Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates 2013

In January, 2013 many Georgia Medicare Supplement rates increased, and some as much as 12%. If you have a GA Medigap plan from Aetna, Blue Cross, Family Life, Gerber, Mutual of Omaha, Royal Neighbors (RNA) or Sterling your Medicare supplement rates probably increased.

If your policy is less than 12 months old, expect your rates to increase on your next anniversary.

Be sure to read Bill’s story below about his 2 year search for a low cost Medicare supplement plan.

Let’s face it. Rates go up every year but there is no reason for rates to increase by double digits.

When was the last time you COMPARED your premium to current Georgia Medicare supplement rates? If it has been more than 6 months since you shopped for coverage you owe it to yourself to check current Medigap rates.


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Let Us Help You Choose Low Cost Plans and Save – Bill’s Story


Two years ago Bill visited my site and got an instant quote. Because he provided me with a valid email address and phone number I was able to contact him by phone. We spoke for a few minutes and then he said he was working with someone who offered the same services.

I kept in contact with Bill by email and last month he called to ask if I could help.

When Bill turned 65 he did what most people do, he bought Medicare supplement plan F, and he bought from Mutual of Omaha. At the time they were competitive, or so he thought . . .

Georgia Medicare supplement rates are all over the boards but one thing is almost certain.

Rates from Blue Cross, AARP (United) and Mutual of Omaha are rarely the low cost plans.

When Bill bought his Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan F the rate was $137. Had he talked with me the day I called I would have quoted the same plan (different carrier) for $121.

Maybe that would have been enough to convince him to buy from me. Maybe not.

But today his rate is $187. That’s a 35% increase!

Had he bought from the carrier I suggested his rate would be $149.

Bill bought a plan that is popular with most of my clients and dropped his premium by $60 per month to $127!

How much would you save?


Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates Vary Greatly by Plan and Carrier

Most carriers increased rates by 9 to 12% but one carrier only changed rates by 6% on their most popular plan. Even with a 6% adjustment to rates they still have some of the LOWEST MEDIGAP RATES IN GEORGIA.

Most Georgia Medicare supplement rates follow an issue age formula. All that means is if you bought your plan at age 67 for rating purposes you will always be age 67. If your Georgia Medicare supplement rates were competitive when you bought the policy they may still be competitive now, but you will never know until you check.

Two Medigap carriers write more policies than anyone else in Georgia. If you own a policy from Blue Cross or Mutual of Omaha you have one of the most popular plans in Georgia . . . but you probably also have one of the most expensive plans.

Mutual of Omaha uses issue age rates but even still, most seniors can save money by switching plans.

Blue Cross uses age bands. If you bought a Blue Cross plan at age 68 your rates probably increased in January, 2013 and they will increase again when you turn 69. Two rate increases in one year!

Both Mutual of Omaha and BCBSGA increase rates on everyone in the state at the same time. Most carriers only make adjustments on your plan anniversary or in January.

Georgia Medicare supplement rates are constantly changing. Just because your carrier feels like they need more money does not mean you are obligated to comply. If we can save you $30 – $70 per month without reducing benefits wouldn’t you want to make a change? Georgia Medicare Plans has the lowest Medigap rates in the state. Dare to compare!




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