the market less than 2 years. They may last for a while or they could stop writing new business in the next few years and then you are stuck.

That’s what happened to people that bought from AFLAC. Then jumped into the market with low Medigap rates then pulled out 14 months later.

The other two competitive carriers have been in the market 10 years or longer. One has offered Medicare supplement plans for 45 years. That’s longer than BCBSGA or AARP’s United Healthcare.


Are You Ready to Compare Medigap Plans in Georgia?

Click here to shop and compare GA Medigap Quotes.

But don’t click yet. Here’s why.

When you click that link you will be taken to a page where you can enter your personal information and see up to 40 plans in 60 seconds or less. You will be able to compare plans side by side and view a detailed comparison of each plan.

The site is owned by Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans. Your information is private and will not be sold. When you provide a valid email address you will receive a series of emails that will educate you about the various Medicare plans and options. It doesn’t matter if you are enrolling in Medicare for the first time or if you have been to the dance several times before. You just might learn something you never knew before, and that something can save you a lot of grief.

When you give us a working email address you will receive rates on our most popular and competitive plan. These low Medigap rates are not found on my site or anyplace else on the web.

I have another request.

When you give us your phone number I will call, but only once.  Your time is valuable and so is mine. My goal is to help as many people as I can by giving them the benefit of my 38 years in the industry. This no obligation, free consult is the “secret sauce” you need if you are going to find low Medigap rates that allow you to never again worry about shopping for a new plan every year. I will tell you which carriers are about to increase rates and which ones just temporarily lowered their rates. You will learn which carriers are new and trying to decide if they want to stick around for a while or not.

You see, I’m the insider and my experience is the secret sauce that will help you find the best Medicare supplement rates in Georgia.

I will also let you know which carrier is new to Georgia but isn’t new to the business and intends to focus their efforts on writing business in the south. They offer more than just low Medigap rates. They give you an opportunity to buy a plan you can probably keep for life. Their paperless application allows you to know in 20 minutes or less when your coverage begins. You will also receive your policy number before hanging up the phone.

Low Medigap rates, a reliable, experienced carrier and immediate decision. How easy is that?

Now go ahead and click the link to shop and compare GA Medigap quotes.


How Much Does a Good Medigap Plan Cost in Georgia?

medigap plan costHave ever wondered “How much does a good Medigap plan cost in Georgia”?  The short answer is, a lot less than a bad plan. Where can I find an affordable Medicare supplement plan? How can I tell a good Medigap plan from a bad one? Is it OK for me to shop online to find the best rates?  How much should I expect to pay for a good Medigap plan? Is a Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan better than one from someone I have never heard of? What’s up with the dog?


Is a Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan better than one from someone I have never heard of?

Your father or mother probably told you that you can never go wrong with a brand you know.

Just because Ford made the Edsel, and GM built the Corvair is no reason to believe either of those companies would make a bad product, right? When it comes to Medicare supplement insurance coverage, many people automatically pick a plan from Blue Cross, United (AARP) or Mutual of Omaha because of brand recognition.

Everyone, including doctors and hospitals,  know these companies and you expect everyone to “accept” your plan because of the brand recognition.

True, but when it comes to Medigap coverage, doctors and hospitals are just as willing to accept a plan from Humana or Equitable or New Era as they are any of those big name carriers.

Here is a truth you need to understand. Any doctor, lab or hospital that accepts Medicare assignment will ALSO take your Medicare supplement plan regardless of the company that issued your policy.

Your Medigap plan cost can still be affordable and you don’t have to rob a bank to pay for your coverage.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.


What does a  Medigap plan cost? Click the image below to shop and compare. > > >

Medigap plan cost




How can I tell a good Medigap plan from a bad one?

On the surface, you can’t.

As a friend used to say, this information is on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know. What you DO need to know is this.

Any doctor, lab or hospital that participates in Medicare assignment will not refuse your Medigap plan. Most won’t even ask to see your ID card. They don’t need it.

When you are treated the provider bills Medicare, not your Medigap carrier. Medicare reviews and adjudicates the claim. When the claim is approved Medicare sends the claim to your Medicare supplement carrier for them to pay their portion.

Your supplement carrier will not pay any claim until it is first approved by Medicare. If Medicare approves your claim, your supplement carrier cannot deny it.


How much should I expect to pay for a good Medigap plan?

The rate you are billed is determined by a number of factors. Georgia Medicare supplement carriers will charge you a rate based on your age, zip code and the plan you select. Some carriers will also set rates based on your gender or tobacco usage.

Some carriers will raise your rates as you get older. Happy birthday. Here is your new rate.

Others consider you like Dorian Gray . . . you never age. If you buy at age 65 you are always billed as if you never got older.

The “birthday” carriers will often increase your rates twice in one year. Dorian Gray carriers only change rates as needed and you are never singled out for higher Medigap plan cost no matter how much you use your plan.

Did you know that Medicare supplement plans with the same letter (plan F for example) are identical in EVERY WAY except the premium? Just because you paid more for a Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha or AARP plan does not mean you got a better plan. You simply paid more than you needed to.


Is it OK for me to shop online to find the best rates?

There is nothing wrong with shopping online to find Medigap plan cost. Nothing wrong as long as you don’t mind paying more for your coverage.

Most Medigap carriers do not allow their rates to be illustrated online and many who only provide offline rates have a lower cost than the big names. Here is an example.

If you are a female, age 65, living in Savannah, Georgia and don’t use tobacco you can find the following Medigap plan cost factors for the F policy.

Blue Cross – $170

Mutual of Omaha – $179

AARP – $159

Best Medigap plan cost for F is currently $126.

Why pay $30 – $50 more each month for the exact same plan when you could keep that $400 – $600 per year in your own bank rather than giving it to the insurance company?

Who needs the money more? You, or the insurance carrier?

How do you find low cost Medigap plans in Georgia?

Ask me.

I have Medigap rates you won’t see anywhere else.


How much does a good Medigap plan cost in Georgia?

Less than you think.

Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans has affordable Medigap plans for people of all ages.  We can show you the best rates for Medicare supplement plan F, but we will also take the time to educate you on other options that can save you hundreds of dollars every year. We recently showed a couple in south Georgia a way to cut their Medigap premiums by over $1700 per year.

I can’t guarantee to save you that much but at least 99% of the time I can show you ways to get the best plan for your needs and make it affordable.


So what’s up with the dog?

If you made it this far you are probably wondering what’s up the the dog in the upper right corner?

If you know anything about dogs or watched Lassie or Old Yeller, you know that dogs have a way of communicating with humans. When they don’t understand something, they will cock their head to the side as if to say, “What’s that all about?”.

If you paid too much for your Medigap plan and didn’t buy from Georgia Medicare Plans, you may get a funny look from your dog.