Georgia Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

Medicare Supplement high deductible plan F. What is it? How does it work? Is it right for me? Is there a better option? What is that option? Are there any Georgia Medigap plans with a high deductible? How does a Georgia Medicare supplement plan high deductible F differ from a regular Medigap plan F?

There is a lot of confusion about Georgia Medicare supplement plans and Hi F is one you don’t hear much about. When a Georgia senior is on a tight budget but does not want the hassle of a Medicare Advantage plan, Medigap Hi F can be a good choice.


Medicare Supplement High Deductible F vs Regular F

Let’s first look at Medigap plan F.

Plan F is the easiest plan to understand . . . and also the most expensive (which is why a lot of carriers and agents push them).

Essentially, everything approved by Medicare Part A and Part B but not paid by them (due to deductibles and coinsurance) is paid by supplement plan F.

Georgia Medicare supplement plan high F is just like regular F except you must first satisfy a $2240 deductible (2018) before the plan pays anything.

This may sound like a lot but for most people it will work out fine. Unless you spend a lot of time in the hospital , you really won’t have that much out of pocket with high deductible F.


How Many Deductibles Does Medicare Have?

Medicare Part A has a per admission deductible of $1340 per admission (2018).

You need to understand that in 2012 Medicare imposes a $183 calendar year deductible (2018) on Part B expenses before they pay anything. Once you satisfy the deductible Medicare pays 80% of your medicare Part B charges.

If you go to the doctor and have satisfied your annual Medicare Part B deductible, and the office visit is $100, Medicare pays 80% of that amount ($80) and you pay the balance of $20.

Don’t let the $2240 Georgia Medicare supplement high F deductible scare you. Most years, most seniors will never have anywhere near that much in out of pocket expenses. If you go to the doctor 6 times you might have $120 or so in out of pocket expenses so it really isn’t that bad.

Only a few carriers that offer Georgia Medicare supplement plan high F and we have rates for all of them.

Georgia Medicare supplement plans offers instant Medigap rates for GA seniors.

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