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Medicare Help Center. Medicare insurance complaints. Should I be concerned? Complaints can fall into many areas, including:

  • Why is my renewal premium so high?
  • Will my doctor accept this insurance?
  • Why doesn’t list this company on their website?
  • How do I know the Medicare supplement insurance will pay my claims?
  • Can I change Medigap plans during open enrollment?
  • Can I change Medicare insurance plans at any time?
  • Where can I find BBB ratings?
  • Where do I find the rate increase history for (AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross . . .)

You have questions. We have answers.

Medicare Insurance Complaints

We speak with over 1,000 people each year. We take the time to answer, and sometimes research, solutions for their problems. Every phone conversation is followed up with an email that summarizes our discussion and provides links to documentation.

All we ask in return is that they allow us to offer a Medicare supplement rate quote. Some buy a plan from us, some don’t. Never any pressure. People love to buy but hate to be sold.

Why is my Medicare insurance renewal premium so high? In most cases you bought the wrong plan from the wrong carrier. Medigap plan F is overpriced and oversold. Also, many insurance carriers think they are a cable company. Give you a low first year rate then raise them considerably the next year. While you are paying a high rate they offer the same plan to new applicants at rates that may be 25% lower.

Will my doctor accept this insurance? Any doctor, lab or hospital that accepts Medicare assignment will also take your Medigap plan. When you have original Medicare and a supplement plan there are no networks and no penalties.

Verifying Medicare Information

Why doesn’t list this company on their website? Medicare does not approve or directly regulate Medicare insurance supplement plans. Medigap plans are approved at the state level. Any Medicare plan offered by an agent licensed in the state of Georgia is also approved by the state.

How do I know the Medicare supplement insurance will pay my claims? Claims submitted by your doctor or other medical provider go direct to Medicare for review and approval. Once adjudicated and approved by Medicare, the claim goes directly to your Medigap carrier. Medicare supplement claims are normally paid in 3 – 5 business days from receipt. Medigap carriers are not allowed to deny claims approved by Medicare.

Changing Medicare Plans

Can I change Medigap plans during open enrollment? Medigap plans only have ONE open enrollment. When your initial Medicare Part B coverage begins you may apply for or change Medicare supplement plans at any time during the first 6 months. Drug plans (Part D) and Advantage plans can be changed during the annual enrollment period.

Can I change Medicare insurance plans at any time? You can change your Medicare supplement insurance plan at any time. However, if you have been enrolled in Medicare Part B longer than 6 months you will need to prove you are insurable.

Where can I find BBB ratings? The Better Business Bureau does not evaluate and rate Medicare insurance carriers.

Where do I find the rate increase history for (AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross . . .). The easiest way is to call and ask. We have new business and renewal rate histories for many of the Georgia Medigap carriers. We will also quote current Medicare supplement rates by phone and tell you which plan and carrier I used when I went on Medicare in 2015.

georgia medicare supplement rates

Questions About Medicare Supplement Rates?

Why make your decision after seeing rates from only a few carriers. Most of the people we talk to bought the wrong plan and are paying too much. They allowed a salesman to talk them into buying something they don’t need and can no longer afford.

We do things differently.

We prepare a customized Medigap rate quote for those who are interested. The report shows rates and plans for not just a few, but ALL carriers based on your age, gender and zip code. These are rates you will not see anywhere else. Other brokers are not willing to be transparent but would rather show you one or two plans and say pick one.

We show you 30 or more and answer your questions. How simple is that?

Related Questions about Medicare Insurance Complaints

Consumer sights are often notoriously unreliable as a resource. There is little or no fact checking. Carriers are rarely (if ever) offered a chance for rebuttal. And there is this.

When did you ever find a consumer site where anyone had something GOOD to say about an insurance carrier?

Most of the complaints about insurance in general revolve around insurance claim denials. But those complaints do not address Medigap insurance.

Just an FYI, Medicare supplement insurance carriers cannot deny ANY claim approved by Medicare. There is one exception. If your coverage lapsed due to non-payment of your premium they are allowed to deny claims incurred while your policy was in a lapsed state.

Are Online Consumer Complaints Valid?

Consumers sometimes will read comments about one line of coverage offered by a carrier and assume that applies to all lines. I ran into this recently when a carrier I had suggested “got bad reviews” according to my prospective client. I was trying to save him money over a plan suggested by another agent. That agent showed this gentleman these reviews.

