Choosing Medicare Part B

When can I sign up for Medicare Part B? When I turn 65? I don’t want to pay a penalty. What if I am covered under an employer group health insurance plan?

Signing up for Medicare

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Can I delay Medicare Part B enrollment without paying higher premiums?



Yes. In certain cases, you can delay your Medicare Part B enrollment without having to pay higher premiums. If you didn’t take Medicare Part B when you were first eligible because you or your spouse were working and had group health plan coverage through your or your spouse’s employer or union, you can sign up for Medicare Part B during a Special Enrollment Period. You can sign up:

  • Anytime you are still covered by the employer or union group health plan through your or your spouse’s current or active employment, or
  • During the 8 months following the month the employer or union group health plan coverage ends, or when the employment ends (whichever is first).

If you are disabled and working (or you have coverage from a working family member), the Special Enrollment Period rules also apply.

Effective date if you sign up during a Special Enrollment Period

If you enroll in Medicare Part B while covered by the group health plan or during the first full month after coverage ends, your Medicare Part B coverage starts on the first day of the month you enroll. You also can delay the start date for Medicare Part B coverage until the first day of any of the following 3 months.

If you enroll during any of the 7 remaining months of the Special Enrollment Period, your Medicare Part B coverage begins the month after you enroll.

Remember: If you do not enroll in Medicare Part B during your Special Enrollment Period, you’ll have to wait until the next General Enrollment Period, which is January 1 through March 31 of each year. You may then have to pay a higher Medicare Part B premium because you could have had Medicare Part B and did not take it. Call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 for more information or to enroll in Medicare. You can visit the Social Security web site . 

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I want to add Part B to my Medicare. When can I do that?

You can sign up for Medicare Part B:

1) When you first enroll in Medicare (your Initial Enrollment Period). Your Initial Enrollment Period starts 3 months before you turn age 65 and lasts for 7 months.

2) January 1 – March 31 of each year (your General Enrollment Period). If you enroll in Part B during a General Enrollment Period, it will be effective July 1 of the year in which you apply. Your Medicare Part B premium may go up 10 percent for each 12 month period that you could have had Medicare Part B, but did not take it.

3) If you didn’t take Medicare Part B when you were first eligible because you or your spouse were working and had group health plan coverage through your or your spouse’s employer or union, you can sign up for Medicare Part B during a Special Enrollment Period.

You can sign up:

  • anytime you are still covered by the employer or union group health plan through your or your spouse’s current or active employment, or
  • during the 8 months following the month the employer or union group health plan coverage ends, or
  • when the employment ends (whichever is first).

You should contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 to add Medicare Part B. For more information on enrolling in Medicare, see our FAQ:  How do I enroll in Medicare? For more information on delaying enrollment in Medicare Part B if you or your spouse is still working, see our FAQ:  Can I delay my Medicare Part B enrollment without paying higher premiums? For more information on how delaying enrollment in Medicare Part B could result in paying higher Part B premiums, see our FAQ:  What if I’m over 65 and didn’t enroll in Part B during my Initial Enroll Period?

Georgia Medicare Plans helps GA seniors find affordable Medigap quotes and plan comparisons.

Medigap Rates Online – Georgia

Medigap rates online for Georgia seniors. Instant Medicare supplement rates. Should you use an insurance agent or go direct to the carrier? Will you get lower Medigap rates by purchasing direct from the Medicare supplement company?

Compare Medigap rates in your Georgia zip code. Online rates from BCBSGA, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and more plus LOWER Medigap rates offline by request.


Things you need to know about Medicare supplement plans and Medigap rates.

  • All Georgia Medicare supplement plans are standardized. The only difference are the Medigap rates
  • Medicare gap plans are assigned a letter to distinguish each plan from A through N.
  • Medigap rates vary widely by carrier
  • All Medigap carriers are REQUIRED TO PAY THEIR CONTRACTUAL PORTION of your claim once Medicare approves the benefit.
  • If Medicare approves your benefit, your gap carrier CANNOT REFUSE TO PAY THEIR PORTION.
  • If your doctor accepts Medicare assignment, they will also accept your Medigap plan.
  • Your doctor files claims directly with Medicare, not with your Medigap carrier.
  • Once Medicare approves your benefit, they send the claim on to your Medigap carrier for the supplemental payment.
  • Higher Medigap rates for the same Medigap plan does not mean you have better coverage . . . it simply means you have paid too much.


Why do seniors pay too much for Medigap plans?

Because they do not know there are better values, and more affordable plans available with lower Medigap rates.

Instant Medigap rates are fine but are not always accurate. Even information on plans and Medigap rates through government sites (like are rarely accurate and do not include all plans in your area.


Agents have the SAME Medigap rates and plans that you get direct from the Medicare supplement carriers. There is no “middle man mark up”.

When you call a Medicare supplement carrier direct, or deal with an agent that only offers one company, you are not getting the full picture and may end up paying more than is necessary.

Dealing direct with an insurance company means working with whoever answers the phone that day. You never talk to the same person twice. You never know if you are getting good advice or not.

