My Medicare Rates Are High!

My Medicare rates are high! Do Medigap rates increase as I get older? Can I change my plan during Open Enrollment? Where can I find Medicare supplement rate increase history?

The plan was competitive when I bought it but now it is almost double. I don’t know how much longer I can afford it.

Why are my Medicare rates so high?

There is a good explanation for high Medigap renewal rates. You probably don’t want to hear it, and you probably don’t care why.

But you would like some relief.

Help is on the way. As long as you are healthy . . .

Why are my Medicare Rates so High?

Where Can I Find Medicare Rate History?

What you want is not easy to find. Even when you do find it you will discover the rate information is useless.

Most likely, your Medicare rates are high because your carrier left the market. It is rare for a Medigap carrier to stay in the same market for more than 3 or 4 years.

Once they leave a new carrier comes in to replace them. The new carrier has lower rates. The departing carrier is now free to raise renewal rates with impunity.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans

Since 2010 Omaha has introduced 4 Medigap carriers to Georgia and retired three of them. Each time a carrier is shelved the rates start to climb.

In that same time frame Aetna has also had at least 4 subsidiaries leave the market. They introduced a 5th new carrier earlier in 2019.

If your Medicare rates are high it is most likely because the issuing carrier is no longer writing new business in your state.

Maybe You Picked the Wrong Plan

Medicare supplement plan F has been heavily marketed as the “go to” plan for many years. Carriers and agents love the high premiums because it means more money for them.

If your Medicare rates are high you should have bought the G plan. But it is not too late to switch.

Unless you are unhealthy.

Then you are screwed.

Renewal Rates Higher Than Current Rates

When you get your renewal and start to look around you might discover that your Medicare rates are higher than new business rates from the same carrier.

I see that quite often but especially for carriers with closed blocks of business.

OLD business is charged a higher rate which subsidizes lower rates for new policyholders.

I call this the cable TV syndrome.

Last year you signed on as a new customer. You got 150 channels for $39 per month.

This month you get your renewal bill and now you are expected to pay $109 for those same channels.

But your cable company is still offering 150 channels for $39.

What gives???

So you call your cable company to complain. You are told the $39 rate is only for NEW CUSTOMERS.

Medicare insurance carries pull the same tricks.

How Do I Find Affordable Medigap Rates?

Great question.

There are no easy answers. Here are a few tips.

  • Look for carriers that have been active in GA for 5 or more years
  • Don’t buy from someone that has been here less than 2 years
  • Don’t chase the low rate
  • Ask friends and relatives for an AGENT referral

Bob Vineyard is a GA Medicare expert with more than 45 years experience. Bob is also on Medicare.

Are your Medicare rates high?

Here is my offer. Give me 10 minutes on the phone. Call and ask ANY Medicare questions. If you don’t like my answer we part as friends. After all, it isn’t personal, just business.

But if you do like what you hear we move forward on your timetable. Allow me an opportunity to EARN your business.

I call this an “offer you can’t refuse”.

Full Medicare supplement rate reports for any plan. Just ask.

How easy is that?

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rate Increases

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates increase annually. Most Georgia Medigap rates increase only once a year while others may increase twice in the same year. Mutual Medicare supplement rates will vary widely depending on which Mutual carrier you are searching.

Currently you may find Mutual of Omaha rates as well as United World, United of Omaha and more recently, Omaha Insurance Company.

Many online sites (including ours) will illustrate current Mutual rates. Quoted rates may not reflect any loads or discounts that could be applied to the final rate.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices


Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates

The Mutual companies are widely promoted direct by the carrier as well as many agents in Georgia. Depending on your age, zip, gender and plan selection, you can find comparable plans with higher or lower rates. medicare shockmedicare shock

Some carriers offer household discounts in the 5 – 7% range but only if two or more people apply for coverage at the same time and are approved. Other carriers will extend the discount even if the other person in your household is not 65 and does not purchase coverage at the same time that you do.


Medigap rate increases

One of the more common questions we get on a daily basis is, “How much do the rates go up each year?“.

The answer is, it depends.

Some carriers, such as New Era and Equitable, have a stable rate history going back for 10 years or longer. Other carriers may be 50 years old or older but have only been offering Medigap coverage for a couple of years.

Our rule of thumb is, if you want a plan that is most likely to be stable year in and year out, look at their 5 year track record. If that carrier has not been offering coverage at least 5 years you might consider paying a few dollars more for stability.

If you have questions about Medigap rate histories for a particular carrier, Google is your friend.


Jim and Elizabeth

A few years ago we ran across a couple from south Georgia that had just received notice their Medicare supplement rates were increasing. Both had plan F from Mutual of Omaha and their premiums were going to increase by almost $200 per month. That was more than their budget would stand.

Medicare changesBoth were in good health and did not use tobacco. They purchased their plans 3 years earlier when they turned 65. The carrier offered in Georgia at that time was United of Omaha. In three years their premiums had increased 4 times and was considerably higher than when they originally purchased coverage.

We showed them the same plan F through a different company that would save them over $1700 per year and no loss in coverage. Switching to plan G would save them another $600 per year between the two of them.

