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Medicare Help Center. Medicare insurance complaints. Should I be concerned? Complaints can fall into many areas, including:

  • Why is my renewal premium so high?
  • Will my doctor accept this insurance?
  • Why doesn’t list this company on their website?
  • How do I know the Medicare supplement insurance will pay my claims?
  • Can I change Medigap plans during open enrollment?
  • Can I change Medicare insurance plans at any time?
  • Where can I find BBB ratings?
  • Where do I find the rate increase history for (AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross . . .)

You have questions. We have answers.

Medicare Insurance Complaints

We speak with over 1,000 people each year. We take the time to answer, and sometimes research, solutions for their problems. Every phone conversation is followed up with an email that summarizes our discussion and provides links to documentation.

All we ask in return is that they allow us to offer a Medicare supplement rate quote. Some buy a plan from us, some don’t. Never any pressure. People love to buy but hate to be sold.

Why is my Medicare insurance renewal premium so high? In most cases you bought the wrong plan from the wrong carrier. Medigap plan F is overpriced and oversold. Also, many insurance carriers think they are a cable company. Give you a low first year rate then raise them considerably the next year. While you are paying a high rate they offer the same plan to new applicants at rates that may be 25% lower.

Will my doctor accept this insurance? Any doctor, lab or hospital that accepts Medicare assignment will also take your Medigap plan. When you have original Medicare and a supplement plan there are no networks and no penalties.

Verifying Medicare Information

Why doesn’t list this company on their website? Medicare does not approve or directly regulate Medicare insurance supplement plans. Medigap plans are approved at the state level. Any Medicare plan offered by an agent licensed in the state of Georgia is also approved by the state.

How do I know the Medicare supplement insurance will pay my claims? Claims submitted by your doctor or other medical provider go direct to Medicare for review and approval. Once adjudicated and approved by Medicare, the claim goes directly to your Medigap carrier. Medicare supplement claims are normally paid in 3 – 5 business days from receipt. Medigap carriers are not allowed to deny claims approved by Medicare.

Changing Medicare Plans

Can I change Medigap plans during open enrollment? Medigap plans only have ONE open enrollment. When your initial Medicare Part B coverage begins you may apply for or change Medicare supplement plans at any time during the first 6 months. Drug plans (Part D) and Advantage plans can be changed during the annual enrollment period.

Can I change Medicare insurance plans at any time? You can change your Medicare supplement insurance plan at any time. However, if you have been enrolled in Medicare Part B longer than 6 months you will need to prove you are insurable.

Where can I find BBB ratings? The Better Business Bureau does not evaluate and rate Medicare insurance carriers.

Where do I find the rate increase history for (AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross . . .). The easiest way is to call and ask. We have new business and renewal rate histories for many of the Georgia Medigap carriers. We will also quote current Medicare supplement rates by phone and tell you which plan and carrier I used when I went on Medicare in 2015.

georgia medicare supplement rates

Questions About Medicare Supplement Rates?

Why make your decision after seeing rates from only a few carriers. Most of the people we talk to bought the wrong plan and are paying too much. They allowed a salesman to talk them into buying something they don’t need and can no longer afford.

We do things differently.

We prepare a customized Medigap rate quote for those who are interested. The report shows rates and plans for not just a few, but ALL carriers based on your age, gender and zip code. These are rates you will not see anywhere else. Other brokers are not willing to be transparent but would rather show you one or two plans and say pick one.

We show you 30 or more and answer your questions. How simple is that?

Related Questions about Medicare Insurance Complaints

Consumer sights are often notoriously unreliable as a resource. There is little or no fact checking. Carriers are rarely (if ever) offered a chance for rebuttal. And there is this.

When did you ever find a consumer site where anyone had something GOOD to say about an insurance carrier?

Most of the complaints about insurance in general revolve around insurance claim denials. But those complaints do not address Medigap insurance.

