Find and Compare Best Medicare Supplement Rates

Do you know how to find and compare the best medicare supplement rates in Georgia? Which Medigap plans historically deliver the best value and lowest rates? Can you save money by going direct to a carrier? Should you focus on the “big” names, such as Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha and AARP (United)?



Georgia Medicare Plans offer you instant online Medigap quotes and plan comparisons from leading Medicare supplement carriers.

But what good is a rate on a few plans when there are so many more that are not available online? Most Medigap carriers do not allow their rates to be illustrated online. The only way you will see rates from some of the most competitive carriers is to talk with an agent.


Bob Vineyard has more than 37 years experience in the health insurance industry and is capable of answering almost any question you have about Medicare plans. He will help you find and compare the best Medicare supplement rates available, even if it is not from a carrier he represents.

Why would Bob pick and choose carriers to offer his clients?


Some obviously do not offer a good value. They charge more than other carriers do for the exact same plan.

He knows when you pay more you don’t get more, you simply pay too much.


Who has money to burn?


Georgia Medicare plans is pleased to offer visitors access to INSTANT ONLINE MEDIGAP QUOTES but we will also provide you with a detailed listing of Georgia Medicare supplement carriers and their rates, ranking from the lowest price to the highest.

What about Medicare Advantage plans?

Many GA seniors are attracted to these plans because of the low premium rates, but the wise ones also know you get what you pay for. Advantage plans subscribe to the theory you can pay me now or pay me later. These plans are wonderful . . . until you get sick or injured then the premium savings quickly disappears as you rack up thousands of dollars in out of pocket unpaid medical bills.

Advamtage plans require you to give up your doctor and use theirs instead.

Medicare Advantage plans do not follow you outside of your immediate service area. You are no longer part of original Medicare and are at the mercy of an insurance carrier. Over half the doctors in Georgia do not accept ANY Advantage patients.

Why would anyone want a plan like that?

Remember the phrase “It’s just as good as a Xerox”?

Why have a knock off when you can have the original?

Let the folks at Georgia Medicare Plans help you find the best Medigap plan that suits YOUR needs and budget.

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