How much can you save?

Consumer comments

Before doing any search keep in mind that consumers rarely take the time to go on the internet to say something good about a company and that applies to Medicare supplement carriers as well. Ask your agent for their feelings about a particular plan or carrier and gauge their response. Medi-gap

Some agents only promote one carrier such as Blue Cross, United Healthcare (AARP) or one of the Mutual companies. Most agents will also only mention Medigap plan F. It is the easiest to explain, carries the highest premium and highest compensation for them.

In the last few years the Mutual of Omaha companies have been trying to encourage their agents to promote the more aggressively priced plan G.

Most of our clients have chosen plan G but more recently (last 6 months) we are writing more plan N’s than any other plan. I may be inadvertently influencing new clients since I will purchase plan N when I go on Medicare in September, 2015.

Do your own research and come to your own conclusions before buying any Medicare supplement plan.

In Georgia there are over 170 different Medigap plans from 30+ carriers. Let us help you find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Shop and compare now.

GA Medigap Quotes



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How Do I Find the Best Medicare Supplement Plan in Georgia?

Looking for the best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia? Where to start? How much will it cost? How can I save money but still have the best Medigap plan?


The best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia

The best plan is the one that meets your needs and budget. best medicare supplement plan

All Medigap plans assigned the same letter are identical in every way. Medicare says it. Look it up.

Every way except the premium you pay.

Over half the seniors that have a Medigap plan choose plan F.

Almost 3 out of 4 Georgia seniors buy their coverage from Blue Cross, AARP (United Healthcare) or the “Mutual” company.

Did they get the best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia?

No, they simply followed the crowd.

My mother used to say “If Greg jumped off a cliff would you want to also?”.

Just because your friends bought plan F from a “big name” carrier doesn’t mean it is the right choice for you.


Four things  you need to know about Medigap plans

Medicare supplement plan F is the most expensive plan available in Georgia.

Plans offered by the top 3 Medigap carriers in Georgia are some of the most expensive plans.

The more you pay for your plan the more money the carrier and the agent make off your monthly premium.

When you pay more you don’t get more, you simply paid too much.


So where do you start your search for the best Medicare supplement plan in Georgia?

You start where you are right now.

FB Groucho Marx3Bob Vineyard and Georgia Medicare Plans have access to over 170 different Medicare plans and rates. That’s a bit overwhelming.

But you don’t have to call insurance carriers or invite agents into your home. We shop the market for you and show you the best Medigap plans available based on your needs and budget.

And you can do this on your time frame, in the comfort of your home.

I don’t have to come to your home. You won’t have to come see me.

How easy is that?

I have been doing this a long time. This is not a hobby or sideline for me. This is the way I earn my living.

Two things happen when I treat you right.

You save money every month (unless you decide to follow the sheep).

We both sleep better at night.

You get to count your money saved rather than counting sheep.


How do you shop for the best plan?

It depends.

Do you want rates fast or faster?

If you want fast rates, complete and submit this request form. I will respond in 24 hours or less. [contact_form]

If you want faster rates, click the image below.

Easy peasy.

georgia medigap rates


Why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap Rate Increases So High?


Georgia seniors want to know, “Why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap rate increases so high?“. Are Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rate increases higher than other plans? Does Mutual of Omaha use bait and switch tactics? Do other Medigap carriers raise rates as much as Mutual of Omaha?Why are Mutual of Omaha rates high?

I get more questions about Mutual of Omaha rates than any other carrier . . . except Blue Cross.

The Mutual carriers (there are currently 4 of them) raised rates in Georgia at least 10 times since 2012!

  • Is Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F the best?
  • Why do I have to pay more for Mutual of Omaha?
  • How can I save money and still get a good plan that doctors will accept?
  • Where do I find the best Medigap rates?
  • See what others are saying about Mutual of Omaha Medigap rate increases

Shop and compare rates now.

Your information is NEVER sold!

So, why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap rates so high?

Are they really my best choice? Should I stick with Mutual of Omaha Medigap plan F?

Ted in Clermont, Georgia just saved over $1500 per year when we switched his Omaha plan he had since he first turned 65 14 years ago.

The simple answer to your question is this. There is no “best” plan except the one that is right for you.

Did you shop and compare Medigap rates or just take the one the agent sold you?

Most people rely on their friends, buy based on brand name recognition, or worse, invite an agent into their home and buy what they recommend . . . without ever bothering to SHOP AND COMPARE.

There is nothing wrong with shopping at home, but do it on YOUR time, not theirs.

GA Medicare expert Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans knows that what you really want is information and an understanding of what you are buying.

While others talk, he listens. Why not shop and compare plans now?

GA Medigap Quotes

Is the Mutual of Omaha  Medicare Supplement Plan F the Best?

Not in my opinion.

My clients look for real value and don’t have money to throw away. Fewer than 10% of my Medicare clients choose plan F once they learn there are much better options. Most save $500 per year or more by switching from plan F.