I had told the salesman up front that I could not purchase the insurance until after the first of the year. He pursued until we agreed to get the minimum of the policies he offered and told us about the free look guarantee. 

The Pushy Agent

The problem here is the pushy agent and has nothing to do with the carrier. I never “force” a sale. In fact, I don’t “sell” anything but I do inform and let the consumer decide if they want to buy, what they want and when they are ready to proceed.

Also, it is unclear what type of insurance is involved. It could be Medigap or something else. Regardless, this is an AGENT complaint and that person should be reported to the carrier.

I recently submitted a claim including death certificate on a policy that has been in effect since 2008. I am the policy owner and all my documents were intact. Because this death was police involved (meaning the decedent was shot by the police), they sent my claim to outside investigator to be certain that I was not involved.

This complaint was probably about a life insurance policy or accident policy. It is not a Medigap policy. The only time a Medigap carrier will ask for a death certificate is when the policy is being cancelled by someone other than the insured and the reason given is the death of the insured.

The carrier was right to have an investigation. If a beneficiary of a death benefit was involved in or contributed to the death the carrier has a legal right to pay someone other than the named beneficiary.

Other complaints about this carrier on this same site have nothing to do with Medicare supplement insurance.

What if You Still Have Questions?

Ask the agent.

If the agent appears evasive, or does not understand your concern, you might need a new agent.

Georgia Medicare Plans has no problem addressing your questions or concerns. If we don’t know the answer we know where to find it. And we always confirm your question and our answer by email. That way neither one of us has to rely on memory.

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AARP – Is It Worth It?

AARP membership is only $16, but is it worth it? What do you really get for your membership fee? How does AARP aarpprovider all these benefits for only $16? How is AARP funded? Are their discounts on trips, restaurants and insurance really a good deal? How does Obamacare impact Medicare plans?

Every time you purchase a product endorsed by AARP a portion of the proceeds of the sale are kicked back to the organization.

Can you find better pricing outside of AARP?

Almost everything they promote is priced higher than what you can find in the market place. We specialize in Medicare supplement plans and Part D and can honestly say our Medigap plans are often $30 – $40 per month less than United Healthcare for the exact same plan and coverage.

Shop and compare GA Medigap quotes now. Click for instant rates and side by side comparison.

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices


AARP – Is it worth it?

The $16 annual membership is not going to break the bank for most. But what are you really getting for your money other than a lot of solicitations in the mail.

Have you ever wondered why their publications heavily promote insurance products?

According to a Congressional study by the House Ways and Means Committee, almost 30% of their $1.4 billion in revenue comes from insurance company kickbacks but only 17% came from membership dues.

Health insurance, primarily Medicare products geared toward the retiree, is their big money maker followed by auto insurance. My wife and I have Hartford for our car insurance. When we compared the AARP-Hartford rates to our current rates the AARP rates were $260/year more than we were paying then.


So how about their Medicare products?

In 2015 their popular Medicare Part D drug plan is $27 per month and is virtually identical to a Humana drug plan for $15 monthly. The premium savings alone are considerable but what about your drug OOP (out of pocket)?

grumpy old personWhen we compared drug plans for a recent client the United Healthcare (AARP) drug costs were $548 per year vs. $248 for the exact same medications purchased through the lower premium Humana plan. Total savings, over $400.

But what about their Medigap plans? Aren’t they better and lower priced?

All Medigap plans with the same letter are identical in every way except the premium. When you pay more you don’t get more you simply paid too much.

This same client would pay United Healthcare $166 per month for her Medigap plan F but only $126 monthly if she bought the same plan from Aetna.

Combined with the total drug savings my client saved over $900 per year by following my recommendations for her Medicare supplement plan and drug plan vs. “buying direct” via AARP.


AARP Medicare supplement premiums don’t increase as much as other carrier plans.

Yeah, I hear that a lot.

But what do their customers say?

Look at what the folks say on the Consumer Affairs forum.