Just an FYI, Medicare supplement insurance carriers cannot deny ANY claim approved by Medicare. There is one exception. If your coverage lapsed due to non-payment of your premium they are allowed to deny claims incurred while your policy was in a lapsed state.

Are Online Consumer Complaints Valid?

Consumers sometimes will read comments about one line of coverage offered by a carrier and assume that applies to all lines. I ran into this recently when a carrier I had suggested “got bad reviews” according to my prospective client. I was trying to save him money over a plan suggested by another agent. That agent showed this gentleman these reviews.

I had told the salesman up front that I could not purchase the insurance until after the first of the year. He pursued until we agreed to get the minimum of the policies he offered and told us about the free look guarantee. 

The Pushy Agent

The problem here is the pushy agent and has nothing to do with the carrier. I never “force” a sale. In fact, I don’t “sell” anything but I do inform and let the consumer decide if they want to buy, what they want and when they are ready to proceed.

Also, it is unclear what type of insurance is involved. It could be Medigap or something else. Regardless, this is an AGENT complaint and that person should be reported to the carrier.

I recently submitted a claim including death certificate on a policy that has been in effect since 2008. I am the policy owner and all my documents were intact. Because this death was police involved (meaning the decedent was shot by the police), they sent my claim to outside investigator to be certain that I was not involved.

This complaint was probably about a life insurance policy or accident policy. It is not a Medigap policy. The only time a Medigap carrier will ask for a death certificate is when the policy is being cancelled by someone other than the insured and the reason given is the death of the insured.

The carrier was right to have an investigation. If a beneficiary of a death benefit was involved in or contributed to the death the carrier has a legal right to pay someone other than the named beneficiary.

Other complaints about this carrier on this same site have nothing to do with Medicare supplement insurance.

What if You Still Have Questions?

Ask the agent.

If the agent appears evasive, or does not understand your concern, you might need a new agent.

Georgia Medicare Plans has no problem addressing your questions or concerns. If we don’t know the answer we know where to find it. And we always confirm your question and our answer by email. That way neither one of us has to rely on memory.

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Blue Cross Medicare Plans – Your Questions Answered

We get mail. You have asked about Blue Cross Medicare supplement rates and renewal increases, and how high deductible plan F works. Is the BCBSGA Medigap plan F a good deal or a ripoff and can you afford it? Are Blue Cross Georgia Medicare supplement rate increases excessive? You want to know how to compare Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement rates with other plans from Humana, Mutual of Omaha and others.

You have questions.

We have answers.

How do Blue Cross Medicare supplement rates and renewals compare with other carriers?

Like everything else, it depends.

In some zip codes and at certain ages, BCBSGA can be quite competitive. At other times, not so much.

Georgia Medicare Plans does offer Blue Cross Georgia Medicare plans to our clients, and will recommend them when there is a good “fit” to your needs and budget. But if we see a potential problem in selecting a Blue Cross Medigap plan we will alert you.


One question we are often asked is, “How does Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan high deductible F work?

Medigap High F is just like the traditional Medicare supplement plan F except you must first satisfy an annual deductible before the plan pays anything. For calendar year 2013 the Medigap high F deductible is $2110.

Blue Cross and Humana typically have some of the lowest premiums for High F and you can compare for yourself by following this link.

If you need more explanation in how High deductible plan F works, give us a call.


A similar question that comes up often “Is Medigap plan F a ripoff?“.

Perhaps ripoff is a bit harsh, but we fail to see the value in plan F from ANY carrier.


You have asked, “Are renewal Blue Cross Medicare supplement rates excessive?“.

We have seen some carriers that are much higher and several that are lower. Over the last few years Blue Cross renewal rates have increased from 8 – 13% for trend. Due to the way Blue Cross Medicare rates are structured you may receive two rate increases in the same year. One for trend, the other for having a birthday and getting older.

Most carriers only adjust renewal rates due to health care trend, but Blue Cross joins (AARP) United HealthCare and a few others that will increase your rates simply because you are older.