Roughly 90% of the time I find lower Medigap rates and value for clients vs. what they picked out for themselves.

If you are not asking us for advice you are probably throwing money out the window.

Who can afford to do that?

Buying a “name brand” or picking a Medicare supplement plan endorsed by a senior organization will result in you PAYING higher Medigap rates than is necessary.

Don’t buy anything until you have competitive Medigap rates from us.

Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates

A look at Georgia Medicare supplemental insurance rates we have quoted for people in the last few months. We have quoted plan F (Modernized), non-tobacco. Rates in your area may vary.

Free instant quotes. Compare your current Medigap rates. Click here.

Male, age 71, zip code 30122 – $140.13

Female, age 70, zip code 30122 – $126.84

Female, age 63, zip code 30060 – $231

Female, age 79, zip code 30269 -$176.04

Male, age 73, zip code 30062 – $152

Male, age 70, zip code 30501 – $117.97

Female, age 74, zip code 30501 – $126.83


May we provide you with competitive Medigap quotes?





Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans in Georgia. Compare Mutual of Omaha to quality Medigap carriers in Georgia.

Find out how one GA couple saved over $1700 by making a switch.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates in Georgia are usually much higher than other carriers that offer the same coverage for a much lower premium. Mutual of Omaha is very popular in Georgia and manages to write a lot of Medicare supplement business.

The odd thing is,  Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates are almost always in the middle to high range when compared to the exact same plan with other carriers.



Many agents push Mutual of Omaha Medicare plans  over other carriers because of their name recognition and high commission. Georgia Medicare Plans put’s the client needs ahead of our personal gain and often recommends plans that pay the lowest commission . . . because it is the right thing to do.

We have generated hundreds of Medigap quotes and have found Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates to fall in the middle of the pack. Not the highest, but not the lowest either. Why pay more than you have to?

Also, Mutual of Omaha Medicare renewal rates tend to be much higher than most other carriers.

You can compare Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates to our other carriers by using THIS LINK. Compare all Medigap rates instantly. Free quotes.

Out BEST carriers with the lowest rates are not illustrated online. Ask for a personal quote and see how much you can save vs. Mutual of Omaha.


Which Medigap Is Best?

Which Medigap is best? This question was posed to the folks at Consumer Reports and here is their view.

Which Medigap is Best? It depends on your criteria.

Q. No matter where I look, I find an overwhelming amount of data about Medicare Advantage but very little about Medigap. Where can I find ratings on Medigap policies?

A. Unfortunately, nowhere. Although a lot of people confuse Medicare supplemental (Medigap) plans withMedicare Advantage plans, they’re nothing alike. Medigap plans essentially begin where original Medicare leaves off, picking up some or all of out-of-pocket expenses such as the $1,156 deductible for hospitalization under Part A or the 20 percent coinsurance for outpatient and physician care under Part B. With most Medigap policies, this coordination is automatic: after Medicare has paid its share of the bill, it forwards the claim to your Medigap carrier to pay its share.

In all but three states, Medigap is sold in 10 standardized flavors designated with letters. Plan F, which picks up pretty much every out-of-pocket expense for Parts A and B, is by far the most popular choice among the nearly 10 million Americans who buy Medigap plans, with 51 percent of the market, according to the most recent data from America’s Health Insurance Plans, the major health insurance industry trade group. The runner-up, Plan C, which is slightly less generous, has 14 percent of the market.

Medicare supplement plan F may be the most popular but that does not answer the question, “Which Medigap is best?“.

Medigap plan F is the most comprehensive, and also the most expensive. Agents that promote plan F are more often than not, motivated by the compensation on that plan which is higher than on lower premium plans such as C and G.

Medigap plans C and G are virtually identical, but G covers Medicare excess charges while C does not. Yet with many carriers plan C is more expensive!

An age 65 male in Macon, GA would be $117 per month while plan G is only $98.

You tell me. Which Medigap plan is best?

Medigap plans don’t have provider networks or get directly involved in whether to cover a treatment or test, there’s little to rate them on. To top things off, the cost of a plan can vary greatly depending on which company you buy it from, the premium pricing method the company uses, how old you are when you buy it, and whether you have any pre-existing conditions.

Consumer Reports consider this a bug. I consider it a feature.

The absence of networks means you don’t have to worry about referrals or wonder if you will pay more because you saw Dr. Smith (out of network) than Dr. Jones (in network). Also, Medicare supplement plans are secondary to Medicare, so Medicare, not an insurance company, decides which claims to approve.

If Medicare denies your claim, in most cases you are not liable for the bill unless your provider has given you an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) that the treatment in question may not be covered by Medicare.

While some seniors may appreciate the lower premium Medicare Advantage plan the “sticker shock” when they have to pay the medical bills for their out of pocket share may not agree with them.

Medigap plans are more predictable, with far less out of pocket (typically less than $300 per year) and seem to work best for those on a fixed income budget.

Which Medigap is best? That is a question only you can answer. Compare Georgia Medigap plans and rates by following this link.