  • I moved from NEW Hampshire (155.00) monthly for supplemental INS to Maine (122.00) MONTHLY to Florida (384.00 monthly). (Note – United Healthcare premiums are COMMUNITY RATED. Rates will change when you relocate your residence. This is generally NOT true with other carriers).
  • I wanted to know about the costs of the Medicare supplement Plans for 2015. (you included the Apr to Dec 2014 $ in the mailer you sent which is not being truthful like all the other plans that are advertising for our dollars). Since he would not give any info without our AARP member number, and therefore would not disclose any $ info so we might make an intelligent decision as to purchase, I am no longer willing to spend any more money to an outfit that treats anyone (member or not) like a 4th class citizen. (Georgia Medicare Plans has no problem quoting rates by phone and confirming by email. We do this every day. No hassle. It takes about 2 minutes. You can also view some rates online.).
  • I need to make a decision of whether to stay with the supplemental plan to join a Medicare Advantage plan. So long as I do not know what my monthly premium cost is going to be, I cannot make an intelligent decision to stay with United or go with a different plan. I have called United three times since the first of October and they will not even give me a “date” as to when I will receive the information I need.

One thing I can say with certain, based on the complaints posted online it seems that many AARP members with Medicare FB Groucho Marx3coverage do not understand how their plan works. I don’t know if this is because retirees decide to make a purchase via AARP without bothering to do any research or the information they get from the 1-800 number isn’t a lot of help.

Common complaints that are unwarranted.

  • Medicare approved my claim but United Healthcare denied it. (This can’t happen with ANY Medigap plan. If Medicare approves the claim your supplement plan is required by law to pay their portion.)
  • I was told my premiums would never increase. (You can be told anything but the truth is, Medicare supplement premiums do increase every year with most carriers. A few that haven’t had an increase in a year or more were usually overpriced when the plan was first introduced. Their next increase will probably be a whopper).
  • My plan was cancelled because I got sick. (Nope. Can’t happen. Your plan can only be cancelled when you fail to pay your premium or if ALL plans in your state are cancelled at the same time.).
  • My plan was cancelled when I moved. (Possibly. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan in Atlanta and decide to move to Savannah your plan will be cancelled. United Healthcare only offers their Advantage plans in select counties and zip codes. The good news is, this creates a Special Enrollment Period allowing you to buy ANY plan, including Medigap, that is offered in your new area.).

When you contact Georgia Medicare Plans you get a live person (me) or my voice mail. You never will hear “Press 1 for English” and most calls are returned the same day.


Discounts on travel and restaurants

Some members swear by the discounts on meals, hotels and airline fairs. But do you really need an AARP card to get a discount?

Most grocery stores have senior days with 5% discounts. No card needed.

Restaurants have early bird specials. No card needed.

Want a list of discounts and coupons for retirees, no card needed? Here you go.

If you like saving money, and who doesn’t, the Money Talks Newsletter has a monthly newsletter at the right price. FREE.

Check out their site and sign up.


Obamacare and AARP

In case you haven’t noticed, AARP was a very strong supporter of Obamacare. While most of their health insurance business is geared toward the Medicare market the financial gains (and losses) of AARP depend very much on the passage of Obamacare.

limited availabilityObamacare changes for Advantage plans means many Georgia retirees will only have a few plans to pick from in certain counties. United Healthcare only offers traditional Advantage plans in 7 of Georgia’s 159 counties. Another 20 counties or so have AARP – United plans but only for low income and special needs beneficiaries.

Compare that to over 170 different Medigap plans available in every zip and county in Georgia.

If you do call AARP and want information on their Medicare supplement plans, IF you can get a rate, you will probably only be quoted plan F.


It is the most expensive plan and the one paying the largest kickback to AARP.

Most of our clients have plan G and save even more money vs. plan F.

If you want Medigap plan G from United Healthcare, you can’t get it. Not available.

We have rates from 35 carriers that offer plan F plus 25 that make plan G available. A “typical” plan G premium vs plan G will save an ADDITIONAL $250 per year over the lowest premium plan F.

So why did AARP heavily promote Obamacare?

Knowing that most Advantage plans would be eliminated, AARP wanted to capitalize on their Medigap plans, especially plan F. When we go head to head with United the savings we generate for our clients is significant. The example above that saved our clients over $900 per year is pretty much the norm.

How much can you save?

Shop and compare now.

Your information is NEVER sold.

Click to view instant GA Medigap Quotes.