So how do you compare Blue Cross Medicare supplement rates with other carriers? You can get an instant Medigap quote here, or you can simply give us a call and we will be glad to answer your questions.


Blue Cross Georgia Medigap

Blue Cross Georgia Medigap plans can be affordable but finding them is not as easy as clicking a mouse. Yes, you can get Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates on line, but how do you know is their rates are competitive? How do Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates compare with carriers such as AARP, GerberLife, Mutual of Omaha, Humana and  others?


The instant rate quotes on Georgia Medicare Plans, Georgia Insurance Shop, and other sites do not tell the whole picture.


Most Medigap carriers still operate using a paper system.

Paper rate cards from Blue Cross Georgia as well as other carriers.

Paper Blue Cross Georgia Medigap applications.

Some even require a personal in home visit from an agent  where you only see plan they are allowed to sell. Many times these Blue Cross Georgia Medigap agents will not leave until you buy.

How much fun is that? I mean really!

We do everything we can to make life simple for you. We have the ability to show you Blue Cross Georgia Medigap rates along with other Medicare supplement plans if you wish. Most of our clients only want to see the lowest rate for the best plans.

That is fine with us and I assume you as well.

We have a few carriers online for instant quotes, including Blue Cross Georgia,  Gerber Life and Mutual of Omaha. But we also have Medigap rates from carriers like Aetna, Humana, Royal Neighbors and others.

Considering Mutual of Omaha? Might want to think again. You can definitely get a better rate almost anywhere.

Over 80% of the time the best rate for a Medigap plan is NOT online. Every visitor to our site will receive a personal quote showing the most competitive rates from carriers that are online and offline.

If you truly want to save money on your GA Medicare supplement coverage, you need to talk directly to us. Not only will that save you money, but we think you will be pleased with our personal service.

Ask about the most affordable Medicare supplement plan for your needs and budget.

Instant GA Medigap rates online at your touch including Blue Cross Georgia Medigap and other Georgia Medicare Plans

Medicare Plans in Georgia – Does Size Matter?

When buying Medicare supplement insurance, does size or financial strength really matter? Not really. The myth that a carrier rated “A” or “A+” is better than a “B” or “B+” Medigap carrier is just that . . . a myth.

When considering Medigap coverage all you really need to evaluate is the rate. All plans are standardized, so all Medigap plans “F” are identical, except for the rate.

I have clients all over the state of Georgia and when it comes to Medicare supplement rates they are all over the boards. It is not unusual at all to see rates for the most expensive companies that are double the lowest rate.

Some people mistakenly believe if you pay more you get more.

Not so, you just paid more.

I recently  ran a  Med supp rate for a senior in Peachtree City, Georgia. He was looking for Medigap plan F but also wanted numbers on plan G.

In many cases the premium savings by switching from the popular (and expensive) plan F to plan G is significant . . . enough to more than cover your additional out of pocket for the Medicare Part B deductible.

The Medigap carrier I proposed is a “B+” company and one I have used off and on for 10 years. After asking a lot of questions I got a “Dear Bob” email telling me he did not want a small, B rated carrier. Instead he is willing to pay an extra $500 per year to have a “financially sound” carrier promoted by AARP pay his bills.

I suppose some seniors have money to burn.

After working with clients for more than 35 years, helping them find the best value for health insurance, I switched to the Medicare market earlier this year. The same kind of solutions available to my under age 65 clients are also there for 65 and over Medicare beneficiaries. 

You really don’t have to pay too much for Med supp coverage unless you just want to.

The open enrollment period for Medicare is about to end and many other seniors are just now turning age 65 and looking for solutions to their Medicare needs. Georgia Insurance Shop and Georgia Medicare Plans have some of the lowest rates for Medigap plans in the state. In many cases we can save you money vs. AARP or Blue Cross. Ask for a competitive Medigap quote. You won’t be disappointed.