Why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap Rate Increases So High?


Georgia seniors want to know, “Why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap rate increases so high?“. Are Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rate increases higher than other plans? Does Mutual of Omaha use bait and switch tactics? Do other Medigap carriers raise rates as much as Mutual of Omaha?Why are Mutual of Omaha rates high?

I get more questions about Mutual of Omaha rates than any other carrier . . . except Blue Cross.

The Mutual carriers (there are currently 4 of them) raised rates in Georgia at least 10 times since 2012!

  • Is Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F the best?
  • Why do I have to pay more for Mutual of Omaha?
  • How can I save money and still get a good plan that doctors will accept?
  • Where do I find the best Medigap rates?
  • See what others are saying about Mutual of Omaha Medigap rate increases

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So, why are Mutual of Omaha Medigap rates so high?

Are they really my best choice? Should I stick with Mutual of Omaha Medigap plan F?

Ted in Clermont, Georgia just saved over $1500 per year when we switched his Omaha plan he had since he first turned 65 14 years ago.

The simple answer to your question is this. There is no “best” plan except the one that is right for you.

Did you shop and compare Medigap rates or just take the one the agent sold you?

Most people rely on their friends, buy based on brand name recognition, or worse, invite an agent into their home and buy what they recommend . . . without ever bothering to SHOP AND COMPARE.

There is nothing wrong with shopping at home, but do it on YOUR time, not theirs.

GA Medicare expert Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Plans knows that what you really want is information and an understanding of what you are buying.

While others talk, he listens. Why not shop and compare plans now?

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Is the Mutual of Omaha  Medicare Supplement Plan F the Best?

Not in my opinion.

My clients look for real value and don’t have money to throw away. Fewer than 10% of my Medicare clients choose plan F once they learn there are much better options. Most save $500 per year or more by switching from plan F.

Plan F is the easiest plan to explain. All Medigap plan F policies are identical in every way EXCEPT price. All Part A and Part B expenses that are approved by Medicare but not paid by Medicare due to deductibles and coinsurance are reimbursed 100% by Medicare supplement plan F.

Pretty simple, huh?

Medigap plan F is the most comprehensive plan and has the highest premium.

It also pays the highest commission to the agent that sold you that plan.

Who needs the money more? You, or the agent?

Do I Have to Pay More for Mutual of Omaha?

Mutual of Omaha is a fine company with a storied history. I have several clients who want Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans and I help them make the purchase. But I also tell them Mutual of Omaha rate increases are usually higher than most other carriers. Not only do you pay more initially, but you will pay even more the longer you keep your Mutual of Omaha plan.

Mutual of Omaha has several carriers they use. Currently in Georgia they write business through United of Omaha. Before that it was United World.

Seniors that bought United World may be stuck with higher rates if they don’t change to a different company. If you bought a Mutual of Omaha Medigap plan N you now know they no longer offer that plan and those who have plan N are getting bigger rate increases than anyone else.

Will Doctors Accept Medigap Plans From Other Carriers?

Some Georgia seniors believe they must pay extra for a “big name” carrier so their doctor will accept their Medicare supplement plan.

Any doctor that accepts Medicare assignment will take any Medicare supplement plan, regardless of  the issuing carrier. You will have no problem with any Medigap carrier including Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, Equitable, New Era or anyone else.

Where Do I Find the Best Medicare Supplement Rates?

Not online.

You can shop and compare Medicare supplement rates from several carriers using this link. But most Medigap carriers do not allow their rates to be illustrated online.

We have Medicare supplement rates from carriers and will be glad to discuss them over the phone and email a spread sheet showing the best rates for the plans you want.

One carrier recently lowered their Georgia Medicare supplement rates by 7%. They also approve most diabetics and many who have had a heart attack or stroke.

Initial Medigap rates are not the only measure. When so many people ask about Mutual of Omaha Medigap rate increases I know there must be a problem. We have one carrier that has never increased rates by more than 9% in each of he last 10 years.

While Medicare supplement plans from Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross and others increase their rates 12% to 16% or more almost every year we prefer to recommend plans from companies with a stable rate history.

We showed one Georgia couple how to save over $1700 per year by changing their Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F.

Mutual of Omaha recently raised rates for Georgia seniors by 8%, the smallest increase in years. Still, for some policyholders it was the second increase this year and they have had enough of high prices.

What do others say about Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rate increases?

Rates for Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Mutual of Omaha has raised our rates twice a year on our Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Old people on a fixed income can’t afford rate increases twice a year. Consumer Affairs

 Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced, “We are hearing disturbing stories from beneficiaries across the country about excessive premium increases for Medigap supplemental insurance policies”.  Reid and other top Democrats have asked Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to stop the increases or find a way to keep them under control. Tucson Citizen

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Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

Georgia Medigap plans & Prices

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