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

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Medicare Supplement Rates Trend Lower

Medicare supplement rates still increase every year but the increases are trending lower. Double digit renewals have declined medicare supplement rate increasessince 2010. Rate changes on new business have also declined to the 5% range. Prior to 2012 Medigap rate adjustments of 10% to 15% or more were common, especially for the “big name” carriers.

Georgia Medicare Plans continues to monitor rate changes for new and existing Medigap carriers and will always recommend carriers with a stable rate history.

CSG Actuarial is reporting that the trend of lower rate increases in the Medicare Supplement market has continued throughout 2014. The average new business rate increase implemented to date in 2014 is 4.3%, down from 5.0% in 2013, 7.1% in 2012, 8.4% in 2011 and 9.5% in 2010. CSG Actuarial believes these lower rate increases continue to be the result of lower claim trends in the Medicare Supplement market, due primarily to lower medical trends in Medicare and limited increases of the Part B deductible over the past few years. – CSG Actuarial


Five things you may not know about Medicare supplement rates

When you are shopping for a Medicare supplement plan there are at least 5 things most agents and carriers will not tell you.

  • Plan F Medicare supplement rates are overpriced
  • Which carriers are new to the market
  • The real savings is in picking the right Medicare Part D
  • The Medicare Advantage trap
  • How to lock in the lowest Medicare supplement rates year after year

Most agents and carriers promote Medicare supplement plan F. Why?plan f

It is the easiest to explain and understand.

Plan F has the highest rates and generates the most commission.

We have hundreds of Medicare clients yet probably fewer than a dozen bought Medigap plan F.

Medigap carriers come and go. Which one is best for you?

AFLAC jumped into the market in 2012 with low rates and high commissions. Barely 15 months later they bailed out leaving behind customers wondering what would happen next.

Since 2010 Georgia retirees have purchased plans from Mutual of Omaha companies named United World, United of Omaha and more recently Omaha Insurance company. Every time Mutual introduced a new carrier new applicants got lower, more favorable rates while existing policyholders paid rates that were 20 – 30% higher.

We have several carriers with stable rate histories that consistently beat Mutual rates and have never had a double digit rate increase.

Georgia Medicare Plans specializes in finding the best value and low Medicare supplement rates. Our clients save an average of $550 per year without sacrificing coverage.


Medicare Part D savings

The real savings comes in matching your Part D drug plan to your needs and budget.

Most people shop drug plans based on the monthly premium. Big mistake.

Medicare changesWe recently talked to a lady that was convinced the Humana Medicare Advantage plan was the best value for her. An agent came to her home laid out fancy brochures and carefully explained the merits of this PPO plan.

But the agent failed to run a drug report. Instead, the agent looked over her list of med’s (4 pages worth) and said all your drugs are generic except the insulin, your medications are all covered.

This explanation was not even close. The agent also failed to mention that 3 of the drugs were not covered on the Humana formulary and 7 of the drugs were tier 3 or higher.

Her projected drug costs for the year were $8800 under the proposed Humana plan.

We actually took the time to input each medication and generate a report.  Only two of her drugs were not on the formulary and 4 were tier 3 or higher.

The monthly premium was $56 higher but the annual cost of medications was $5900. The slightly higher monthly premium saves $2900 per year in drug costs!


Medicare Advantage trap

Medicare Advantage plans are promoted as the greatest thing since sliced bread but there are hidden traps that can rob a retiree of their life savings.

  • Advantage plans have networks that can change in a whim
  • Many Advantage plans only last 2 – 3 years before they are cancelled
  • Most retirees fail to read and understand the ANOC that arrives each September
  • Your out of pocket limit only includes in network approved charges
  • The Medicare allowed out of pocket limit increases almost every year

Don’t get lured into low premiums and ignore the real cost of these plans which is the cost of health care.


How to lock in low Medicare supplement rates year after year

Most Medigap plans in Georgia are issue age rated. If you buy your plan at age 65 your rates will never increase just because you had another birthday. When you are 70 years old if you kept the plan you bought at age 65 you are still rated as if you have never aged. Just like Dorian Gray, you never age.

Medicare supplement rates are trending lower. With over 170 different plans to pick from how do you find the one that is right for you? With our help you will never go wrong.

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Mining for Gold in the Silver Market

Data miners are mining for gold among silver (and blue) haired retirees. Is your private information really private? How do you protect your personal information from being mined for gold and sold to marketers? Is HIPPA truly effective in protecting your information?