Plan F is the easiest plan to explain. All Medigap plan F policies are identical in every way EXCEPT price. All Part A and Part B expenses that are approved by Medicare but not paid by Medicare due to deductibles and coinsurance are reimbursed 100% by Medicare supplement plan F.

Pretty simple, huh?

Medigap plan F is the most comprehensive plan and has the highest premium.

It also pays the highest commission to the agent that sold you that plan.

Who needs the money more? You, or the agent?

Do I Have to Pay More for Mutual of Omaha?

Mutual of Omaha is a fine company with a storied history. I have several clients who want Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans and I help them make the purchase. But I also tell them Mutual of Omaha rate increases are usually higher than most other carriers. Not only do you pay more initially, but you will pay even more the longer you keep your Mutual of Omaha plan.

Mutual of Omaha has several carriers they use. Currently in Georgia they write business through United of Omaha. Before that it was United World.

Seniors that bought United World may be stuck with higher rates if they don’t change to a different company. If you bought a Mutual of Omaha Medigap plan N you now know they no longer offer that plan and those who have plan N are getting bigger rate increases than anyone else.

Will Doctors Accept Medigap Plans From Other Carriers?

Some Georgia seniors believe they must pay extra for a “big name” carrier so their doctor will accept their Medicare supplement plan.

Any doctor that accepts Medicare assignment will take any Medicare supplement plan, regardless of  the issuing carrier. You will have no problem with any Medigap carrier including Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, Equitable, New Era or anyone else.

Where Do I Find the Best Medicare Supplement Rates?

Not online.

You can shop and compare Medicare supplement rates from several carriers using this link. But most Medigap carriers do not allow their rates to be illustrated online.

We have Medicare supplement rates from carriers and will be glad to discuss them over the phone and email a spread sheet showing the best rates for the plans you want.

One carrier recently lowered their Georgia Medicare supplement rates by 7%. They also approve most diabetics and many who have had a heart attack or stroke.

Initial Medigap rates are not the only measure. When so many people ask about Mutual of Omaha Medigap rate increases I know there must be a problem. We have one carrier that has never increased rates by more than 9% in each of he last 10 years.

While Medicare supplement plans from Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross and others increase their rates 12% to 16% or more almost every year we prefer to recommend plans from companies with a stable rate history.

We showed one Georgia couple how to save over $1700 per year by changing their Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F.

Mutual of Omaha recently raised rates for Georgia seniors by 8%, the smallest increase in years. Still, for some policyholders it was the second increase this year and they have had enough of high prices.

What do others say about Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rate increases?

Rates for Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Mutual of Omaha has raised our rates twice a year on our Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Old people on a fixed income can’t afford rate increases twice a year. Consumer Affairs

 Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced, “We are hearing disturbing stories from beneficiaries across the country about excessive premium increases for Medigap supplemental insurance policies”.  Reid and other top Democrats have asked Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to stop the increases or find a way to keep them under control. Tucson Citizen

Are you overpaying?

How much can you save?

Shop and compare now. Instant free quotes. View plans and rates for up to 40 plans in 60 seconds.

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

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Find and Compare Best Medicare Supplement Rates

Do you know how to find and compare the best medicare supplement rates in Georgia? Which Medigap plans historically deliver the best value and lowest rates? Can you save money by going direct to a carrier? Should you focus on the “big” names, such as Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha and AARP (United)?



Georgia Medicare Plans offer you instant online Medigap quotes and plan comparisons from leading Medicare supplement carriers.

But what good is a rate on a few plans when there are so many more that are not available online? Most Medigap carriers do not allow their rates to be illustrated online. The only way you will see rates from some of the most competitive carriers is to talk with an agent.


Bob Vineyard has more than 37 years experience in the health insurance industry and is capable of answering almost any question you have about Medicare plans. He will help you find and compare the best Medicare supplement rates available, even if it is not from a carrier he represents.

Why would Bob pick and choose carriers to offer his clients?


Some obviously do not offer a good value. They charge more than other carriers do for the exact same plan.

He knows when you pay more you don’t get more, you simply pay too much.


Who has money to burn?


Georgia Medicare plans is pleased to offer visitors access to INSTANT ONLINE MEDIGAP QUOTES but we will also provide you with a detailed listing of Georgia Medicare supplement carriers and their rates, ranking from the lowest price to the highest.

What about Medicare Advantage plans?

Many GA seniors are attracted to these plans because of the low premium rates, but the wise ones also know you get what you pay for. Advantage plans subscribe to the theory you can pay me now or pay me later. These plans are wonderful . . . until you get sick or injured then the premium savings quickly disappears as you rack up thousands of dollars in out of pocket unpaid medical bills.

Advamtage plans require you to give up your doctor and use theirs instead.

Medicare Advantage plans do not follow you outside of your immediate service area. You are no longer part of original Medicare and are at the mercy of an insurance carrier. Over half the doctors in Georgia do not accept ANY Advantage patients.

Why would anyone want a plan like that?

Remember the phrase “It’s just as good as a Xerox”?

Why have a knock off when you can have the original?

Let the folks at Georgia Medicare Plans help you find the best Medigap plan that suits YOUR needs and budget.