According to an ABC News report, your private medical information is not so private.

Mining for data gold

Identity theft gets all the press, but the focus is on credit thieves. There is an even bigger market in your PHI (personal health information).

Medicare fraud takes center stage for medical identity theft but there is gold in your diagnosis. Some thieves simply want your Medicare data mining for goldnumber to facilitate fraudulent claims. Others want to sell you diabetic supplies, durable medical equipment and even adult diapers.

Dan Abate doesn’t have diabetes nor is he aware of any obvious link to the disease. Try telling that to data miners.

The 42-year-old information technology worker’s name recently showed up in a database of millions of people with “diabetes interest” sold by Axciom


Your medical condition is gold for data miners. But what about Dan Abate? He doesn’t have diabetes. So where did these modern day prospectors get his name?

Possibly from a list of charitable donors that made contributions for diabetes research.

Where does your information go?

ABC News “found somebody willing to sell a data dump of diabetic patients with information including their names, birth dates and who their insurance provider was, among other details. Another seller offered 100,000 records of customers who purchased health insurance in the last three to 12 months.”

Some of this data is selling for as little as $0.15 per name. Miners have access to your name, date of birth, address, phone number and more.

Who is looking in your medicine cabinet?

Forget the NSA. They are supposedly looking for national security threats.

Data miners have been quietly using their tools to peek into America’s medicine cabinets. Tapping social media, health-related phone apps and medical websites, data aggregators are scooping up bits and pieces of tens of millions of Americans’ medical histories. Even a purchase at the pharmacy can land a shopper on a health list.

(Consumers are) showing up in directories with names like “Suffering Seniors” or “Aching and Ailing,” according to a Bloomberg review of this little-known corner of the data mining industry. Other lists are categorized by diagnosis, including groupings of 2.3 million cancer patients, 14 million depression sufferers and 600,000 homes where a child or other member of the household has autism or attention deficit disorder.

Your information is probably out there already. If you are getting unsolicited calls, email or junk mail for medical items you may (or may not) want or need, chances are you have landed on some thieves list.

What about my HIPPA rights?

The truth is, you have no HIPPA rights.

HIPPA is a “feel good” law that imposes fines and even jail time for those that do not take precautions to keep your private information private. Once your information is stored electronically “in the cloud” or transmitted to another facility data miners have the ability to mine for gold.

nighthawk servicesHIPPA laws do not apply when your data leaves the United States. Insurance carriers routinely provide access to customer service reps in other countries. Medical facilities use overseas  diagnosticians for reading X-rays and digital images.

I blogged on Nighthawk Radiology Services at InsureBlog back in 2006. The linked post addresses your loss of HIPPA rights once your data leaves the United States.

HIPPA laws do not prevent data mining any more the drunk driving laws eliminate driving while intoxicated. But they do provide civil and criminal penalties for malicious disobedience.


How do I protect my private information?

Believe it or not, most consumers willingly give up their data without thinking about it.

When you go online looking for information about a medical condition, medication or even insurance quotes you run the risk of voluntarily handing your information over to data miners looking for gold.

Most insurance quoting sites take the information you volunteer and sell that data to insurance agents and marketers.

Georgia Medicare Plans and GA Medigap Quotes NEVER sells your data. We provide you with an online quote that allows you to view rates and benefits on as many Medigap plans as you wish. Your name, DOB and other information is stored in a secure site that can only be accessed by Bob Vineyard.

When you get a secure quote from us here is what will happen.

  • You will receive an email, thanking you for visiting our site.
  • Shortly after that I will send you an email with rates on our most popular plan based on your age and zip code
  • I will call you a few days later to answer any questions

You will receive additional emails from time to time providing you with general information about Medicare. You will also receive periodic emails on retiree related topics.

You may opt out of future emails at any time and your data is NEVER SOLD.



Do other marketing firms sell my data?

They can sell your information to gold miners but they can only do it legally if you give them permission. This disclosure is usually in the fine print at the bottom of an opt in page that most people never bother to read.

AARP is the largest senior focused marketing firm in the country. Do they use your private information?

You bet they do.

And how they collect and use your information is spelled out in their 12 point privacy notice.

Selling your information to travel agencies and insurance companies is how they keep the lights on at AARP.

Data mining is gold for marketers. Keep that in mind the next time you go online or fill out a request for information card and mail it back in.


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Who Has the Best Medigap Plans in Georgia?

Which Georgia carrier has the best Medigap plans? Who has the lowest rates for GA Medicare supplement insurance? Will all doctors take my Medigap plan? Am I better off to buy direct from a well known carrier? low medigap rates


Best Medigap plans

With over 170 plans to pick from, it is almost impossible for you to find the best Medigap plan on your own.

There are 11 CMS approved plan designs from over 30 carriers. Georgia seniors wanting to shop and compare will find it difficult to see rates from more than 3 or 4 carriers and they will almost always consider plan F without examining the merits of other plans.

Getting Medigap rates from BCBSGA, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and United Healthcare (AARP) are relatively easy. But a careful shopper will not stop there unless they have buckets of money to throw away for the same coverage.


Barbara has A-fib

Last week I talked with Barbara. Very nice lady with a delightful sense of humor.  She was in the middle of baking a cake for her son who was home on leave and getting ready to be deployed overseas.

It was his favorite. A chocolate bundt cake.

I told her we could talk any time but she insisted on getting answers now. All she had to do for the next 40 minutes was watch her cake in the oven so now was as good a time as any.

Barbara bought a Mutual of Omaha plan F when she turned 65. She just had a birthday and Mutual of Omaha’s “gift” was a rate increase. Her new premium will be over $220 per month for a plan that started out 3 years ago less than $150.

Barbara wants something more affordable. After reading some of my articles she decided that her Medigap plan F probably wasn’t the best choice. She knows that all Medigap plans with the same letter are identical in every way, except the premium. Can she get plan F at a lower price?

I told her that is entirely possible but she will have to pass medical underwriting. If she is approved she can purchase Medicare supplement plan F for $150 per month. A better choice would be plan N for $103 per month …………….. less than half what Mutual of Omaha will charge her.

But there is a problem.

Last year Barbara was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, also known as A-fib.

We have a number of carriers to pick from. Each one has different underwriting rules. All of them would reject her due to irregular heart rhythm.

The Mutual of Omaha rate was good (not great, just good) when she originally bought the plan, but now it is quite expensive and getting more so. Changing to a Medicare Advantage plan will give her a lower premium, but she had an Advantage plan before and didn’t like the idea of changing plans and doctors every year.

If you are looking for the best Medigap plans in Georgia, we can help you choose wisely.


Finding the lowest rate

Most seniors will compare plan F, pick the lowest rate and move on.

That’s the worst thing you can do.

Finding the best Medigap plan is a process.

  • Which plan is best suited to your needs and budget
  • Which carriers increase rates by 10% or more on renewal?
  • Which carriers have dropped plans?
  • What happens to policyholders that buy plans that are discontinued?
  • What happens to policyholders that buy from carriers that withdraw from the market?
  • How difficult is it to change plans in the future?
  • Should you shop every year or stay put?
  • Buy direct from a carrier or through a captive agent?

These are just a few things to consider.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t talk to someone that bought their Medicare supplement plan without really understanding what they have. (The same is true, and even more so, with Medicare Advantage but that is another story entirely).

They buy a plan because of a celebrity endorsement, because “everyone knows this company”, because all my friends have this plan, or any number of reasons that seemed like a good decision at the time.


Simple rules for finding the best Medigap plan.

Medicare isn’t that hard, once you understand the process.

  • Don’t buy what your friends did (unless your friends are clients of mine)
  • You probably don’t want or need plan F
  • All medical providers that participate in Medicare will take ANY Medigap plan
  • You probably don’t need a “name brand” unless you like paying too much
  • So-called “family discounts” are normally used by carriers that charge too much
  • Silver Sneakers is a great program if you don’t mind paying an extra $50 per month or so to have “free” membership
  • If you want a Silver Sneakers plan, we have it
  • The carrier with the lowest Medigap rates will probably be one of the highest in 2 years


Buying from Georgia Medicare Plans

We have a simple philosophy. We never recommend any plan we wouldn’t buy for ourselves or our family. We have over 300 Medicare clients and I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to move a client because of a rate increase. Roughly 90% of my clients buy from the same carrier (someone you probably have never heard of) and most of them do not have plan F.

We save our clients more than $450 per year vs. the plan their friends suggested or one they bought without our help.

If you want the best Medigap plan, shop and compare. We are here to help.

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